Riverdale: So Bad It’s Good

Who here watches Grey’s Anatomy? 

And if you thought this was a Riverdale post, I’m going somewhere with this, I promise. I was a Grey’s STAN until the show got out of control: Meredith almost drowns, the whole Denny debacle,  George’s death, the hospital getting shot up, the airplane crash, Lexi & Mark’s death, etc etc etc …

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My whole point with the Grey’s reference is that the story lines got so so so far gone, I couldn’t watch anymore. This brings us to Riverdale. Is the show heading in the Grey direction? Let’s investigate.

Season 1:

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Aka .. the best season. Honestly, the show could have stopped after its first season because everything came together brilliantly. I loved how the entire season was centered around who killed Jason Blossom … and the big reveal (regarding his father) was the perfect twist. While Archie was intolerable this season (remember when he was banging his teacher?!), the sub plots with Chuck Clayton, Polly Cooper, & Fred’s business made up for it. The mystery surrounding Jason got solved in the end, leaving us all excited for a second season and nonstop wondering where the show will take us.

Season 2:

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Things started to get a little out of control in season 2. While I suppose the plot of the Black Hood was interesante, I felt it was too similar to the first season (hunt for a killer again … ??). THEN there was the Nick St. Clair of it all, Jingle Jangle, Bughead drama (ugh and her striptease?), Mayor and Sheriff boning, the Riverdale Reeper, and Hiram Lodge.

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The plot line with Hiram acting like a “mob boss” and getting Archie to do all this dirty work of his (as a high schooler no doubt) was so ridiculous and I felt had nothing to do with finding the Black Hood (which I thought was the central plot of the season; was it not?). Then there was the whole mayoral campaign between Fred and Hermione, plus the second MOST RIDICULOUS sub plot EVER: Chic.

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Seriously … WHAT did he have to do with the story line besides get Betty and her mom wrapped up in murder? Zip, zilch, nada! Speaking of Betty’s f’ed up family, the final nail in the horrible coffin that was season 2, was the reveal that Hal was the Black Hood.

Betty we all have a darkness in us!

Image result for roll eye gif riverdale

Season 3:

After all of that, the show could not get any more dumb. Enter Gryphons and Gargoyles.

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I’m not even going to waste my time describing my thoughts on this plot; I’ll let the image above speak for itself.

And yet … and yet … Riverdale is one of the shows I watch live every week; I never let it back up on the DVR. Why is that? How does something very far gone with ridiculousness hold my attention so close that I abandon my husband for an hour every Wednesday night to see what happens? In fact, it’s more of a “must know” what happens feeling.

Perhaps, the show knows how out of control the story is; maybe the writers and actors are all in on the joke.   Image result for shrug shoulders emoji  Or, perhaps it’s a show made for teens, starring teens (or close to it) and it’s not something to be taken too seriously. It helps viewers (especially teens) escape from the pressures of the real world … I mean, reality is pretty messed up, but at least we don’t have to fear a Gargoyle King.

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Regardless, I’ll keep watching, but remember Riverdale …     Image result for riverdale gif


Spring Break Updates

Tomorrow the hubs and I set off to beautiful Florida because it’s my …

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I’ve been so behind on shows, plus have had way too many hours of Bachelor to watch and Oscar movies to catch up on (we finally saw Three Billboards!), so I haven’t had time to sit and pour my thoughts out on it all. Now, we’re about to leave for a week’s vacation (much needed mind you, but I will miss my lazy tv days). However, before we leave I have a few highlights from my week in entertainment I just have to share …

Morning Breath Drama

Image result for the morning breathSERIOUS justice for Claudia and Jackie. If you don’t know the story, simply google “Girl With No Job scandal.”  I’m not going to dive deep into it, but I will say this: you can’t help who your parents are or the crazy thoughts they may put into your head while raising you, AND as an adult, you can’t change the very stupid things you said as a teenager. The Oshry sisters are some of the funniest, social media millennial influencers, SO BRING BACK THE BREATH!

RHONY Trailer

Image result for real housewives of new york trailerThe Real Housewives of New York return in April and the show looks AMAZING! While many of us have been speculating what would be shown, we found out Bravo will be including Bobby Zarin’s death and Luann’s arrest. We’ll also see Dorinda drunk slurring like always, Bethenny going off, and the trailer didn’t even get to the dramatic boat ride! Overall, I feel confident to say this season is going to bring. it! (RHOP trailer dropped during the writing of this post; it looks pretty awesome as well!!)


@shalexandej tweeted: “Something you might hear us filmheads saying today is that “The Oscars are like my super bowl!!” and that’s only because we love film so much”

Showing I agree with @shalexandej must be why I sat through 3 and 1/2 hours of the award show Sunday night (plus the Red Carpet) to see which films were awarded this year. For my FULL recap, please go follow me on Twitter: @myhollywoodh (I live tweeted the entire thing!) My favorite moment from the 90th Academy Awards was all the movie montages because beyond the speeches, dresses, & any controversies, it’s about THE MOVIES (just as @shalexandej said)! I was SUPER happy to see Jordan Peele win, and utterly shocked that a movie about a love affair between a deaf girl and sea monster could win Best Picture! But, I have yet to see it. Who knows, it may be the next movie I watch on repeat to help curb my hangovers (the movie that currently holds this spot is Bring It On) !!

Bach Finale

Image result for bachelor finaleI probably should dedicate an entire post (or two) to discuss all my thoughts on what went down this week in Bachelor Nation. Sadly, we don’t have the time. (As always, you can see all my thoughts on Twitter; I live tweeted this event too!)

Here is what I saved into my notes on my phone as I watched the Becca breakup: “This is making me sick to my stomach and I KNEW it was coming the whole time (I read spoilers). I can’t FATHOM FOR THE LIFE of me why ABC would show this! Why is it being filmed in the first place, like did Arie contact production and say ‘Hey I’m feeling this way?’ and they’re like ‘You can only feel this way if we can film it?!'” (I did read somewhere that apparently Arie broke up with her on camera because he thought it would give Becca a better chance at being the Bachelorette?? For f***’s sake!)

Then came Tuesday and I continued saving notes to my phone saying, “Why did Arie propose to Becca in the first place; we could ALL see he was obsessed with Lauren the whole time! I mean, I thought it was going to be Lauren as he was narrowing down the women, so why not just FREAKING PROPOSE TO HER IN THE FIRST PLACE?!” Ugh and then to do it on After the Final Rose?!

Image result for slow clap gif

No one cares you proposed again.

I could go on and on and on about this, but I’m tired of talking/hearing about it. As I said before, go read my Twitter to see ALL my thoughts. As for Becca being the Bachelorette? Couldn’t be happier for her and I’m sure I’ll discuss this more when the show airs in May!


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Riverdale returned this week after taking a few weeks off and honestly, I’m not excited about it. Let’s be clear; I LOVE this show, but it has had major suckage in it’s second season. Like, why was the janitor the Black Hood, and what does Betty have to do with it all? Where has Cheryl been this whole season and why is her mom a freaking harlot, who is also dating (??) Betty’s dad? Why the heck was this complete random druggie murdered by Betty’s mom, like where does that fit into the story line? And, Archie is now part of the Lodge’s “mob family?” I mean so what, Veronica and Archie are destined for marriage now even though they’re still in high school? RAN DOM plot lines make for not a good show right now!


Un-Real 2Speaking of an actual good show, if you are part of Bachelor Nation, you NEED to be watching UnReal on Lifetime. Even if you’re not part of Bachelor Nation, you need to be watching this show.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t yet started the new season (four hours of Oscars on Sunday & five hours of Bachelor Monday/Tuesday … I’ve been busy!) but I’m just so so excited it’s back! I’ve been waiting forever!

Before we part ways for a week (or two) I want to say, I appreciate ALL the support and people who click on my posts and read them. MHH is up to almost 50 subscribed followers (you can do this by entering your email in the right hand corner!!) and over 100 followers on Twitter. While they may not seem like much, it’s weird to me that even 5 people would be reading my words. Plus, I’ve met so many unique and fun people who love to share their thoughts and opinions with me on all the crazy shows we watch, and the celeb gossip that happens each day. So again, thank you! I hope if you’re having a Spring Break, you enjoy the hell out of it; you deserve it!

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“Betty’s ponytail is iconic & beyond reproach”

It’s Riverdale Season 2!

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Seriously if you do not watch this show, cancel all your weekend plans, borrow your neighbor’s Netflix password, and don’t leave your couch until you’ve watched the first season. Then, find the CW app and binge the first four episodes of the second season. It’s worth it.

So much has changed from the first season, yet so much remains the same so let’s dive right in!

Archie Andrews is still awful …

Image result for archie andrews gif

I would say the first two to four episodes of season one, I really rooted for Archie. Even though he broke my heart when he broke Betty’s heart, I figured I’d still give him a chance because at least he was honest. But then he got so whiny about Ms. Grundy, then Val from the Pussycats, to finally ending up with Veronica (and I don’t ship them; sorry I just don’t). Plus his dye job is so horrendous, that adds to my loathing.

Skip ahead to season two and I hate him even more! I know Luke Perry got shot and he should be worried for his dad but come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! This Red Circle, buy a gun, fight the Serpents in the rain (which I will discuss in a bit) is such nonsense. Like, go to school, play football, & lock your doors at night like the rest of the town. He’s actually insufferable; I don’t want to blame KJ Apa or the Riverdale writers for possibly trying to hard (are they this season?). I’m just going to put the blame all on Archie. Here you are again being whiny, yet outwardly trying to be tough and I’m done with it. The reason Archie feels the need to be so tough brings me to my next discussion point …

The “Black Hood” …


So last season’s storyline was all “Who killed Jason?” and this season is all “Who shot Luke Perry?” but then that chester molester Grundy died pretty gruesomely, and then (what the heck!) Moose & Midge get shot; next thing we know we have a serial killer on the loose in Riverdale known as the Black Hood. We found out last night he’s (or she I guess) is doing it all for Betty … because of some speech she made? What speech? I don’t remember this. Anyhoo, this black hood character claims he’s getting rid of all the bad things in town (an adulterer, child abuser, & drug fiends).

Sidebar: How did Archie’s dad commit adultery? I thought they were divorced …? Anyway, I’m sure this is now the driving force for season two … who do you think the Black Hood is?

Serpents vs. Northside, aka, “The Rumble” …

"Chapter Seventeen: The Town that Dreaded Sundown"

If you know anything about classic literature, you should have read The Outsiders (or you probs read it in 7th grade). That huge fight between the Serpents & Archie’s clan had to be a shout-out to the big rumble that happens between the Socs and the Greasers. Leather jackets vs letterman jackets, poor vs rich, no weapons … I MEAN COME ON THEY EVEN MADE IT RAIN LIKE IN THE MOVIE!

Image result for the outsiders rumble gif

Can anyone confirm if this scene really was supposed to pay homage to The Outsiders? And, if you’re sitting there scratching your head thinking “Outsiders?” then as soon as you’re done binging Riverdale, FIND THIS BOOK AND THE MOVIE AND READ IT THEN WATCH IT!

Afterdale …


You know how I’m absolutely obsessed with The Morning Breath hosted by Jackie & Claudia Oshry? Well, they started a show (via Youtube and the Podcast app) where they recap each episode.  God’s gift to Riverdale fans + Breathers.

Additional questions, comments, concerns, & theories …

Image result for riverdale gif

  • It took me two episodes to realize Veronica’s dad was Kelly Ripa’s husband and I can never look at him the same again.
  • I forget why Jughead’s dad is in jail; is he taking the fall for Cheryl’s dad and if so, why again?
  • Speaking of Cheryl, where the F has she been this season?!
  • I think the Jingle Jangle drug will become more of a focal point of the plot this season — possibly with Veronica’s dad as the drug lord? (shout out to Claudia & Jackie for this theory)
  • Why does Veronica want to get into the family business & why should I care … so she can keep “an eye” on her dad? Ugh I’m getting sick of that family real quick.
  • Jughead is def going to cheat on Betty with the loser Serpent girl Tommi Tommi … Toni Tommi … Tonnie Tomlen … whatever I’m getting cheese fries.
  • I. NEED. MORE. JOSIE. AND. THE. PUSSYCATS. ON. MY. SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find me and let me know all your thoughts on this season of Riverdaleand if you’re not watching, go now. Seriously go … shut your screen, turn off your phone and go. I’ll wait.


Need a New Show to Binge?

I know I don’t need a new show; my DVR is busting at the seams, plus Bravo just keeps bringing me more houswives. Because of that, I wanted to share a few of my favorite shows that are quite binge-worthy. So grab a pumpkin spice latte (it’s that time of the year, you know), put your feet up, and get ready to find an awesome new show you can start discussing with me!

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Stranger Things


If you haven’t heard of this show, I don’t mean to criticize, but have you been living under a rock? It was one of Netflix’s biggest hits last year and I actually binged it twice. This is important to note because I don’t even have time to watch all my normal shows, let alone watch a series twice. It’s. That. Good. Also it’s not something that I would typically be interested; it’s 100% sci-fi.


You’d like Stranger Things if you like:

  • The Goonies
  • E.T
  • Stephen King
  • Ghostbusters

My favorite character is Dustin   STRANGER-THINGS-dustin   because he has the best one-liners, is a good friend, and reminds me of many of my students. Last, the next season of Stranger Things comes to Netflix tomorrow (holla!) so if you start the show now, you won’t have to wait in agony (like the rest of us) for the next season!



One of my very first posts (Not the Archie & Jughead I Knew Growing Up: Riverdale Recap) was about the show Riverdale: the CW hit that retells the beloved comic book series. Season two started a couple weeks ago and it’s soooo good! I’ve got a couple of my girlfriends to binge the show (trust me, it goes quick!) and even my favorite morning show hosts, Jackie & Claudia Oshry, started their own show about it: Afterdale.

You’d like Riverdale if you like:

  • Gossip Girl
  • The OC
  • Pretty Little Liars

My favorite character is Cheryl Blossom    5f63534fec5c01a908ac20cf41806340b1af31a6   because she’s cray-zie, yet fabulous and can also have a soft side when she wants. Like I said, the second season just started so you’re not too far behind if you wanted to get all the way caught up.

Game of Thrones 


There is an entire category that holds all the posts I wrote about Season 7 of Game of Thrones (click in the top right hand corner now!). I don’t even know if I could write out reasons why you should be watching this show; just know it will go down as an absolute pop culture mega phenomenon.

You’d like Game of Thrones if you like:

  • violence
  • sex
  • attending your local Renaissance Festival
  • dragons
  • zombies
  • knowing what all your co-workers talk about around the water cooler on Monday mornings

My favorite character has changed from season to season due to the intense plotline, but currently it’s Tyrion Lannister, or Jon Snow, or Daenerys Targaryen. Ugh; I can’t decide.


Also if you’re a fan of Stassi Schroeder or Ansel Elgort, they’re huge fans too. Chances are your favorite celebrity is a fan, I mean Ed Sheeran was such a big fan, the show gave him a cameo last season!

Jane the Virgin


I wanted to dedicate this entire post to Jane. I finally caught up on this season (it’s 4th) and wanted to blog before the third episode premiered tomorrow. Gina Rodriguez (who you definitely need to have a girl crush on) actually won a Golden Globe for her performance as Jane in 2015, which led me to start binging the show.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Season 72

The show is told Telenovela-style, so there are subtitles you’ll have to read, but it totally makes the show. I don’t even want to give away the premise of the show because it’s so funny and so ridiculous. My favorite season is probably the first and the current. There are a ton of cameos, including BRITNEY SPEARS, which if you read Justin Timberlake: Superbowl 51, you know how I feel about Ms. Spears.

My favorite character is Jane’s dad, Rogelio,
Image result for Rogelio de la Vega gif
because while he has the biggest heart, he’s extremely self-absorbed and it’s HILARIOUS!

Jane is a great character too, but that’s all because of Gina Rodriguez. She OWNS the role, but is also just an amazing role model in her real life. She’s not the skinny, blonde, ditzy stereotype of a female lead; she’s smart, feisty, and 100% real. I love her! Last, this show will not only keep you on the edge of your seat with some shockers, but will make you laugh out loud plus give you all the feels!


So what shows have been your favorite to binge?

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Find me on social media!


I Went on a Summer Binge ….

with my tv!


I realize summer isn’t officially over until September 22 (according to a calendar), but since I’m officially back to school next week & have been setting up my classroom the past two weeks, summer is over for me. With that, I wanted to share the shows I binge-watched on my summer vacation, especially if you’re someone in search of something new to start before all the fall shows return!

dsdfsfsfsdfdsI had been dying to watch this show since I read the book by Liane Moriarty back in 2015. However, my husband & I are cheap and didn’t get HBO until just this month (for obs Game of Thrones reasons).  I think I may really struggle discussing this show because I don’t even have words for how amazing it is …


The premise is that a murder takes place at a elementary fundraising event and you spend the entire series (and book) trying to figure out who died and who the killer is. The story revolves around three main women: Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Jane (Shaliene Woodley), and Madeline (Reese Witherspoon). There are minor characters as well including the three women’s husbands, overbearing Renata (Laura Dean), and hippie Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz).  


Big Little LiesHere is what I said on Goodreads about the book when I read it: “What a quick read! This book was insanely entertaining, many times humorous, and part tragic. I kept thinking, ‘Which character am I most like?’ Plus, for someone who can usually foresee endings, I was shocked here with the murder and the Saxon Banks reveal!” 

This may be the first ever novel to film adaptation I’ve seen that barely changes the plot of the novel, plus perfectly casts each character (okay maybe The Outsiders is first but BLL is obviously second!). The series is completely taken over by Kidman, Woodley, & Witherspoon, not just because you may be cheering for their characters, but because they become the characters and you’re completely sucked into their world.

The series is only seven episodes, about 50 or so minutes long, so it’s quick to binge, plus it was nominated for eight Primetime Emmys! Last, the soundtrack to this show is UNBELIEVABLE! For some reason, Witherspoon’s first grade daughter (in the show) has amazing taste in music and the music really directs the storyline. If you have HBO, go watch Big Little Lies NOW! If you’ve watched it, let’s dissect. 

RiverdaleI’ve already covered this show on the blog (you can read it here!). However, two of my favorite podcasters @girlwithnojob & @JackieOProblems just watched and loved this series, plus I got one of my besties to binge (and love) it, thus making me want to include it on this list.
the crownI feel like I’ve been watching this show forever and I’m so glad I finally finished it! The Crown follows the current Queen of England starting with her father passing and then her starting her reign as queen (that’s Elizabeth II). This show won the Golden Globe for Best Television Drama in 2017, Claire Joy (who plays Elizabeth) won the Golden Globe for Best Actress TV Drama, and the show has an 8.8 rating on IMDb (which, if you follow that site, you know is amazing). The show is also nominated for 8 Primetime Emmys. 


When I first started watching, I felt the show was extremely slow; usually I want to binge a show (like the two above) that surprises me each episode, keeps me coming back for more because there is unfinished business in the plot, or I need to know “who done it.” The Crown is not this. But, I’m fascinated with history and while watching, you learn so much. For example, did you know Winston Churchill hated a famous painting commissioned of himself around his 80th birthday, apparently leading his wife to burn it? Or, who knows about Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret’s whirlwind romance with Peter Townsend and all of the drama it caused the sisters?


Who knows exactly what is for sure true in the scripted series as the show alludes to marital problems between Elizabeth and Philip, Winston Churchill covering up a stroke (on top of being unpleasant), and Prime Minister Eden’s drug problem.

My favorite thing about the show though, is the feeling you get when watching, like I immediately want to be taken to England 1954 after I finish an episode. I’ve always been fascinated by the Royal Family (my husband still recalls when we were dating & I set an alarm in the middle of the night to see Kate & William wed) and this show has deepened that interest. It’s more than just the family; it’s the setting and scenes of the show. This show is shot beautifully! It’s no wonder because according to IMDb, the “series is Netflix’s second most expensive project.”


Vanity Fair wrote a great article on The Crown and it’s transition into Season 2 if you’re interested in reading more on it. I look forward to not taking as long to finish Season 2 when it’s finally out on Netflix!


If you’ve watched any of these three shows and have thoughts or opinions, hit me up on social media or leave a comment on this page! If you have any other binge-worthy suggestions, please share those as well! 

be back soon.jpg




Not the Archie & Jughead I Knew Growing Up: Riverdale Recap

“This story’s about a town, once wholesome and innocent, now forever changed by the mysterious death/murder of Jason Blossom on the 4th of July.”

Each summer vacation I ask myself “What will I binge watch this time?” The struggle is real to find a show where you won’t get caught in the crosshairs of only two seasons on a streaming site, but the fourth season will premier in the fall and OMG WHERE DO I FIND THE THIRD SEASON?! Plus, I’m cheap and don’t want to have to pay to binge watch. Thus, the CW’s Riverdale seemed like a perfect fit because Netflix had all thirteen episodes from Season 1, and Season 2 doesn’t premier until later this October.

The show is basically a live action version of the Archie Comics. If you didn’t read these growing up, go to a grocery store right now and purchase one. Go now. I’ll wait.

The show, however, is a much darker twist on the comics. The very first episode starts with the body of Jason Blossom washing ashore in the town river. Jason is the twin brother of Cheryl Blossom.  If you don’t remember Cheryl Blossom from childhood, she’s the red-headed vixin who makes all the boys’ eyes bug out of their heads.


And boy does Madelaine Petsch play the part flawless. She’s my favorite character. Even though Cheryl has the biggest storyline of the season because we all want to know who murdered her twin Jason (spoiler, you find out in episode 12!),  she’s not the namesake of the series. That would probably be Archie & Betty. 

If you think these two end up together (I always shipped them growing up), they don’t. I mean, in the very first episode Archie tells Betty he’s not interested. While we’re on the topic, Archie is one of my least favorite characters. He is SO WHINY! He’s gorgeous, has abs, has girls (even older woman – subplot!) falling for him, is a star athlete, can sing & play the guitar, has supportive family & friends … and yet, he still is whiny and screws people over easily. Not a fan. Betty on the other hand, is great. Lili Reinhart is great. The fact that she has a dark side (episode 3) is great. The character she ends up falling in love with is great.

Speaking of characters, we are forgetting two other major players in the Archie gang: Jughead & Veronica.

Yes, you are seeing correct. That is Cole Sprouse from Big Daddy and Suite Life of Zach and Cody. ZACH AND CODY! HA!

Not that Cole Sprouse isn’t a good Jughead. I just always thought of Jughead as a quirky goofball and Cole Sprouse portrays Jug as pretty cynical. But, as more comes out about Jughead’s past while you watch the show, one can see why he’s cynical. And, I guess he does have some funny one-liners. And, he’s a loyal friend. Okay, okay Cole Sprouse is not a terrible Jughead; once you get past the fact he’s one-half of Adam Sandler’s pretend son from 1999.

If you were caught off by Cole Sprouse, you’ll be caught off guard by a few other appearances including Luke Perry, Molly Ringwald, Barb from Stranger Things (she’s alive!) and Josie and the Pussycats.  (Anyone remember the 2001 film version? Eeek!)


If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, or any recent teen drama, I think you’d enjoy Riverdale. “Why aren’t you giving us more MHH?” Honestly, because I don’t want to spoil anything. But trust me, you can binge this fast (only 13 episodes) & experience plenty of shocks , twists, turns, & omg moments. Especially involving the parents. Okay, I need to just go on a rant for a second. Whether you’ve watched the show or not, I must say the parents are absolutely the worst human beings on the planet. NO PARENT in the universe should ever act they way this group of adults act; I mean no wonder you kid is messed up. No, your kid isn’t even messed up. Your kid is the one acting more like an adult than you are. Get it together!


All in all, watch this show. It’s mindless entertainment worth your time, especially because you’re left with a major cliffhanger going into Season 2 in October.

“Every town has one, the spooky house that all the kids avoid. Ours was Thornhill, the Blossom family’s mansion, with it’s very own graveyard. And trapped within its walls, like some Gothic heroine, was Cheryl Blossom, who’s still grieving for her beloved brother Jason. Linked in death even as they were in life.”