The OC is Out of Control

“I was rooting for you; we were all rooting for you!”

In recent years, I have very much become a member of Team Kelly Dodd, despite her past behavior …

… AND what about the “no wonder her daughter doesn’t speak to her” comment. I’ve swept it all under the bridge, forgiven her, and jumped on her bandwagon. I’ve also understood why she’s been so upset at the ladies recently, between Vicki’s coke accusation & Tamra’s train comment. But despite all of it, Kelly was back to her old ways on this week’s episode.

I’m not talking about hitting Shannon on the head; honestly, I don’t think Kelly even hit her that hard & Shannon will take any excuse to dramatically play the victim. I’m talking about everything nasty Kelly said to Gina (talk about kicking someone when they’re down …) & how awful she was to Tamra on the phone. Kelly just got downright dirty this week (oh! And did you catch her on WWHL?! Awkwwwwward!)

The Emily of it all….

I have a bone to pick with Emily too. I’m disappointed because she was another one I was cheering for this season.

I’m sad at how she’s treating Gina, who is a mess. Emily should have 💯 percent been sympathetic about why Gina wouldn’t go to Vegas and defended her when Kelly attacked Gina. I think Emily is simply jealous of Gina’s relationship with the blondes, plus she’s sad. She has to be; wouldn’t you be sad if you were married to Shane this season?

In closing …

While I’m not of the same mind with Kelly and how she acted this week,  I do agree with her that Shannon should not have been drinking if she had a concussion, and I can understand Kelly’s reasons to not trust Shannon (and if you’ve been keeping up with them presently, nothing seems better). I’m also glad Kelly made up & comforted Gina. You could say that Kelly redeemed herself in the end (until next week).

I’m proud of Vicki this episode. She stayed in her room when Kelly was talking about her right outside. She didn’t seem to start any drama either (yet). And one more time Kelly, TAMRA said “train” not Vicki (omg I’m defending Vicki 🤦🏻‍♀️).

The scene in the yoga studio confirmed to me that Emily is for sure jealous of Gina’s friendship with Tamra & Shannon. However, Emily handled herself well because Tamra & Shannon’s faces alone would have pissed me off.

The Orange County housewives are definitely bringing the drama this season and if you’re not watching due to lack of entertainment in the past, pick it back up asap!

Next week looks just as epic!🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

“Because she blocked me on Instagram!” RHOC Recap

Orange County is back!

We’re three episodes into the 14th season of Orange County, and I have some thoughts! An orange was taken away from an OG, while a mother of seven has come to entertain …


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Fun Shannon is here and she wants everyone to know it!! It’s a teeeeny bit annoying though, like stop trying to make fetch happen. However, I prefer this Shannon over “You will all see the truth!” sad, crying Shannon.

Per the first few episodes, I’m very proud of Shannon for accepting Braunwyn, instead of rejecting her like she’s done with new girls in the past (“I start charities, Meghan!”). I hope her positive attitude lasts the rest of the season. And, while I’m loving, living, HERE FOR a Kelly/Shannon bffriendship, that does not look like it lasts …. hmmm …. !!!
(I blame Tamra🚂)


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Ughhhh, why did Bravo bring her back? What does she add to the show besides a DUI? All I’m really getting from Gina in are Amanda Bynes vibes, with the horrible platinum hair and bad decisions.

However, Gina let us know how we got here on this week’s episode: her husband had an affair and seems to still be seeing the women he cheated with. Clearly Gina didn’t want to reveal any of this on the show, but now it all makes so much sense! This explains why she was so vague about their divorce last season, plus explains why she seems to be struggling so much this year. Ugh, I actually feel really bad for her.


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“Pancake titties!”

I’m here for Kelly this season, much as I am every season. She has a new man (currently over), a blossoming friendship with Shannon (also over), and one of the better taglines (at least she gets one win!). Seeing as so much has changed in her relationships since filming, I’m curious to see how the season plays out for her.

I also want to say I think she’s a great mom (the ski trip looked so fun!), and I feel terrible for the DMs her daughter received due to the drama between Kelly and Vicki. #boo

(I just realized I picked horrible pictures of the women … oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃)


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New house, same Tamra. We’ve learned Eddie is healthy, and Ryan is a Trump stan, but besides that, what’s really new with Tamra except for her two new staircases and county club membership?

This week (again) not much happened with Tamra, except at the blonde bombshell dinner towards the end of the episode. Tamra yelled out ” train” in regards to a rumor about Kelly. Go on Twitter if you don’t know what this means; I refuse to say. For Tamra (in real time) to not understand “what she did” to Kelly, like, Tamra can’t be that dumb; the proof was at that dinner and what she said regarding Kelly. Honestly I’m very disappointed in Tamra.


Screenshot 2019-08-18 at 7.10.26 PM

Is Emily the next housewife to follow in the footsteps of so many before her and get divorced? She should because Shane is freaking awful! He had some bad moments last season, but I can’t bear to watch anything regarding him this season! Emily literally threw a dinner for his family and he couldn’t bother to show! Not only that, on the phone he was a complete 🍆 to her!! Perhaps Shane’s getting a bad edit?

I think not though because this week Emily shared the Vegas performance she planned for him, and how he shut that down. I kind of agreed with Gina that Shane wouldn’t be into it, however, at the end of the day, I’m over his studying/horrible attitude/bad edit. I’m needing a new story line for Em.

New Girl

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How has Braunwyn not become an OC housewife sooner?! She may be the first newbie I not only approve of, but am obsessed with! She has the best tagline (“I manage to wrangle a family of nine and still look like a ten”), she fits in well with the women, she stood up to Vicki (but was also willing to apologize!), she is (appears to be) a great mom, and she’s open & honest! I was so surprised by the story she shared with Shannon about all her daughter’s struggles. I’m really here for Braunwyn friendship with Shannon, and learning more about her this season!

Friend Of

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I can NOT believe the pig video Kelly sent to Vicki! While you should never ever speak on someone’s looks, Vicki took the first shot by throwing out into the universe that Kelly does cocaine. However, the bigger story this season is that Vicki got “demoted” to “friend of”; I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. To me, OC isn’t the OC without the OG, but recently all the OGs have been so annoying & self-centered (Vicki, Nene, Teresa, LVP, Luann), so it’s probably a good lesson to learn: no housewife is safe.

For Vicki, this week’s episode opened with the continued fight between her and Kelly at Tamra’s, basically a replay of the last 10 minutes of last week’s show.

Vicki is tooooo much; she was her classic Vicki self in the way she attempted to “lecture” Braunwynn how to act & think in the group, and at the ladies’ dinner, Vicki continued her messy messy ways, by spreading more lies about Kelly. Vicki said juuuuust enough to cause problems (“What I know is so much worse than doing coke”), then drunk Tamra finished it for her (🚂).

If all these rumors are going to do anything, it will be to provide us with some intense drama in the weeks to come!

The 12th Reunion of Orange County

Orange County has been on as long as my students have been alive. So class, raise your hand if you remember Jo in her maid’s outfit?

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Raise your hand if you remember Vicki’s small van rant?

Image result for vicki gunvalson small van

Raise your hand if you remember Tamra throwing wine at Jeana? Drunk Gretchen (“Tam RUH!”) or the Brooks cancer scam?

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Yeah, it’s been a crazy twelve years with the ever changing cast of Orange County Housewives and here we are again for another rollercoaster reunion!


Although Meghan was beyond annoying this season, her hair looked great (dress & shoes too!) on the reunion! Tamra’s earrings were on fleek and Shannon’s weight was looking good!

Image result for lets go girls gif

How much support Shannon got regarding her weight and David; not sure some of the other women would be this strong enough to put it all out there like Shannon did. PROUD of her also for being a good mom and role model for her daughters in making the decision to separate.

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Anyone else like how Peggy had to turn to Andy for advice in order to escape from the three Blonde Bombshells on the couch … Andy can’t save you Peggy!

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TOTALLY KNEW MEGHAN WAS GOING TO ANNOUNCE ANOTHER PREGNANCY ON THE REUNION; ugh …..!!! I’m really only happy Jimmy is finally getting a boy.


I’m still really confused about why Tamra’s daughter is so so upset with her; is it all just because of the divorce? Or is it all because of the show? I mean, thinking like a daughter maybe I can see it … maybe I can see how having Tamra as a mom may be difficult BUT I’M NOT CRITICIZING HER! I LOVE TAMRA! (her facelift looks amazing as well!)

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Who knew Shannon’s maiden name was Storm (Storme?). Also, did anyone count how many times she said “I’m done!” ??

Shockers & Surprises:

Damn Lydia! Chill ouuuuut! I agree with all the people who said Lydia came for everyone this year so she could have more of a storyline. She was not nasty like this the last time she was on the show. I mean, calling Shannon all those crazy references, umm pretty sure the Bible does not condone name calling…

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I’m really proud of Kelly this season (blogger say whaaa). I’m just proud of her for making up with the girls, not getting too much into the drama, and being strong about everything with Michael. She even said Shannon was a good person #whoa !! On her side against Meghan too!

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Holy Vicki shedding tears for Shannon’s marriage; I don’t feel it’s fake. Do you?

Image result for vicki crying

Additional Thoughts:

Shannon & Tamra’s friendship remind me of LeeAnne and D’Andra from RHOD.

dandra-simmons-leeanne-locken-rhod-reunion-min.jpg               rhoc-2.jpg

Peggy is so irrelevant; barely spoke during the reunion. BRING! BACK! HEATHER!

Image result for heather dubrow

Hahahahaha! Nothing was wrong with Vicki in Iceland; she was just on drugs!

Image result for vicki gunvalson whoop it up

It was nice they all made up at the end (Vicki, Tamra, Shannon) buuuuuut I’m kind of over it; blah blah blah, come sit on my couch; it was also awkward to watch all the other women watch. I’m not convinced they’re back … true fans have been here before.

Prove us wrong ladies.

Here’s to another twelve years! 

The OC Is Back! 12×1 Recap

“They’re not the popular girls; we’re the popular girls”

Orange County is back! But, before we get into a popular girl discussion or who wants to be like who, I want to briefly discuss just decent human beings. I recently subscribed to a new podcast, Married to Bravo, and became insta friends with the creator, Joleen Lunzer. Screenshot 2017-07-11 at 12.21.47 PMI loved her concept for the show: that she’d force her husband to not only watch Bravo, but then go back and recap/discuss for a podcast. I asked Joleen for a blog shoutout on her newest podcast episode AND SHE DID IT! She seriously said the nicest things about MHH, encouraged her listeners to follow, and just gave overall support to a total stranger. So world, there are decent people, not even decent but genuinely kind people, out there and it makes me feel better about dark days that occur. Find their podcast on iTunes now!

Moving on to not so decent people…this week we welcomed back the original housewives: Orange County! Last season didn’t end well; in fact this episode started off showing images of a beach with audio playing of the women screaming at each other from last season. Gone is Heather, we welcome Lydia back, and I still have to see Kelly Dodd on my screen.


Anybody read about Kelly’s 4th of July fight? Hmm anyway, the episode starts with Shannon chasing after the new dog she got her three daughters and then boom! right into another depressing storyline for Shannon. This time it’s about her 40 pound weight gain, her low confidence, and how David has distanced himself from her even though he surprised her last season with a vow renewal. I’ve always always liked and supported Shannon, but I’m not here for a sad season from her where she’s constantly crying about her life. Be strong for your girls! Not only that, but you have infinite support in the social media world: you’re not the first to gain weight, you’re not the first to have a shitty husband; show your girls how a strong female dusts herself off and lives LIFE! uujj.jpg

That’s probably all I’m going to say about Shannon in this post because she already gets in a fight the next episode with Lydia (of all people) and like I said, I’m just not here to watch an unhappy Shannon spiral this season. Speaking of Lydia, she’s back! rhoc-secrets-8-lydia.jpg

Not going to lie, I wasn’t her biggest fan when she first appeared back in season eight, but I think I may like her rainbow and sparkle attitude this season. I don’t like that she’s going to go head to head with my girl Shannon, but I appreciate Lydia trying to bring the ladies together (Vicki & Tamra) because obvi you know that will bring drama. Also, major props to Lydia for raising three little boys! (I’m also curious to see how well Lydia takes to Kelly because we all know how pleasant Kelly can be)


On the subject of  Kelly, her and Vicki are apparently still friends and make it known they want to be the popular girls this season.

mckayla-maroney-not-impressed-oh-you-argued-before-the-supreme-court-cool   Really no one cares. But we do care that Vicki has a new man in her life named Steve. He seems normal enough, which makes me wonder why he’s with Vicki (BECAUSE SHE MENTIONED SHE MISSED HER RELATIONSHIP WITH BROOKS!). As much grief I’ll give Vicki this season, there is one thing she’s amazing at and that’s being supportive of her family. Enter Briana (who I freaking adore and was so happy to see on my screen!). Since Briana’s husband is still not back in the OC, Vicki is helping her out with Briana’s two toddler boys. That motherly love is unshakeable and I appreciate the heck out of it about Vicki!

Speaking of mothers, we meet Meghan’s new baby girl. We see Jimmy being an awesome dad annnnd that’s about the end of that story line. Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked for Megan to be a mom because I know last season was hell for her with her injections and feeling abandoned by Jimmy, but like, cool you have a baby; do more investigative work like calling hospitals for doctor records and such, Meghan.

After the premiere of season 12, on Twitter (@myhollywoodh) many of the housewife accounts I follow were saying they weren’t impressed with the episode and all I could think was “Whaaa!” Now as I’m reviewing my notes, I can see what they meant; I must have been blinded by the excitement of the franchise returning and the champs I drank to celebrate it.


Soooooooooo, Tamra goes to Lydia’s Bible study group and cries again about how she doesn’t have a relationship with her daughter (maybe don’t talk about it on national television?), Tamra works out at Cut Fitness and Eddie shows up (he’s not gay), and Tamra goes dress shopping with Shannon and their daughters.

Oh! Then there’s a Dallas Housewives trailer that is shown halfway through …rh-dallas-logo

Ummm, the episode ends with Vicki having lunch with Lydia, who she calls “Disneyland all the time.” Lydia wants to understand the Vicki and Tamra breakup, which is leading me to believe she’ll try to get them back together … c5f8580303abdc72181fa4399fe18d39.jpg    but to that I say, “Good luck Lydia!”

While OC is one of my favorite franchises, I’m not sure yet who is my standout favorite cast member this season, maybe Lydia? I like Disneyland quite a bit. Plus in next week’s episode, Lydia straight up tells Shannon they won’t get along, so there’s that. Honestly, never judge a housewife season based off the first episode anyway. We have much to look forward to friends; I’m sure of it.