American Music Awards 2018 Recap

I don’t even know why I decided to watch this award show. I don’t know any of the performers or winners besides Taylor, Mariah, and Jennifer. I mean, the AMAs I grew up obsessing over brought me moments like these …

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Seriously, the only thing I listen to is a rotation of Taylor, Justin, and Sam Smith (with some Shawn Mendes thrown in there; I LOVE HIS NEW ALBUM!). Other than that, I only listen to podcasts. Snobby much? But, I live for an award show or possible pop culture moment, so let’s get into it!

Hour 1:

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The beginning of the whole show was my favorite part for many reasons: a) I was still awake for it b) Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor c) the Shawn Mendas performance (la la la la love him!), d) that Ella Mai song (!!) which is now my new jam! e) seeing Mariah (note that I didn’t type “enjoying” Mariah).

As far as everything else, I’m a little peeved Justin Timberlake wasn’t nominated for favorite pop male artist, but whatever, I get that the awards are for mainly mainstream music. I’m a lot peeved by Tracee Ellis Ross; can she be more annoying and thirsty? I don’t watch Blackish, so maybe that’s why I don’t get her. I mean, she danced well and made a few funny comments … buuuut, well, I guess I’ll just stop there. Give me more Taylor.

Hour 2:

Screenshot 2018-10-09 at 8.23.32 PM

The middle of the show started strong with Cardi B performing, again, don’t particularly love her like everyone else, but I really think it’s just me not being in tune because I’m an old lady. I still listen to music that was popular twenty years ago and I won’t change. Anyway, I was really really happy to see Shawn Mendas win an award (but for adult comtempory waaah??), could have totes skipped the Halsey performance, and while I adore JLo so much, I didn’t necessarily enjoy the song she sang and felt it was a little too plug worthy (she looked a-maze-ing though!)

Hour 3:

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I turned it off. It really had nothing to do with the show, but more so with the book I’m currently reading and wanted to finish, The Dark Matter. Oh gosh, am I officially really old? The only thing I wanted to see that I missed was the Aretha tribute (which I caught on Twitter the next day).

I find that these feelings of not enjoying music award shows increases with each one I watch. I skipped the VMAs this year, the Grammys were boring, and here we are with me shutting off with the AMAs before the show was even over. If you know anything about MHH, I live for an award show (any kind), I mean click up in the right hand of this page and see all the posts written about awards shows from the past year and half. But, I think music award shows are slowly fading into the background for me, mostly because I choose the music I listen to; I don’t let award shows or the charts decide for me.

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Plus, Tracee Ross Ellis is so damn annoying!

…Ready For It? Reputation Review

Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album has been out almost a month and just became available to stream.

While I hadn’t planned on reviewing it on the blog, the more I listen to it, the more I can’t stop talking or thinking about it. So, “baby let the games begin…”

  • …Ready For It?

Perfect song to open the album. Perfect song to dance to while getting ready for a night out. This song just screams “Chapter 1” of something bigger to come (whether that’s the rest of these songs or a fun night out you’ll talk about for years), “…Ready For It?” just starts it (whatever it is) off right!

  • End Game

This. Is. My. Favorite. Song. On. The. Entire. Album! for so many reasons. I love that Future & Ed are on it; they have such an opposite sound which brings for two interesting voices into one song. Not only that but the song just makes. me. dance! It hits you like BANG!

  • I Did Something Bad

I want to see Tay Tay perform this song with a marching band playing in the background; can’t you see it during the chorus? This is a song I classify as a “banger” and keeps the momentum going after “End Game.” Brilliant lyric moment: “They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one/so light me up!” #byehaters

  • Don’t Blame Me

This is probably my second favorite song on the album. Lyrically, I love it, especially the chorus because it’s exactly how I feel about my husband. It also makes you want to just body roll, body roll, body roll all down the hall. Cut to about 3:05 into the song: TAYLOR’S VOICE IS COMPLETE FIRE!

  • Delicate

One of my favorite lines from the whole album: “We can’t make any promises now can we babe, but you can make me a drink.”

  • Look What You Made Me Do

While I am IN LOVE with this music video, “Look What You Made Me Do” is getting to feel like “Shake It Off.” I’ll listen to it if it’s on, I’ll sing to it, and it can get me to dance; however, it’s been overplayed to the point that I’d rather listen to something else on the album first.

Image result for look what you made me do gif

  • So It Goes…

Honestly haven’t listened to this song more than once due to the fact that I have so many other favorites … what are YOUR thoughts here?

  • Gorgeous

First, royalty is on this track in the form of Blake Lively & Ryan Reynold’s daughter at the beginning. I love Taylor’s voice on this song; it’s super fun to sing to.

  • Getaway Car

I know this song is A LOT of people’s favorite, however, not a favorite for me. I definitely don’t hate it; it’s just not one of my favorites.

  • King of My Heart

I lump this song in with “So It Goes…” and “Getaway Car.” I don’t listen to it much because I love the others more; though I don’t particularly hate it or love it. It will probably be one of those songs I’ll discover months later and wonder why I didn’t love it from the beginning. The beat is unique though and I really like where the song goes around 2:34.

  • Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Third favorite song to dance to after “End Game” and “I Did Something Bad.” It proves that the album isn’t even close to being over yet.

  • Dress

What does your mother say about these lyrics Taylor?

  • This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

There is SO much I love about this song: analyzing who it’s about, the champagne and Gatsby references, the distinctive beat, the chanty chorus, her toast to her ‘real’ friends/her baby/her mama, and lastly, her scary cackle when discussing forgiveness.

  • Call It What You Want

Of all the early releases, this was my favorite. The “my baby’s fit like a daydream/walking with his head down/I’m the one he’s walking to” line is so catchy. Plus I appreciate her honesty regarding hiding away and the intensity of her relationship … call all of that what you want haters; the new Taylor tells us she could care less.

  • New Year’s Day

Anyone catch Swifty play this song acoustically during a Scandal episode? That is where I first fell in love with it. I am SO curious to know who this song is about; I’m sure there is some article somewhere with hard evidence of who it is (someone find that for me please). It’s a perfect ending to the album; soft, light, feathery.

Image result for new year's day taylor swift gif

The MHH reviews are in! This is my favorite Taylor album of them all!

Each song is better than the previous. Each song is different, a jam, and fun to not only dance to but analyze. If I had to criticize something, it’s the fact that I don’t hear much of a “girl power” message. I hear a lot of how she’s obsessed with her relationship, and was completely burned by people. Where is the message to tell all your fans who adore you to be strong, forget what others say about you, and stand on your own two feet without a man? She’s a bit, “I got a boy, I got a boy, look at how great my boy is, oh, and people were mean to me.”

Before I start getting all the TS hate mail, I’ll be the first to admit that I 100% relate to the fact that I would put out the exact same message Taylor did with this album; I would write about nothing but how great the person I’m with is, and how horrible everyone else treated me. So as the song goes, I don’t blame her.

I can’t write an honest review without playing devil’s advocate a bit, but real talk I FREAKING LOVE THIS ALBUM …maybe even more than Spencer Pratt …

And if not, I’m at least a close second. 

Video Music Awards: A Drinking Game

Drink every time you feel too old watching the VMAS …

Am I too old for the VMAs? Sadly, I think the answer is yes, but I LIVE for an award show (even a stupid one like this) so I had to watch. I mean, my childhood is basically a VMA montage …

brit brit8c36881d033f3418-nsyncvma1999


So let’s start counting the draaaaaanks:

I didn’t start out the show drinking because I DO know who Kendrick Lamar is and I love him. My husband recently bought his album and it has become our “dinner prep” go to music. I mean, you really get fired up to cook a meal when Kendrick is playing. I also thought his stage setup was LIT (ahhhh hahahahahaha ha ha ….ha whew). 


Still no drink yet because Ed Sheeran was up next (who I LOVE!). I really liked seeing him with a band because if you’re an Ed fan, you know he usually plays solo. I also know “Shape of You” is super overplayed on the radio currently, but I really enjoyed hearing it played live.

drink.jpg       Drink!

Sooo some pierced up guy came out and all I was thinking was, “Who is this person with Ed??? Is Ed signing his song?” Confused. 

Katy Perry came out next because she was hosting. I know KP and have even seen her in concert, so no drink here although I think I may have needed one because her jokes SUCKED! Anyone see Ellen’s face during Katy’s “jokes?” She wasn’t having it and neither was I!

Image result for annoyed katy perry

Yay Fifth Harmony won an award! They cute; love them!

Hold. The. Phone! Up next was the entire reason I wanted to watch the VMAs in the first place, and I’m SO GLAD they put it toward the beginning of the show … THE NEW T SWIFT VIDEO! If you’re not a Swift fan, then scroll down a bit because I’m probs going to be spending a bit of time dissecting her video.

The good:

First off, she looked AMAZING! I love that she incorporated snakes (after being called one time & time again) and THE SNAKES THEN SERVED HER TEA!!!!???? I loved her choreography and the I Heart TS shirts (which you can purchase here!) the dancers wore! But, my favorite favorite part of the whole video was the end where she totally spoofed past “characters” of herself such as Surprised Taylor and I Want to Remove Myself from This Narrative Taylor.



The Confusing: 

I’ve gone back and forth on her message with the song and video. I really hope she’s not completely saying goodbye to her good girl image, but instead is telling the world these are the things you can make fun of me for, but guess what? I’m already aware of them so joke is on you.


The Bad:

SO many people weren’t here for the video or the song (except maybe, Spencer Pratt??). Many are saying that Taylor loves to make everyone aware of the fact that we should feel sorry for her or that everyone should feel the need to be Team Taylor. Maybe that is the case here. Or maybe  she’s gone fully loco and has killed off her old self and is now just a crazy person. 

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to think of feel!” 

The last thing I will say regarding the video and song is go add Spencer Pratt on Snapchat. Just do it.

Moving on…


Before we get to Lorde, I want to mention that Shawn Mendes is the absolute CUTEST plus HAS REAL TALENT!! I want to go see him in concert.

Now Lorde …

drink          Drink!

I know who Lorde is, but I took a drink anyway at this point because her performance was so! weird! I know she apparently had the flu so maybe she couldn’t sing, buuuuuut what was the strange dance she did along with that outfit? My bestie even text me during it and said, “Okay is it just me or does this show get weirder and weirder every year?!?!?”

It’s not just you girl!

Guess what came next?!

drink            Drink! 

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy came on with some girl I didn’t know but then figured out was the girl from that one Kanye video I can’t remember the name of & I can’t remember what her name was and why was she acting so strange??

drink   drink   drink

Anyway, Fifth Harmony came back on at this point in the show to perform and again, I just freaking love them! Who caught the shaaaade thrown at Camila??


Miley Cyrus was up next and it was a veeeeery different VMA Miley than we’re used to. I thought she sounded amazing; I’m just not a fan of this new song of hers.

drink           Drink!

Who was the werido with Pete Davidson?

drink            Drink! 

Wait, now who just introduced Demi?? Did she almost have a nip slip?? Is she drunk too??

Watched Demi; love her and love that song; I just thought the pool party scene was strange.

drink             Drink!

At this point in the show, I switched over to Game of Thrones (post coming soon; while you wait, recap here!). I heard Pink gave a great performance and speech, which I’ll probably go back and look up online. I think 30 Seconds to Mars performed, which I would have liked to see, if only for Jared Leto because I really only think of him from movies. Katy Perry performed, but seeing how the night had gone with her, I continued to care less. Oh, and they gave out some awards. Cool.


Depending on how you counted, I think that was between seven and nine drinks. Look, the Video Music Awards aren’t a bad show, but they just aren’t what they used to be. Everything seems like it has to be a spectacle or drama or top news story the next day, when maybe all I wanted was a great performance or two and musicians getting recognized for good music, I mean music videos ??

Wait, who even watches music videos anymore?!