Emmy Recap

Yesterday and all day today, every time I scroll Instagram, E! shares another photo from Monday’s 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. So I thought, I’ll write a recap, and here we are.

What I learned from watching the Emmys is that I clearly don’t watch as much TV as I thought I did … or I just don’t watch what is important. I was so beyond bored as I sat through all the Comedy and Limited Series awards. I don’t watch a single one of those shows. I get my comedy from Real Housewives and a Parks & Recs Netflix binge … the only limited series I watched this year was Waco, which I saw was nominated like once and lost.

Soooooo, what I’m getting at is … you were looking for my thoughts on the first two hours of awards?

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One thing we can discuss? Fashion!! Some of my favorite looks included Emilia Clarke, Sandra Oh, and Ellie Kemper.Image result for emilia clarke emmys 2018Image result for sandra oh emmysImage result for ellie kemper emmys 2018

My favorite couple looks were ScarJo & Colin … and obviously Jessica & Justin! Which, now that I see them side by side, maybe they were my favs because they were so similar??

Image result for scarlett johansson and colin jost emmys      Image result for justin and jessica emmys

As for bad fashion? I was NOT here for Regina King as a highlighter, Tracee Ellis Ross as a teen girl’s comforter, or Chrissy Ty-ginn’s high neck chain gang look. Not posting pics because they were truly heinous (name that movie!).

Side bar: Why did I spell CT’s name like that? Haven’t you heard?? We’ve been saying it wrong all these years … along with Ariana Grande’s name! Plus, Burt and Ernie are gay together, and Kylie Jenner just tried milk in her cereal for the first time … LIKE, WHAT IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN AND THE BULLS*** THAT MAKES THE NEWS?! That I then must report on …      Image result for side smile gif

Moving on … I don’t know if it was the wine I was drinking, but I thought Colin and Michael were really funny, although some jokes and skits didn’t land (especially Maya Rudolph & Fred Armisen). In fact, much of the show felt like SNL skits … but honestly, I didn’t mind because I love Saturday Night Live. Clearly I have good taste because it won it’s 65th Emmy during the award show (at least, google said it was the show’s 65th award).

Image result for snl gif

It wasn’t until about two & a half hours in that I started getting excited. That was about the time Darren Criss won for American Crime Story and John Mulaney won for his stand-up! And if those two awards didn’t wake you up …… did the unexpected proposal??? You can read the whole story here! As cynical as I usually am, I thought it was super sweet!

Finally, just as I was about to turn the show off, I started to hear Game of Thrones, Westworld, This is Us, and The Crown. My category has arrived!

Image result for drama

Seriously, I was like a proud momma seeing Peter Dinklage, Thandie Newton, and Claire Foy win! Then … Game of Thrones taking Best Drama Series?!

Image result for who saw that coming gif

I mean, I hoped, but you don’t take over a year, almost two, off and still win do you? YOU DO! I’m currently reading the second book in the series in prep for 2019 and just so I still have some GOT in my life (I also play the theme at any jukebox bar I can find!). Bend the knee, it’s still the best on TV!

Image result for there you have it

I live tweeted the show; always go check me out on Twitter (find links when you scroll alllllll the way to the bottom of the blog –> IG is there too!). On deck this week is #RHOC & #RHOD, plus the hubs and I started watching Mayans M.C., the Sons spin off, and I plan to watch Sierra Burgess soon too! If you want to stay updated with MHH, click in the top right and enter your email to get a notification for each post! Happy reading, happy watching, happy discussing all the ridiculousness pop culture offers us!

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Need a New Show to Binge?

I know I don’t need a new show; my DVR is busting at the seams, plus Bravo just keeps bringing me more houswives. Because of that, I wanted to share a few of my favorite shows that are quite binge-worthy. So grab a pumpkin spice latte (it’s that time of the year, you know), put your feet up, and get ready to find an awesome new show you can start discussing with me!

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Stranger Things


If you haven’t heard of this show, I don’t mean to criticize, but have you been living under a rock? It was one of Netflix’s biggest hits last year and I actually binged it twice. This is important to note because I don’t even have time to watch all my normal shows, let alone watch a series twice. It’s. That. Good. Also it’s not something that I would typically be interested; it’s 100% sci-fi.


You’d like Stranger Things if you like:

  • The Goonies
  • E.T
  • Stephen King
  • Ghostbusters

My favorite character is Dustin   STRANGER-THINGS-dustin   because he has the best one-liners, is a good friend, and reminds me of many of my students. Last, the next season of Stranger Things comes to Netflix tomorrow (holla!) so if you start the show now, you won’t have to wait in agony (like the rest of us) for the next season!



One of my very first posts (Not the Archie & Jughead I Knew Growing Up: Riverdale Recap) was about the show Riverdale: the CW hit that retells the beloved comic book series. Season two started a couple weeks ago and it’s soooo good! I’ve got a couple of my girlfriends to binge the show (trust me, it goes quick!) and even my favorite morning show hosts, Jackie & Claudia Oshry, started their own show about it: Afterdale.

You’d like Riverdale if you like:

  • Gossip Girl
  • The OC
  • Pretty Little Liars

My favorite character is Cheryl Blossom    5f63534fec5c01a908ac20cf41806340b1af31a6   because she’s cray-zie, yet fabulous and can also have a soft side when she wants. Like I said, the second season just started so you’re not too far behind if you wanted to get all the way caught up.

Game of Thrones 


There is an entire category that holds all the posts I wrote about Season 7 of Game of Thrones (click in the top right hand corner now!). I don’t even know if I could write out reasons why you should be watching this show; just know it will go down as an absolute pop culture mega phenomenon.

You’d like Game of Thrones if you like:

  • violence
  • sex
  • attending your local Renaissance Festival
  • dragons
  • zombies
  • knowing what all your co-workers talk about around the water cooler on Monday mornings

My favorite character has changed from season to season due to the intense plotline, but currently it’s Tyrion Lannister, or Jon Snow, or Daenerys Targaryen. Ugh; I can’t decide.


Also if you’re a fan of Stassi Schroeder or Ansel Elgort, they’re huge fans too. Chances are your favorite celebrity is a fan, I mean Ed Sheeran was such a big fan, the show gave him a cameo last season!

Jane the Virgin


I wanted to dedicate this entire post to Jane. I finally caught up on this season (it’s 4th) and wanted to blog before the third episode premiered tomorrow. Gina Rodriguez (who you definitely need to have a girl crush on) actually won a Golden Globe for her performance as Jane in 2015, which led me to start binging the show.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Season 72

The show is told Telenovela-style, so there are subtitles you’ll have to read, but it totally makes the show. I don’t even want to give away the premise of the show because it’s so funny and so ridiculous. My favorite season is probably the first and the current. There are a ton of cameos, including BRITNEY SPEARS, which if you read Justin Timberlake: Superbowl 51, you know how I feel about Ms. Spears.

My favorite character is Jane’s dad, Rogelio,
Image result for Rogelio de la Vega gif
because while he has the biggest heart, he’s extremely self-absorbed and it’s HILARIOUS!

Jane is a great character too, but that’s all because of Gina Rodriguez. She OWNS the role, but is also just an amazing role model in her real life. She’s not the skinny, blonde, ditzy stereotype of a female lead; she’s smart, feisty, and 100% real. I love her! Last, this show will not only keep you on the edge of your seat with some shockers, but will make you laugh out loud plus give you all the feels!


So what shows have been your favorite to binge?

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“There is No Conversation That Will Erase the Last 50 Years” 7×7 GOT Recap

It’s been two weeks since The Wall fell and I still can’t get over it …


I can’t get over the fact that Viserion blew blue flame and took down The Wall (or part of The Wall?). I’ve stewed over the GOT finale for a while now and I think I’m finally ready to recap. (I’ve also been super busy: see here).

If it seems like I haven’t talked Thrones in a while, it’s because I didn’t cover 7×6 on MHH. I wanted a week off to just watch as a viewer and not take notes or analyze too hard. Needless to say I felt emotions, strong emotions during that episode because A FREAKING DRAGON DIED and we almost lost every hero during that stupid stupid plan to capture a wight (which I also learned about during 7×6! Do not confuse wights and White Walkers; there is a difference).


I missed dissecting my feelings during Thrones, so I’m back this week to recap the finale and bid farewell (for a while) to Westeros (a long while; they’re predicting a 2019 return friends!). Let’s get started…

Finale Emotions:

but maybe I should get specific…

I loved the beginning of the episode with the Unsullied posted up outside King’s Landing; the music was perfect and everything felt ominous. Then, the Dothraki rode up. It took me a while to understand what was going on. This was the moment all our favorites were to “meet” to show Cersei the wight so they could all band together and be one big army.

Image result for kumbaya gif

Some of are favorites reunited: The Hound & the Mountain, Jamie & Brienne, Cersei & Tyrion. But really, everyone (including all of us) were all, “Where’s Dany?! She better ride in on a dragon!” And being the bad bitch that she is, SHOWED UP ON A FREAKING DRAGON.

Image result for yas girl gif

Ever heard the expression, “You could cut the tension with a knife?”

Never more true than this moment in television history. The Hound goes to get the wight and I’m all, “Release the kraken!” Ugh then there was that stupid pause before it jumped out and we were all thinking, “If this fucker doesn’t appear…” But low and behold he popped out and for the first time in seven seasons, I saw Cersei show true fear.

Image result for be afraid gif

Jon then gives an explanation about the undead, the Greyjoy uncle bows out because he’s afraid (or so we think …more later), and Cersei proclaims, “The crown accepts your truce” blah blah we’ll march North and fight the undead.

Image result for happy shocked gif

“I will not serve two queens!”

Fucking Jon Snow. When I first watched the episode I didn’t understand why everyone was mad at Jon (why all sides were pissed at him). However, after thinking a while, I think I see. Cersei was pissed because Jon wouldn’t choose Cersei over Dany, Dany & Tyrion & all the others were pissed because now Cersei won’t help them fight the Undead. All right, I got it now. How will this be fixed?! Who can we count on to mend this?! Who will change Cersei’s mind?! Her mind can’t be changed so I’m sure Dany will probs just blow away King’s Landing with her dragon right?! Wrong.


Image result for tyrion lannister gif

Yep. Send Tyrion to change Cersei’s mind.  I haven’t heard of a Tyrion plan this dumb since he sent all our heroes to capture a wight and WE LOST A FREAKING DRAGON in the process.  What could he possibly say to change her mind?!

Image result for nervous game of thrones gif

He doesn’t die. Why does he not die? Because (I’m going to skip ahead right now) Cersei played him the whole time, is not going to march her army North, but rather wait it out for a victor to come after her. The Greyjoy Uncle was in on it the whole time.

Cersei marches back out, pledges her loyalty, all our favorites leave, and I’m left wondering where this leaves us.

Image result for what will happen gif

What’s happening is a discussion with Sansa and Littlefinger in the North. Raise your hand if you thought either of them was going to take off their face and it be Arya!! Am I alone in this thinking?

What is also happening is Daenerys wanting to be on a boat with Jon Snow and Jorah not feeling it. Poor guy just can’t win with her. SHE’LL NEVER LOVE YOU JORAH — no matter how much you advise her, kill for her, cure impossible diseases for her, capture the undead for her — she’ll never love you.

What is also happening is a great conversation between Jon and Theon about heritage and whether you’re a true Stark or a true Greyjoy (or a true Targaryen?!). I’m not going to recap the discussion or anything… but I thought it was a great moment that slowed down the plot a bit and showed strong characterization #thronesthrowback

Image result for season one game of thrones gif

A few more major things happened… stay with me …

1) Sansa and Arya FINALLY give Littlefinger what has been coming to him for SEVEN SEASONS NOW! Think about it. Just stop and think: how much has happened, how many deaths have occurred, how much fighting has ensured all because of Mother Effin’ Peter Baelish. It was great to watch him beg and cry for his life. It was even greater when Arya slit his throat!


2) As previously mentioned, Cersei betrays the Northern Army, but guess who doesn’t?! Jamie “King Slayer” Lannister! Did you really think she was going to have the Mountain kill him right there? I say no, but I know many who thought this was the end of J.L. I was so so so so so so so SO proud of Jamie FINALLY standing up to his horrible sister and doing what was right. He gave his word to help the North so by golly he is riding North! (I also really liked the tiny snowflake scene as he rode off).


3) Sam and Bran together. Sam and Bran discussing Jon Snow. Sam and Bran discussing that Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen. Sam and Bran figuring out that Jon Snow IS THE TRUE HEIR TO THE IRON THRONE!

4) Jon and Dany have sex. Jon and Dany are aunt and nephew. I hate to admit it, but I shipped incest (and may still do).

Image result for jon and dany

5. Viserion blows blue flame. Viserion torches a majority of The Wall and the dead simply walk right over. Next stop Winterfell for the dead (yes? Please correct me if my geography is wrong here!). Also, Tormund may be dead. I SAY MAY BE PEEPS. I’m not convinced he is.


Fade to black. 

That’s a wrap on Season 7. My goal before 2019 is to read (at least) the first book in the series. It has been a really fun seven weeks, especially texting with friends and tweeting with strangers.

Image result for game of thrones gif

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I’ve got some GOT feels! Game of Thrones Recap: 7×5

Someone cue Justin Timberlake because I’ve GOT some feelings about the most recent Game of Thrones episode, “Eastwatch.”


(Also, see what I did there, eh? eh?) Okay, let’s get into it…

Pretty annoyed that for a week we all had to speculate whether or not Jamie was alive (even though you were stupid if you thought they’d kill him off that way), only to find out in the very first scene he lived. Oh and now he has to go run and tell his bitch controlling sister what happened…

Current Emotion:

annoyed .jpg

Also, are we to believe Dany when she says she’s nothing like Cersei, yet uses fear (aka her dragon) to force the Lannister army to “bend the knee?” IDK about you, but myself (and I’ve heard from others) are worried Daenerys is starting to lose it a bit and become more of a power hungry tyrant (like another blonde in the show) rather than someone who wants to save mankind (I think Tyrion thinks this as well; great minds, am I right?!). Wasn’t too sad to see the Tarly men die (#teamsam). Lastly, anyone else think the dragons are super well behaved? I mean I can barely get my seven pound maltese to sit or stay, yet Drogon just chilled the entire time while Dany gave her speech and then the signal to bbq the Tarlys (Tarlies?).

Current Emotion:






My feelings on Cersei and her whole, “So we fight and die or submit and die; I KNOW MY CHOICE, ” are …. I DON’T CARE! (And you’re stupid, Dany has three dragons; listen to your brother/lover … yuck).

Current Emotion:


Sooo my husband totally had to make the connection for me that Drogon let Jon “pet” him because DUH JON HAS FREAKING TARGARYEN BLOOD IN HIM! However, I don’t think Daenerys picked up on this (do you? Tweet me, let’s start a chat!) ??
Jon and Dany: talk talk talk; when are you going to get your incest on because we can alllllll feel that sexual tension!
Lastly, remember my math equation from “I’ve Brought Fire & Ice Together” GOT 7×3 Recap ?? Jorah returns and will hopefully tell Jon Snow it was Sam who cured him!

Current Emotion (for so many reasons here!):


Ugh, stupid Bran and his stupid ravens. Wait, did those birds just explode or did they fly away? Also, how is the Night King able to understand and see what Bran is doing? I really hope Bran didn’t fuck something up majorly for the future of the humans by his interaction with the White Walkers and the Night King, but knowing stupid Bran, he probs did.

Current Emoji:


Skipping the Maesters and Sam for a bit (because honestly I don’t see them believing Sam at this point), we have to talk about Tyrion “I’m her hand, not her head” Lannister. I don’t see why he has to have this secret discussion about Daenerys with Varys, acting all worried about her and the need to “get her under control.” Is this just because she burned the Tarlys (Tarlies?) alive? Do we really care? Also, his plan to capture a White Walker, and then transport it to Cersei to prove this threat is real, hoping the Cersei/Dany war should hit pause? DUMBEST IDEA EVER! Oh and to make it even worse, Jon and Jorah are going to be part of the group to do this! Cool!

Current Emotion:


Love, love, love seeing Arya and Sansa back together (especially because Maisie and Sophie are BFFs in real life), but we’ll get back to them in a second. Oh and Sansa, I don’t think you’re selfish. No worries girl.

Besides that sister reunion, we’re about to have a bro reunion because Tyrion is getting smuggled into King’s Landing with Davos’s help:

“Last time I was here, I killed my father with a crossbow.”

“Last time I was here, you killed my son with wildfire.”

Honestly I Was SUPES nervous about Tyrion being in KL, but Bronn was faithful and brought Jamie to him (or him to Jamie; IDK Bronn just brought them together). The whole thing was pretty ominous with the dragon skulls around, especially since Tyrion is on the dragon queen’s side, and Jamie’s entire army basically got taken out by a dragon.  I was pumped it seemed to go okay, even though Jamie was pissed Tyrion killed their dad (he deserved it though). But what got me REALLY PUMPED?! GENDRY IS BACK!

Current Emotion:


Seems like Cersei has definitely changed her tune (in one episode) from “We fight and die” to slowing it down and strategizing a bit more because SHE’S FREAKING PREGGERS! Jamie doesn’t want people to know it’s his but Cersei is all “I’m the queen!” I don’t think the baby will make it to the world for one of two possible reasons: A) Cersei will get killed before the baby can be born (oh please!) or B) She loses it. Either way, I’m SO OVER the incest and the two of them!

Current Emotion:


I really like the Jon and Gendry banter when they meet; their fathers were best friends! Also, is Gendry going to mine dragon glass to help fight the WW just like he mined Valyrian Steel??!?!??! So, yes that makes me happy.  You know what else makes me happy? WE FIND OUT THAT JON IS LINE FOR THE THRONE BEFORE DANY! (Thanks Gilly!) I’m also really proud of Sam for getting the heck out of there and going to help Jon (at least that’s where I assume he’s going).
“I’m tired of reading about the achievements of better men”

Current Emotion:


UGH! Little Finger! UGH ROLL MY EYES INTO THE BACK OF MY HEAD! I was really upset by all of this until I listened to my GOT podcasts (shout out to The Morning Breath and Cast of Kings!) and found out the history of that message. Plus, if Arya is stupid enough to believe it, she deserves to die (okay maybe not die, but …I don’t know, a few days without breakfast or something).

Current Emotion:


Last scene: Jon, The Hound, Jorah, Gendry, those weird Brotherhood people, the Wildlings (am I forgetting anyone?) are off to capture a White Walker.

I’m going to leave you with just a few quotes:
“Here we all are, on the edge of the world.” – the show
“We’re all on the same side”    “How can we be?”    “We’re all breathing” – the show
“It’s just an interesting group of people” – my husband


Final Emotion:


“Our Stories Aren’t Over Yet” GOT Recap 7×4


The Stark siblings reunite and Daenerys goes HAM!


I have been trying all week to figure out my emotions regarding this episode and I don’t have a clue where to begin. Typically I can dissect a scene and put an emoji that matches the feels I had watching. I started writing this week’s post in that format and it was just not coming together. Like, yes I was happy the Stark siblings reunited and the Arya/Brienne “training” sequence was amazing! I was also on the edge of my seat thinking something would go down between Jon and Dany in that cave while they were viewing 1st grade drawings. But, and I think we’re all in agreeance, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the final scene (I believe we’re calling it The Loot Train Attack?) and really that’s all I wanted to discuss in this post.
So once I decided I would just cover the end of the episode, I was thinking how I was even going to put it all into words; I just couldn’t. All I kept typing was something like, “As I sat and watched Daenerys take Drogon and fireball the Lannister army, I kept screaming the F word at every twist and turn.” How could I turn one quote into a post? Well after pondering an entire week how I was going to cover episode four, I decided to just share my show notes and then attempt to explain them. See below.

Wait, what? Dany just left? Ugh, I wish she was off to go smoke out Jamie’s army! You won’t kill civilians that way.

Little did I know….

Oh no what is about to go down!!!!!??????? Dany on a dragon? The Dothraki?! Yep it’s the Dothraki! Dany is taking things into her own hands! These are not trained soldiers! DRAGON DRAGON DRAGON!!! SHE’S FLYING IT!!!!!


Oh shit she is actually smoking them out! She did it she did it she did it! Charred body; clash clash clash; no holding of THAT line!

Here is where I proceeded to watch through my fingers because a) I don’t like gore or watching bodies burn like the 4th of July and 2) I just generally get nervous in a battle scene that something crazy will happen or one of my favs will die. It’s how I’ve watched for seven seasons now.

Slit throats shit shit! Now their trying to shoot arrows at the dragon. No go. Jamie seeing all of this means he HAS to want to kill Cersei now, right?

Because Cersei brought all of this destruction down on her army, or maybe she didn’t and Daenerys is power hungry, but I feel better blaming Cersei.

Jamie’s going to fight now!

This was the moment I forgot I am supposed to breathe….


Oh fucky they have that big cannon thing to go at the dragon! Shit shit shit shit and more shit! Tyrion is watching. Oh, and there goes supplies! Ash on ash on ash.

Then that was the moment I stopped taking notes and just watched because I was terrified Drogon was going to die or Jamie was going to die or everyone was going to die. Then the show ended.  It was probably good timing because I couldn’t take much more.

Questions we still have:
How will Cersei respond?
Is Jamie dead?
Is Bronn dead?
What is Daenerys’s next move?
How can there only be three episodes left????


Oh, and for all our sake, let’s hope tonight’s episode is dialogue heavy; I can’t forget to stop breathing again.

“I’ve Brought Fire & Ice Together” GOT 7×3 Recap

“Am I your prisoner?” 

“Not yet.”


We are three episodes in on Season 7 and I’m four days behind, BUT I still have plenty of emotions regarding this week’s episode so let’s begin!

We welcome the Bastard of Winterfell to Dragonstone where he’s greeted by his friend, the Dwarf of Casterly Rock (their words, not mine). I was giddy, thrilled, overjoyed, and so happy these characters were all in the same scene. I loved seeing Jon’s reaction to a dragon–“I’d say you get used to them, but you never do.” It also brought me great joy to see the stupid red haired lady admit defeat her in actions in, oh I don’t know, BURNING A CHILD ALIVE! Also, who wasn’t dying inside when Dany had that looooooong, drawwwwwwwn out introduction of 500 titles, and all Davos could muster was, “Jon Snow: King of the North”

Current Emotion:

current joy

But, wait, we don’t leave Jon and Dany just yet (I mean really, someone please google how long this scene actually was!); they continue talking and in my opinion, Dany became a bitch wanting Jon to “bend a knee” and all. It’s like, your father did this to my uncle’s cousin and then your half step sister wanted me killed … I mean freaking let bygones be bygones and LOOK TO THE FUTURE!

Current Emotion:


Two quick questions (with two possible answers…): 1) Why didn’t Jon want Davos to mention Jon being brought back from the dead? Is it because with all the White Walker/Night King talk everyone would DEF think JS was cray? 2) Who pulled Theon out of the water? Should I know this person? Was it just someone from Theon’s fleet?

Current Emotion:

slightly confused

Cut to King’s Landing where the Greyjoy uncle (what is his name exactly? At the same time, I have so much hatred for him I don’t care to know his name) is welcomed back. A question myself & @JackieOProblems had was why are all these people throwing food at the prisoners if they’re being starved in KL? This scene also reminded me how hard it can be to see people you don’t absolutely hate being treated harshly (I’m talking about Theon’s sister, not the Sand Snakes –is the mom considered a Sand Snake?).

I literally feel like it’s cringe moment after cringe moment during this scene, from the gross way the uncle talks about Cersei, to the HARSH way Cersei is killing the Sand Snake daughter (& Cersei’s super cringey hot pink lipstick), to having the mother live the remainder of her life with her daughter’s corpse, to the incest of Cersei and Jamie (ugh Jamie, YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER!)

Current Emotion:

cover my eyes

Guys, Tyrion Lannister is. my. favorite. character! I love his conversation with Jon about how no one would believe Jon regarding the White Walkers or agree to come help the North fight the Night King, but the least Tyrion could offer is to help Jon mine Dragon Glass. Then, Tyrion’s great again when he discusses this with Daenerys and mentions something about “A wise or great man once said …” and her response was something about, “Well wasn’t it you who said that?” (I know these aren’t direct quotes, but you get what I’m saying). Also, Dany and Jon talk again; it doesn’t go as horribly as before!

Current Emotion:

hooray emoji

Sansa is being a kick-ass B in the North barking orders to prepare for winter and any other dangers cast upon Winterfell. Little Finger is being all weird and growly giving some crazy speech about knowing and seeing all; things coming full circle, blah blah. Then, Bran shows up, which I guess coincides with everything Little Finger was saying, but I don’t think Littlefinger meant it that way? IDK, maybe he did; I kind of start to drift out when he speaks because I loathe him so much.

Also, my annoyance for Bran just grew even more here: like, hug your freaking sister! Stop being all, “I talk in code about how I’m the Three-eyed Raven, but no one really knows what that means except me and I also caused one of the greatest characters, Hodor, to lose his speech AND die!”

Current Emotion:

slightly annoyed

Next I thought of this weird equation: Sam was saved by Jorah’s father at the Wall, where Sam knew Jon Snow, and now Jon Snow is currently with Dany, who Sir Jorah loves and when Jorah eventually meets up with Dany, he’ll say he was cured by Sam who is Jon Snow’s best friend. Also, JORAH IS (seems to be) CURED AND SAM DIDN’T GET IN TROUBLE! 

Current Emotion:

mind blwon emoji.jpg

Dat ending dough: Tyrion narrating the invasion by the Unsullied onto Casterly Rock. He says it will be difficult to enter. Oh man, they’re defeated (you think). Then Tyrion talks about how the Unsullied would enter a different way and defeat the enemy; success! (you think). The Unsullied’s supplies are being burned & the Lannister army will come back to finish them off after they invade and defeat the Tyrell army (who was/is the second half of Dany’s plan; down goes the Greyjoys & now down goes the Tyrells — good plan Tyrion! It’s okay, still got mad love for ya!)

Finally, the Olenna Tyrell death may be the first death of a liked character that you’re not completely devastated by and we all know why. It won’t matter now that Cersei finds out who actually killed Joffrey, but for us fans it’s sweet satisfaction she knows (despite Olenna dying #RIP).

Only four more to go!

Final Emotion:



“Peace Never Lasts My Dear” GOT Recap 7×2

It wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if there weren’t a sex scene or battle scene and this week we get both!

Before I start, I want to mention the podcast, A Cast of Kings. It’s my go to for episode recaps, and while they may be long, David Chen & Joanna Robinson do a phenomenal job discussing the latest episode. I’ve learned more about the series, especially tiny details I wouldn’t have even thought of, so if you’re a podcast AND Thrones fan, check it out!


Okay, let’s get started with alllllllll the emotions felt during this week’s episode. Thank goodness we started with Daenerys instead of her being in the final scene because I couldn’t wait the whole episode before I saw her like I had to last week. I’m obsessed with the fact that Dany is discussing Cersei and how to move forward towards her King’s Landing takeover. For six seasons we’ve seen her so far removed from Westeros and now she’s here! She’s arrived! She’s going to sit on the Iron Throne! Also, who didn’t love her questioning the bald guy whose name I forget but is known for having all his “little birds?” Dany = bad. ass!

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To keep up with this excitement the red lady (oh, her name is Melisandre) comes to tell Daenerys that she’ll (shoot I don’t remember exactly what she said) but basically that DANY WILL RULE AND SO WILL ANOTHER *cough Jon Snow cough.” Which is really exciting because Jon realizes and verbalizes they need the dragons to kill the White Walkers (meaning Dany & Jon will probs meet up soon and maybe even work together!)

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I doubt many would agree with me, but I’m a little annoyed with Daenerys and Cersei; like, I get it’s all about world domination, and you have worked really hard to get where you’re at, and mother freaking GIRL POWER to you both if it comes down to you two, but do you not understand what you’re up against that’s bigger than anything in the natural world?! Hello, White Walkers anyone? Hello, Night King anyone?


I guess we’ll see how it all plays out. Moving on, Sir Jorah! So good to see you agai — oh no, he’s not good. We’re going to come back to Sir Jorah in a bit. Not that I want to continue talking about her, but look at Cersei around all those dragon bones! It does look kind of cool to be down there with them, until I realize she’s down there to learn how to kill Dany’s dragons, with some giant spear nonetheless. Again, are you braindead? Do you not realize YOU NEED THE DRAGONS AGAINST THE WHITE WALKERS?! Plus the dragons are my favorite characters so they can’t be killed off.

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Moving on. I don’t know if you were wanting a Grey Worm and Missandei sex scene (and if you weren’t wanting one, you were definitely wondering how it’d go down if it did happen), but fans of Missan-dorm got one. I’ve heard multiple theories that this was a long and drawn out scene because perhaps this was the final time we’d see the two together, as if it was some sort of farewell. I did like Grey Worm’s speech about weakness and fear and how Missandei is that for him.

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As I previously mentioned, we’d come back to Sir Jorah and here we are!  He’s granted one more day to stay at the Citadel before he’s banished because his grayscale has progressed too far. But, my favorite and yours, Sam I Am, is going to cure him. Honestly what is it with Sam getting two disgusting episodes back to back because basically Sam’s “cure” is to literally peel off the grayscale (puss flying everywhere) and then put a special ointment on it. Oh yeah, and Jorah is to not scream during the procedure because Sam isn’t allowed to be doing any of this.

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The Starks: Arya, Jon, Sansa.

Arya learns that Jon is King of the North, so she scraps her plan to kill Cersei (for now) and heads for Winterfell. Oh yeah, and her pet wolf doesn’t recognize her anymore … #metaphor anyone?! Jon is literally the only one in the entire show who knows what he’s doing because he trusts my favorite guy Tyrion & his favorite guy Sam who both tell Jon he needs to travel to Dragonstone. The most important reason for going is so Jon can mine Dragonglass to kill the White Walkers. Man is his head on straight! He knows the real threat! Then there is Sansa who is a whiny brat who seems to always disagree with Jon (especially in front of others). But, Jon trusts her and she’s in charge of holding down Winterfell while Jon’s gone. Little Finger likes this, but don’t fret friends, Jon threatened him before he set off!

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The final scene. You think it may be a lesbian scene with the Greyjoy sister and the lady whose husband’s head got popped like a balloon by The Mountain, but nope! The horrible Greyjoy uncle appears to take them all out! This sure will put a wrench in Dany’s plan because the Greyjoys were part one in defeating Cersi. Of course the awful uncle is working with Cersi and he just annihilates the fleet. I would say it’s the most intense scene thus far in the season (& I get it; we’re only in episode two so thanks Captain Obvious) because I covered my eyes for most of it (that’s how I judge intensity in GOT). However, the craziest part was Theon. Guys, mental health is REAL and I think people are forgetting how much he suffered at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. If you watched, you know he jumped into the water instead of trying to save his sister. She dead now. And we’re left waiting to see what happens next week.

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Do you even GOT? 7×1 Recap

Someone cue Mariah Carey…I had WAY too many emotions running through me watching the return of Game of Thrones. See below! 


Okay so WHO saw that coming in the opening? I mean honestly you had to know something was up because Walder Frey got his throat SLIT by our girl Arya last season, so how could he possibly be giving this toast? Is it a dream? Is it a flashback? You also knew something was up when everyone was drinking and toasting, except Frey and his bride. Then Arya takes off the face?!

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Efffffffff! Here come the White Walkers! Why are there so many of them?! OH SHIT THE GIANT IS A WHITE WALKER NOW!

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There is my main man Jon Snow! Anyone read the Billboard Article where it mentioned Jon Snow is the most likeable character on GOT and if he were to be a modern day musician, he’d be TIMBY ….siiiigh! (Oh, sorry, I was talking about Justin Timberlake right there).  Anyway, Sansa girl! Stop interrupting your brother! I doubt he’s liking this right now. Stop challenging him in front of all his friends! Yeah that’s what I thought … he didn’t like it. And stop feeding him BS about how he’s such an amazing leader just to get him to agree with you (unless this is a spoiler about him sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of the series …?)

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Cersei still thinks her brother killed her son? She also thinks her other son betrayed her and isn’t upset about his suicide she caused? She isn’t concerned about having enemies in every direction (she literally has a map to help her determine this!)? Based off her talk with Jamie, I think Cersei is certified insane at this point (well, more insane than she was); the walk of shame and death of all her children has broken her. She done.

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Yay! A Sam scene! Ewww not a very pleasant one…don’t do whatever you’re about to do Sam…don’t go inside that gate! Well, maybe go in there because I want to know what’s inside… EW! Dead body cut open! Oh no Sam’s going to steal the keys …

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Aww look, Arya riding through the woo–hold the phone; IS THAT ED SHEERAN SINGING?! I knew he was to have a cameo but I didn’t know it would be in the first episode of the season and I didn’t know he’d be singing! Aww and his soldier friends seem nice! (Well nice enough until they kill Arya or each other but until then…)

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Shit is about to go down … the Hound can tell…wait, did he just say top knot?!?!?! Okay good question Hound: why does this guy who I don’t even know or remember his name keep getting brought back to life by the Fire God? What does the Hound see in the fire — he sees a wall of ice …The Wall?? Why is he now burying these people? Does he know them or is he trying to be a decent human; I had to have missed something and he knows them because I’m not sure he can be a decent human …

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Awwww! Look how how much little Sam has grown! And Gilly can read! A MOUNTAIN OF DRAGON GLASS!! Whaaaa! Also, Sam is about to get in trouble … Oh SNAP OH SNAP OH SNAP!  JORAH MORMONT AND HIS GREYSCALE!

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Annnnnd then this happened…


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