Movie of the Week: Aquaman

I love a good superhero movie at Christmas …

Don’t you? Every year around this time, the hubs and I pick something worthy of a $10 movie ticket and head to the theaters. In 2018, this movie was Aquaman. I’ll say we picked it because there wasn’t much else to choose from; he’ll say we picked it because I have a undeniable liking for Jason Momoa.

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Okay, he’s right. Ever since Momoa played the great Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, there has been mad love there.  I mean, didn’t everyone have a soft spot for Khal? Maybe he was “rough” in the beginning of his relationship with Daenerys, but he figured himself out, right? Plus, he was very sweet in the first book, well as sweet as Khal Drogo can be …

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So yeah, I’m a Jason Momoa fan. Although, now that I think about it, what else do I even like him from?

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Oh yeah, from his face.

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However, we aren’t here to only discuss Momoa, but rather his newest film, Aquaman,  in which he reprises his role of the famous sea hero, first seen in Justice League back in 2017.

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The basic plot of the movie is this:
Aquaman’s mother is ocean royalty (played by Nicole Kidman) but his father is human. It’a a little Hercules-esqe; similar “half-breed” drama without the spousal cheating. Aquaman isn’t accepted by the sea people and while he may be considered a hero by the humans, he’s still different (I mean, this “feeling left out in the human world” is in every superhero movie, is it not?).

Anyhoo, all the kings of the sea decide they’re going to band together and destroy humanity for polluting the oceans with garbage and sunken ships. So get excited, this isn’t just an action movie, but rather a call to action to clean up our water!

Because he’s both human and sea god, Aquaman is the perfect person to save the humans, and maybe rule the ocean as well … according to Mara (Amber Heard’s character, who we’ll get to shortly). All this fighting, and journeying, and cool underwater scenes take place, with you guessed it, Aquaman saving the day in the end.

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My husband isn’t one to live and die by superhero movies, so I was curious to hear his thoughts on the film. Mine were that Jason Momoa is fantastic at everything he does, even delivering cheesy one-liners these movies tend to have. Also, the fact that a majority of the scenes were underwater was cool to me. Other than that, the film had fighting and weird creatures, which I also thought was, as the kids say, bomb, tight, epic … perhaps even, badass?

Hubs said he felt the film was superbly done visually and I agree.

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As I just mentioned, the fact that a majority of the film took place underwater was something new and exciting to watch. Hubs did say he felt some of the movie was cheesy, obvs. I, especially, didn’t like the whole Manta/Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plot line. I understand that it established Aquaman’s desire to help the humans, plus set up **spoiler alert** a story line for a second film (anyone stay post credits?) … but I still thought it was unnecessary to the majority conflict (aka, a stupid subplot).

The last aspect of the film I want to discuss is the Amber Heard of it all. Raise your hand if you’ve seen an Amber Heard film?

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Okay, now raise your hand if you only really know Amber Heard from her marriage to and divorce from Johnny Depp?

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Heard is on the January cover of Glamour and I only bought it because I thought it was Lili Reinhart. Once I read the article and put it all together that it wasn’t Betty Cooper and was also the girl from Aquaman, I saw Heard in an entirely different light thinking back on the film. She did a great job portraying the love interest/sidekick … ?? Honestly I thought her role was kind of stupid because it seemed like she was only there to eventually fall in love with Aquaman, but it’s always refreshing to see a female lead kick some booty in a superhero film.

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Her red hair was totes fun too!

All in all, the movie was the perfect one to see post-Christmas, pre-New Year before we all get back into the grind of life. Speaking of grind, MHH’s 2019 New Year’s Resolution is to post once a week. This year is going to be a crazy one for me (I’ll reveal more in future posts), but as I always always say … I appreciate every single ounce of support from those of you who receive my posts via email, read them for fun, or follow me on social media! Cheers to a bright and fun new year!

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Movie of the Week: Life-Size 2 (pocket-sized post)

Nostalgia and Christmas …

can warm even this cynic’s heart. One of my besties came over to watch it, we gorged on pizza, honestly, it was just what I needed to end a treacherous Monday. The movie was not great (what, like you expected it to be?), but there were so many great moments, that the film in it’s entirety is excused.


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Straight up, girlfriend is, gor -gina! I looked up pictures from the first movie and she’s stunning then, but 18 years later? No wrinkles in sight, flaw – less !! Not only did she look just like a doll, she acted just like the character from the first movie. Plus, she was funny; she had so many laugh out loud moments. Honestly I would have preferred an entire movie just of Tyra.


I’m a sucker for anything late 90s/early 2000s, aka my childhood (Movie of the Week: Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie … hello??). The Parent Trap and Life-Size inspiiiired me to be Lindsay Lohan (who really is having a moment without being seen, what, with this reboot, and Ari’s “Thank You, Next” video). There was a brief reference to her character in this version, but what I liked most was how Lindsay’s Eve doll gave the 2018 Eve doll a pep talk. Also, who caught the ANTM reference??

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If you’ve seen the first movie, watch this one. If you like sappy, Hallmark Christmas movies, watch this one. It’s not completely terrible. The main character is terrible, but Tyra makes up for it. Plus, the guy in it is pretty hot. And, if not for all of that … not only do you get an original version performance of “Be a Star” in the film … you get this one too!

Movie(s) of the Week: Bad Times at the El Royale, First Man, a Simple Favor

The hubs and I needed an escape from our busy lives, so off we went to the movies! We couldn’t decide on just one, so we saw two. Then, my best friend called, asking for a girls’ day at the movies! I couldn’t pass that up either, so here we are for a review of three popular films currently in theaters!

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I’m never quite sure how to write my Movie of the Week posts (for all of them, click up in the right hand of the screen!). Do I write a review, as if readers have seen the movie? Do I write a promotion, in which I leave out spoilers and more so convince readers to go or not go? I decided today I’ll walk the fine line between both and you can skip over or read whatever you choose (although I’d prefer you read everything, as well as like and subscribe –> enter email in top right!)

Bad Times at the El Royale

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A bunch a strangers meet up one weekend at the famous El Royale hotel, yet nothing is quite what it seems. I. loved. everything. about. this. movie!! EV-ERY-THING! Let’s start with the opening scene where a man buries a bag in the floorboards of a hotel room, only to not make it out alive. Flash forward to either the 1960s or 1970s (let’s call it an even 1965), where guests are starting to arrive back at the hotel. Okay you think, I know where this is going … obviously all the guests are there to get the money. Which, could not be further from the truth.

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Each character has a unique story and is featured during different sections of the movie, where the audience learns their background and motivation. And, if you think you’ve figured out what will happen next, you’re wrong … I mean, unless you’re correct, but I find that very unlikely because the plot twists here are not normal. When I read or watch a movie, I just want a really, well-told story, and El Royale provides that. In closing, while the film has many Quentin Taratino vibes (“imitation is the highest form of flattery”), I would completely give it a 10/10, encourage you to see it, and give HUGE PROPS to Cynthia Erivo; she stole the show!

First Man

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Ryan Gosling portrays Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Claire Foy, who LOVE from The Crown, plays Gosling’s wife. I enjoy a good biopic and have always enjoyed films about space: Armageddon, Apollo 13, Hidden Figures, however, I could not have been more displeased with this film. In fact, my husband and I did something I’m not sure we’ve ever done before: we walked out.

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I am very disappointed in us for leaving, but the movie was soooooooooo slow and sooooooooo boring … and fairly confusing. Basically, early on in the film Armstrong’s daughter dies, then all of a sudden he’s going on a space mission (which I thought was to the moon and found out was just a trial run), all while he’s having probs with his wife?? Maybe seeing two movies in one day was a bad idea for the hubs and I … or possibly so much went on in El Royale,  I couldn’t track this one? Or maybe it was the two glasses of wine I had at dinner before? #whoops. I’m sure when First Man is released to DVD, we’ll try watching it again. Gosling, Foy, and the American people deserve that much from us.

A Simple Favor

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Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively star as best friends with dark secrets in this film based off the novel by Darcey Bell (which I obviously read and so should you!). My favorite thing about this movie is you never fully know who to trust or who you should be rooting for. Is Kendrick the evil one or is Lively? Or, in the end, is it ultimately the husband who commits all the crimes & sins, and keeps all the secrets?

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This movie is twisted for including topics like incest, sibling murder, fake deaths, and all around insane characters. I feel like Blake Lively has Serena wan der Woodson vibes with her classy outfits and sassy attitude, all the while oozing sexuality. I can’t pinpoint who Anna Kendrick channels, probably that of a mouse. Henry Golding (from Crazy Rich Asians) is another added bonus to the film. I don’t think this film is a 10/10, but if you’re a Lifetime Movie fan or appreciate a crazy ass plot, then I definitely recommend A Simple Favor for you!

Next up:

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and MHH’s 100th post!

Movie of the Week: Crazy Rich Asians

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Unless you’ve been living under a large rock, chances are you’ve seen a preview for, or have heard someone talking about Crazy Rich Asians, the new film based off the novel by Kevin Kwan, starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding. The premise is simply: he’s rich, she’s not, they’re dating, how will this work out?

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Like any rom com, it doesn’t work out at first , things get messy, but they all live happily ever after in the end. It’s a great film for mothers and daughters to see, to fall in love with love, or to help you realize, that at the end of the day, you are enough … don’t change for anyone. However, the movie wasn’t anything life altering for me as promised by the reviews. The film is a cute story, rather predictable, with humorous moments. The glamour, music, and actors, though, was what I enjoyed most!

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First up, the glam: the colors, the parties, and that moment when Araminta Lee, played by Sonoya Mizuno, walked down the aisle with the water and the grass and those cute little lighty things the guests held up! M – A – G – I – C – A – L !!!! All the colors reminded me of La La Land, but what I loved more was the film was set outside of America. We got to witness the color, splendor, and glam of Singapore (and honestly Singapore better dish some cash for the free travel promotions!). Story aside, the film was just magnificent to look at.

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Boosting up the visual beauty of the film was the music; honestly, it was just as important to the storytelling as was the backdrop. The wedding scene wouldn’t have been as beautiful as I mentioned if not for Kina Grannis singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in her angelic voice. The glitz and glam and fun outfits wouldn’t have fully popped if not for songs like “Material Girl” & “Money (That’s What I Want)” … and sung in Chinese! The music helped fuse the setting with the storytelling, while also making the film more lively.

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So yes, we have an enjoyable rom com plot, but the setting and soundtrack enhance the film. However, something more needs to go into the mixture to be complete and that something is the cast. Let’s just go down the list shall we? Constance Wu is not only one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen, she also played her character beyoooond! Like, pleeeease Rachel Chu will you be my new bestie?! Henry Golding, with his British accent and nonchalant attitude towards his family’s wealth? Hubba hubba. No words can even describe how much Awkwafina’s character adds to the film, and finally … Gemma Chan. If Rachel Chu is my new bestie, then can Astrid Leong-Teo, ohh I don’t know, BE MY WIFE?! Her character is kind, poised, beautiful as hell, and all around my favorite character from the film.

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Overall, an enjoyable film to see on a Sunday afternoon with both my mom and mother-in-law (who loves me by the way; nothing like in the film LOL!). While I wasn’t on the floor from it’s greatness (ie … To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), the setting, soundtrack, and cast made it a fun experience!

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Movie of the Week: Netflix’s Set It Up

Netflix has been slaying the game lately with original content! There are the obvious choices like The Crown, Stranger Things & Unbreakable! Kimmy Schmidt. There there are the thrilling true-crime documentaries such as Making a Murderer, Evil Genius, & The Staircase. But, even their original movies have been successful, especially the spring and summer releases such as The Kissing Booth, Ibiza, Set It Up (which we’ll be discussing today).

If you didn’t catch our “Movie of the Week” post from The Kissing Booth, no worries! You can click right there —>  Movie of the Week: Netflix’s The Kissing Booth … I’m only bringing it up because a) it’s both a great movie & a great read and b) this post will be written in a similar fashion  Image result for smile emoji gif  Enjoy!!

40 Thoughts I had during the movie Set It Up:

  1. I could NOT be more excited for Glen Powell! I LOVED him in Scream Queens and Hidden Figures.
  2. I could NOT be more excited for Zoey Deutch! I LOVED her in Why Him?
  3. I could NOT be more excited for Taye Diggs. I LOVE him in everything, mainly Empire of recent.
  4. Meh, minimal excitement for Lucy Liu.
  5.   Warning … Spoilers ahead!

  6. I always love a good montage opening!
  7. Am I going to like this? I kind of feel it’s just the second coming of The Devil Wears Prada.

    Image result for devil wears prada gif

  8. Ohhhh Glen Powell has a girlfriend? Isn’t he going to date Zoey Deutch by the end of the movie?
  9. “But we’re not old enough to get married …” hahaha I kind of felt the same way when I got engaged.
  10. Oh snap did I know Pete Davidson was in this? And he’s gay in the movie? He’s super trendy right now #pariana

    Image result for pete davidson gif

  11. Was Pete Davidson’s hookup Cody from Big Brother??? Someone @ me … I’m too lazy to rewind.
  12. TITUS ANDROMEDON!!!!!!!!!!!

    Image result for titus andromedon gif

  13. Omg the elevator scene hahaha!
  14. The Kiss Cam wouldn’t go that long … but I’ll buy it for the movie.
  15. Glen’s girlfriend … Suess? Whatever her name is, I don’t like this story line … get with Zoey already!
  16. Lucy Liu just screamed, “THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT!” and my dogs started barking bahaha    Image result for giggle emoji gif

    Image result for set it up lucy liu

  17. I never had a salamander …
  18. Drunk Taye Diggs is great!
  19. Pete Davidson and Zoey Deutch as friends are great!
  20. Okay. Engagement party. The start of the Glenn & Zoey falling in love!

    Image result for netflix set it up

  21. I don’t know if he’s supposed to be joking with his dancing … but Glen Powell out on the dance floor is doing all of my exact moves!
  22. The bosses are getting engaged! Zoey gets to write! Glen gets a promotion! All is well!
  23. Oh noooo … Lucy Liu is actually a good person and Taye Diggs sucks; he’s going to break her heart!
  24. Every single rom com moment where everything gets ruined … and now it’s happened! Let’s see how it magically gets fixed in the end.
  25. “You’re not hard to get; you’re hard to earn.” awww all is right in the rom com world again!

    Image result for set it up netflix glen powell and zoey deutch
    Overall, I’d give it a 3/5 … maybe even a 3.5. I would have liked to see Lucy Liu end up with someone in the end, but I can appreciate the whole “She’s a strong woman who doesn’t need a man” idea, but it’s like, she’s already established and successful in her career, why can’t she have a good dude by her side too? Anyway, worth a watch with a girlfriend, some pizza, and a bottle of Rosé!

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Until next time friends! 

Movie of the Week #4: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

“What if someone says, ‘Bridget Jones you’re ridiculous, get out of here’?”

Okay, so I do realize that my image on the previous post is actually from this Bridget movie but whatevs! Another thing I realized as I was watching the sequel, was that I had already seen it (when I thought I was previewing it for the first time). I’m sure my husband would say, “Typical Katy.” I figured it out during the opening with Bridget falling into the pigs and then her calling Darcy to discuss their “shag” only to be on speaker phone in front of all his business contacts ha!


So, since those two scenes helped me remember I’d already seen the movie, I wanted to review some of the other memorable scenes from the second installment of our favorite diary keeper (plus some of my favorite scenes as well!).


The film starts with Bridget still dating Mark Darcy (swooon Firth!) and how happy she is! And gosh darnit, aren’t we all happy for her? I love when she’s next to him in bed and goes to put on clothes, only to keep the sheet wrapped around her. Darcy asks what she’s doing, in which Bridget replies, “I don’t want you to see my wobbly bits.” Darcy comes back with, “I have a high regard for your wobbly bits in all circumstances,” then says he wants to see them again and pulls her into bed. 


Next memorable scene is when Darcy invites Bridget to some fancy lawyer dinner. Bridget goes to get her hair done, only to have it end up a nightmare, which then makes her late for the dinner, so she has to do her makeup in the cab on the way there and walks in like this:


“Okay tiny mistake but I always have wit and conversation to fall back on”

But Darcy loves her anyway. He even comes to her door and says it, while at the same time she’s leaving a message on his answering machine … she tells him to hold on while he’s literally outside her door, so she can finish her message to him bahahahaha! Darcy tells her he loves her over the intercom, and those young kids hear it and whoop and holler at them and it’s so so so cute!


Of course, a movie wouldn’t be a movie if there wasn’t drama and eventually Darcy and Bridget break up. Bridget then goes to work on a travel show with none other than Daniel Cleaver and I’m sure you’re thinking “Here we go again with freaking Cleaver.” What’s even better though, than possible Cleaver drama is the moment when Bridget takes magic mushrooms by accident.


Remember her sand angel? Because of a long plot point I’m too lazy to write out, Bridget lands herself in Thai jail. I knew close to this moment for. sure. I had seen the movie before because I remember how Bridget bonds with all the women in jail (recall the “Like a Virgin scene?”) and I remember it was MARK DARCY who got her out.


In true Bridget Jones film fashion, Darcy & Cleaver have another run-in. Darcy gets mad at Cleaver for leaving Bridget in the airport to get detained by the Thai police. This run-in leads to another very entertaining fight between the two guys.


Bridget and Darcy (obviously) end up together despite the fact that Bridget thinks Darcy is dating a female colleague — only to find out the colleague is secretly in love with Bridget! She even tried to kiss Bridget!


Since this ended up not being the first time I had seen the movie, watching it again made me realize I like the second more than the first; there are just too many funny moments! Edge of Reason ends with Darcy asking Bridge to marry him:

“I have a question to ask you”   

“Okay as long as it’s not will you marry me” 


Alas, I know Mark and Bridget don’t work out however, because a third movie was made, Bridget Jones’s Baby, where her and Darcy aren’t together. I know for sure I haven’t seen that one so expect a post on it soon because I just have to find out what happens to one of film’s most iconic couples. Any thoughts or comments you have as well, please share! You know where to find me on social!




“Me & Mrs. Jones” — Movie of the Week #3: Bridget Jones’s Diary

I didn’t have a movie of the week last week, (much to the irritation of my hundreds of thousands of readers) since I had family in town (which you can read about here!) So, this week I’m bringing you back to back posts on two classics: Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. 

large_YSaQZpTllsSjGM0QKsZW68m9nyBridget Jones’s Diary was released in 2001, and was based off Helen Fielding’s 1996 novel. I think the first time I watched this movie was maybe last summer … ? I then read the book (which I completely recommend, except probably before the movie) and loved it just as much.


So, what are your favorite parts from this classic movie? I love the beginning, in which Bridge first meets Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and his infamous reindeer sweater. Seriously, I freaking LOVE Colin Firth (What a Girl Wants, Love Actually, Kingsmen are some of my favs) and he aces his performance in this movie too.

Speaking of ace performances, did you know Renee Zellweger was nominated for a freaking Oscar for her role as Bridget Jones? Since I was only thirteen when the movie came out, I’m sure I asked myself why she was nominated because it was a character I couldn’t relate to (hopefully my parents didn’t let me see the movie either).  But now as I sit here and rewatch the opening credits and Zellweger is belting out “All by Myself,” I can clearly see (needing only about 7 minutes into the film to do so) why she WAS nominated.


If you know the plot, then you know Bridget is a 30-something, single woman who starts a diary to take control of her life and have goals for the new year (and if ya don’t know … now ya know!). She also is in a bit of a love triangle with Mark Darcy (Firth) and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant).

Beyond Darcy’s reindeer sweater & Bridget singing alone in her apartment, I love the scene when Bridget is deciding what underwear to slip on under her dress one night because she knows there is a hookup possibility with Cleaver. Does she wear the sexy, black, lace thong in case she ends the night with him, or does she wear the big, wide, grannypannies that suck in her stomach?


What do you think she chooses?

Did I mention I absolutely ADORE Colin Firth (especially in this movie!)? Who remembers the scene when he unexpectedly runs into Bridget and tells her, “You let whatever’s in your head come out of your mouth without much consideration; perhaps, despite appearances, I like you, very much; just as you are” Swooon! Gah that’s the moment when you’re watching, you want to stand up and shout, “I’M. PERFECT. JUST. THE. WAY. I. AM. TOO!!” 


I also loved Firth in the fight scene between Darcy & Cleaver in the snow with the song “It’s Raining Men” playing in the background (get. more. iconic!). They are fighting over Bridget (and probably over the animosity Darcy felt when his wife left him for his former BFF Cleaver – spoiler alert!). You can tell these two British “gentlemen” are not trained fighters and it makes for a laugh out loud brawl.


But, my favorite favorite overall scene is the snow scene in which Bridget and her friends are about to head to Paris and who shows up? My main man Firth aka Mr. Darcy. He comes to say he forgot to kiss her goodbye, she ditches her friends, Bridget & Darcy go upstairs, only for him to find her diary and see all the horrible things she wrote about him (BACK IN JUNE!) and he leaves, just takes off. Which of course leads her to run after him, in the snow, wearing only leopard underwear, a cami, sneakers, and a sweater … all while “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” is playing in the background. 

Katy, it seems like they are breaking up, why would this be your all time favorite scene from the film? Because you find out he actually left not because he was mad, but TO BUY HER A FREAKING NEW JOURNAL!


She got her happily ever after afterall!


If you enjoy Bridget Jones as much as I do, please comment below or find me on social media to discuss! Put in your email in the top right corner to directly receive posts — I’ll be posting on the other two Bridget movies asap!