Movie of the Week: Dunkirk

My view count of nominated movies now sits at 2/9!

Go me! I realized the other day I have a little bit of time seeing as the Academy Awards don’t air until March 4th. The hubs and I have seen Get Out and now Dunkirk, with Lady Bird and Twelve Billboards being the next on our “to watch” list.  But for this week, we traveled back to World War II to see if Harry Styles really could act or not.

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Okay chill, that was a joke; of course he can act; Harry Styles can do anything. More important than Harry is the plot of the film and it’s retelling of the rescue of over 300,000 Allied troops from Dunkirk to England in 1940. Now class, please refer to the map below to understand the significance of this rescue.

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As you can see, the bad guy or the Enemy as called in the film, surround the troops who were literally in lines waiting for their rescue, either from the Navy or Air Force. Yet, not much help was coming. This is one (OF THE MANY) thing I hate about war depictions in film … the sitting and waiting of troops with the enemies lurking close by. I completely understand this was real life and is why the film was made in the first place, but there goes my gel manicure every. single. time.

Related image

It took me a while to figure out there were three story lines going on simultaneously, yet at different intervals of time. I think that’s how I would explain it, right? There is the story line of all the troops waiting on shore and their story is told over a week’s time during the film.

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Then there is the story line of the cutest dad and son (& random other kid who sadly dies — didn’t really get the point of him being in the film … unless he was a real person, in which RIP) traveling through treacherous, war filled sea, to help rescue the men on shore. This boat they take to save the soldiers is a straight up … oh I don’t know … vacation boat? Tourist boat? Definitely not a war boat!

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Their story lasts only an hour in time over the course of the film.




Finally, there are the men in the air, one being the legend known as Tom Hardy. From what I could understand, there are three pilots, two get shot down, the little vacation boat I mentioned above picks up one of the pilots, and Tom Hardy lands on the shore of Dunkirk…? (Fact checkers or intense movie fans, feel free to correct me here). The pilots’ story is only an hour in time over the course of the film.

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I’ve read and heard from others who have seen the movie, that the lack of dialogue contributed to a low rating of the film. In my opinion, that is precisely the point of the plot.

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As I said, these men were literally trapped, with the enemy closing in. I really don’t think they are going to sit down and have a long discussion about the state of the world; they’re just trying to survive it. Plus, nothing can go right. The troops on shore (especially the three men being followed for the plot) try two or three attempts to get off the shore, only to have something bad happen. Once, they literally are in the water only to float back to shore. The dad and son experience a tragedy while going to the Dunkirk shore, but keep going anyway. Finally, the three men in the air? The story ends with only one. Plus, the shore, boat, & air plot lines eventually all come to intersect, which to me was so so so fascinating, so sorry fans that wanted a ton of dialogue to strengthen the film. #8.1onIMDB

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If you’re interest in this film is not yet peaked, I’m sure these two words will do it: Harry Styles.

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I kept trying to think of how I would describe Harry’s acting chops or how I felt about him in the film. I still am not able to put it into words. The best I could come up with are that a) I have never loved him more (& I never really loved him in the first place) and b) if you didn’t know that was HS, you would have appreciated him just the same. With the latter I mean, he did nothing to stand out as Harry Styles, which I think is important because then you buy into him as a soldier and you don’t see Harry Styles each time he’s in a scene. You just experience the film.

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“When I was growing up in the house, we’d watch the Oscars.” — Billy Crystal

Me too, Mr. Crystal. I believe Dunkirk is a perfect film to be nominated for an Oscar. Do I think it will win? No. Was I disappointed that I watched? Not in the least!






A Christmas Cruise or A Christmas Prince?

Two things before we begin…

One, here’s hoping I get my shit together in 2018 because my Christmas post is arriving the day after ChristmasSheesh! I blame it on the fact that the holidays are crazy, plus both my husband and I have divorced parents, leading us to Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughn it up …

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But, better a Christmas post late, than never!

Second, My Hollywood Hangover made it to fifty posts! Can you believe it?! Number fifty will be last post of the year, but we’ll be back in 2018 with more juicy gossip, thoughts, and feelings about all things pop culture! I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all my family, friends (old & new), and followers of my blog. Watching television and movies has been much more enjoyable knowing I could share my thoughts with strangers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a beautiful new year!

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Now let’s get to it!

Is there a Christmas romance you find believable and warms you to the core? When I say “warms you to the core” I’m talking Titanic “I’ll never let go Jack” or The Notebook “if you’re a bird then I’m a bird” type love story. I figured with Hallmark, ION, and Lifetime having an unlimited amount of Christmas romances, I’d try a few out!


I really had no idea what to choose to watch so I decided on A Christmas Cruise because Nick who is so VILE was making his acting debut, and then A Christmas Prince because of all the hype it was getting on social media.




A Christmas Cruise

Premise: Vivica A. Fox is a writer with a young editor for a boss. He wants her to write a sexy and unique story, and if she does, she gets to be a senior editor or some shit like that. Because she’s single, her friend signs her up for … wait for it … a cruise to CHRISTMAS ISLAND! Yes, that’s the name of the island, plus the whole ship and experience is Christmas themed.

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Anyway, Vivica thinks she can get her story on the trip so she goes. And meets/falls in love with the cruise director (see below). What is really annoying about this cruise director was how many times he reminds Vivica that he can’t fraternize with the guests, yet the last third of the movie he spends fraternizing with her and her friend (who also meets a love on the cruse). Oh, AND cruise director asks V to quit her job and write novels on the ship while he works (uhh how long have you known each other?)!


Second annoying aspect of the film … NICK VIALL IS ONLY IN IT TWICE! He is on the freaking movie poster; what an advertising scheme! He has one line where he gives the cruise director love advice (yeah because he’s a real expert there!) and you’re supposed to believe their best friends even though Viall Vile is in the movie twice with two total lines!

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The only part that didn’t annoy me out of the whole film is when Vivica gives advice to a engaged 29 year old on the cruise. In the end, V gets her dream editing job but misses the cruise director, so he ends up leaving his job to come find her because the guy needs to chase after the girl not the other way around and is there always caroling at the end of these cheeseball Christmas movies?

On the cheese scale, A Christmas Cruise gets an A and on the believability scale, it gets a D.

Worst line of the film: “I want to be my own captain …”
“And I want to be your first mate!”

A Christmas Prince

This had to be the Christmas romance of the year and it wasn’t even Hallmark produced! The movie got so much hype (in my eyes thanks to the Harry, Meghan, and the promotion team at Netflix), that I had to watch it.

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Premise: Young writer (again with the writers .. let’s find our characters a different profession … or can females only fall in love when they’re trying to write a story to further their careers … ohh but I bet they leave their careers  in the end when they do actually fall in love!) pretends to tutor a princess to gain access and find the scoop on the heir to the throne (the princess’s brother). Drama ensues, but low and behold, in the end the prince and the lowly American writer who only wears Chuck Taylors fall in love.

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A few questions I have about this movie: Why does the queen never wear a crown? And how come no one ever sees Amber (our heroine writer) on her cellphone capturing pictures inside the palace? Why is the acting so bad? See more unanswered questions here!

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However, I didn’t completely hate the movie. I really enjoyed the little sister princess who Amber must tutor. She’s my favorite character. I also really liked how the prince has to save Amber from wolves out in the forest JUST LIKE THE BEAST SAVES BELLE FROM WOLVES! There are also more twists than I expected in the movie, but alas Amber’s identity is revealed by two sinister characters out to steal the throne, but as you guessed it, all works out in the end.

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(You can find many more witty tweets about this movie; seriously just hashtag it!)

On the cheese scale, A Christmas Prince gets an C and on the believability scale, it gets a F, however the movie does get an A+ on the ability to be swept into it more so than a cruise to somewhere called Christmas Island.

Worst line of the film: “Where there’s a tiara, there’s dirt. Trust me.”

Did you watch either film this Holiday season? 

If so, find me on social media. Tweet me @myhollywoodh or find me on instagram at myhollywoodhangover.

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Movie of the Week: Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

“Move it Football Head!”

I have loved television ever since I was young, which sounds really terrible, like all my parents did was simply plop me in front of a tv to entertain me (not true, I love the outdoors too yada yada yada). Growing up without siblings (#onlychild) I would escape into the world of the characters on my screen. Zack Morris was my boyfriend, I was pretty sure I was a Disney princess, my true last name must have been Tanner (as in DJ, Steph, & Michelle), and every single Nickelodeon gang of friends I called my own.


Speaking of Nickelodeon cartoons, about a year ago a stumbled upon a marathon of all the classic shows: Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Hey Arnold!. I later found out it was a channel called Nick Splat. Every night from 9pm-5am, this channel would play all the cartoons I grew up with. Now, it’s pretty much become part of my late night routine.


Via this channel and all it’s social media accounts, I learned there was to be an all new Hey Arnold! movie released for tv over Thanksgiving weekend and welp, here we are with this post.

But first, a rant.

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You might be sitting there all, “Why is this distinguished pop culture  blog covering cartoons and, old cartoons at that?” Because seriously, where would pop culture be without the influence of cartoons? Where would you be without the cartoons of your childhood? You’d probably be way more miserable than you are now. Hence why I have an amazing life and popular blog: cartoons.

Plus, Buzzfeed covered the movie. #soitslegit


Hey Arnold! was probably my favorite of the entire 90’s Nickelodeon cartoon era and I was so excited to hear there would be a reboot that would tell the story of what happened to Arnold’s parents, giving closure to all us fans.


The first thing I noticed about Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie was the animation. While the characters still looked and sounded the same, they had a new 2017 spin to them, which was really awesome to see.


ALL your favorite characters are back from Gerald, to Arnold’s grandparents, to Stoop Kid, to others I didn’t even remember I had forgot. Plus, at the beginning of the movie there is this homage to some of the best moments of the show and to Arnold as a character. If you don’t tear up at it, you have no soul.


A few other great moments from the movie …

  • You find out Arnold’s last name
  • Arnold gets reunited with his parents, like legit reunited, like live happily ever after reunited
  • But most of all…… **spoiler alert …


ARNOLD AND HELGA KISS! Helga finally gets to tell Arnold how she feels, well actually she doesn’t really tell him — he simply figures it out, which honestly weren’t we were all like, how has he not figured it out by now? This was just something Hey Arnold! fans were hoping to be revealed by Helga and the way it went down in the film was great. She gives up her golden locket to save Arnold’s parents and when she tries to explain it to him, he cuts her off, explaining how he knew the whole time.

Image result for helga gif

With so many references to the original show (pay attention; they go by fast) to new moments for new fans, it’s easy to see how IMDB gave the movie an 8.4 rating; MHH gives it a 10!

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Movie of the Week — Kingsman: The Golden Circle

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a 2017 action spy comedy film. It is a sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), which is based on the comic book series Kingsman.

The film features Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Edward Holcroft, Sophie Cookson, and Hanna Alström reprising their roles from the first film, with Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Elton John, Channing Tatum, and Jeff Bridges joining the cast.

The plot follows the members of Kingsman needing to team up with their American counterpart, Statesman, after the world is held hostage by a new threat.”


Thanks Wikipedia!  As far as this movie goes, if you enjoyed the first you’ll most likely enjoy the second. If you haven’t seen either, I highly suggest watching. It’s what my husband calls “a cheap thrill” and sometimes you’re just in the mood for one. Plus, if you follow my  blog you know I’m obsessed with Colin Firth (siiigh — see my Bridget Jones’s posts). However, my new British hunk obsession is Taron Egerton who plays Eggsy. It’s seriously the perfect role for him! All in all, good film, regardless of any hoity toity review.

Continuing on, this post is my 40th …

Image result for happy 40th gif

… and sadly you’ll have to wait a short while for number 41. My students have just completed their first formal essays and with almost 100 papers to grade, I’ll be busy the next two weeks.

Plus, my mind is heavy, and not just my mind but my heart. I can’t stop thinking about the events that took place in Las Vegas. My husband and I just attended an outdoor country concert Friday evening (shout out to Luke Bryan & Jon Pardi!).


We also travel to Vegas often; I’ve gone since I was a little girl. My grandparents live there, we had our bachelor and bachelorette parties there, and we saw Britney Spears for my birthday two years ago. But I’m making this about me (which I tend to do, sorry) when it’s not; I’m not thinking of me. What I am thinking about are how many families no longer have a loved one. What I am thinking about is how scared and helpless everyone must have felt. What I am thinking about is how hundreds of survivors, while lucky for their lives, will never be the same.

I’m not here to give a long speech about spreading love not hate or give my stance on guns and this is part of the reason I’m taking a break from the blog. I need time to understand it all, but mostly how I live in a world where an event that is supposed to bring so much happiness and entertainment, can end in absolute devastation.


All my thoughts and all my prayers and just … everything goes out to everyone affected. See you in a few weeks.

Movie of the Week #5: Bridget Jones has a baby (and a new face!)

To my hundreds of thousands of followers, I apologize for not completing Bridget’s story sooner. But we traveled to Oklahoma City two weeks ago and this past weekend was my birthday, so I just haven’t had time to see how things end for our girl. 


Bridget Jones’s Baby was released in September of 2016 and stars Renee Zellweger, Patrick Dempsey, and Colin Firth. Bridget is still the same, fun loving diary keeper, until she has a back-to-back one night stand with two different men …. and gets pregnant. Oh, and neither man she sleeps with is Hugh Grant because in the opening you find out he died.


Ugh, I never in my life thought I would have to choose between Colin Firth and McDreamy! Bridge, why are you doing this to me?? (Also, we won’t talk about the elephant in the room that is Renee Zellweger’s face right? We just pretend we don’t notice the HUGE difference?).

bridget jones

We’re going to just let the cat out of the bag right away: the baby is Mark’s even though the movie leads to you believe it’s McDreamy’s. Omg and McDreamy is SO McDreamy in this movie. His character is rich, funny, sweet, chivalrous, hot, and 97% compatible with Bridge according to this algorithm he invented.

mcdre   I’ll give you a moment to look at that picture right there.

While a new character was entered, one thing that has remained the same is that you’re always cheering for Bridget. I mean go girl: she shags on the 4th and then she shags another on the 11th and now she has two of the hottest men fighting over her to father her baby?

Plus you just always seem to want Bridget as a friend. Cue “Jump Around…”


Funniest moments of the movie: Bridget’s expired dolphin saving condoms, her (first) outfit at the music festival, the Ed Sheeran cameo, and the moment when she has to tell the two men she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is.


Patrick Dempsey and Colin Firth are amazing in this film. As mentioned, I didn’t want to root against Darcy, but Patrick Dempsey’s character is so darn likable and genuine about everything in the film. Darcy is still as adorable and perfect as always, too. He tells Bridget he’s nervous the night they hook back up. There is also a really great scene between the two men where they lead the lamaze teacher to think Bridget is a surrogate and the two men are a couple having her baby.


I did wonder for a while throughout the movie why it didn’t mention the downfall of Bridget and Mark, but you finally find out (too long into the movie in my opinion). Also, once the men find out about each other and Bridget’s uncertainty on the paternity, why didn’t they just go get a test down right then and there? Seriously, they don’t swabbed until after the baby is born.

However, those are two minor details in a movie that is a perfect conclusion to a story about one of literature and film’s most beloved characters!

Cheers to Bridget!






Movie of the Week #4: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

“What if someone says, ‘Bridget Jones you’re ridiculous, get out of here’?”

Okay, so I do realize that my image on the previous post is actually from this Bridget movie but whatevs! Another thing I realized as I was watching the sequel, was that I had already seen it (when I thought I was previewing it for the first time). I’m sure my husband would say, “Typical Katy.” I figured it out during the opening with Bridget falling into the pigs and then her calling Darcy to discuss their “shag” only to be on speaker phone in front of all his business contacts ha!


So, since those two scenes helped me remember I’d already seen the movie, I wanted to review some of the other memorable scenes from the second installment of our favorite diary keeper (plus some of my favorite scenes as well!).


The film starts with Bridget still dating Mark Darcy (swooon Firth!) and how happy she is! And gosh darnit, aren’t we all happy for her? I love when she’s next to him in bed and goes to put on clothes, only to keep the sheet wrapped around her. Darcy asks what she’s doing, in which Bridget replies, “I don’t want you to see my wobbly bits.” Darcy comes back with, “I have a high regard for your wobbly bits in all circumstances,” then says he wants to see them again and pulls her into bed. 


Next memorable scene is when Darcy invites Bridget to some fancy lawyer dinner. Bridget goes to get her hair done, only to have it end up a nightmare, which then makes her late for the dinner, so she has to do her makeup in the cab on the way there and walks in like this:


“Okay tiny mistake but I always have wit and conversation to fall back on”

But Darcy loves her anyway. He even comes to her door and says it, while at the same time she’s leaving a message on his answering machine … she tells him to hold on while he’s literally outside her door, so she can finish her message to him bahahahaha! Darcy tells her he loves her over the intercom, and those young kids hear it and whoop and holler at them and it’s so so so cute!


Of course, a movie wouldn’t be a movie if there wasn’t drama and eventually Darcy and Bridget break up. Bridget then goes to work on a travel show with none other than Daniel Cleaver and I’m sure you’re thinking “Here we go again with freaking Cleaver.” What’s even better though, than possible Cleaver drama is the moment when Bridget takes magic mushrooms by accident.


Remember her sand angel? Because of a long plot point I’m too lazy to write out, Bridget lands herself in Thai jail. I knew close to this moment for. sure. I had seen the movie before because I remember how Bridget bonds with all the women in jail (recall the “Like a Virgin scene?”) and I remember it was MARK DARCY who got her out.


In true Bridget Jones film fashion, Darcy & Cleaver have another run-in. Darcy gets mad at Cleaver for leaving Bridget in the airport to get detained by the Thai police. This run-in leads to another very entertaining fight between the two guys.


Bridget and Darcy (obviously) end up together despite the fact that Bridget thinks Darcy is dating a female colleague — only to find out the colleague is secretly in love with Bridget! She even tried to kiss Bridget!


Since this ended up not being the first time I had seen the movie, watching it again made me realize I like the second more than the first; there are just too many funny moments! Edge of Reason ends with Darcy asking Bridge to marry him:

“I have a question to ask you”   

“Okay as long as it’s not will you marry me” 


Alas, I know Mark and Bridget don’t work out however, because a third movie was made, Bridget Jones’s Baby, where her and Darcy aren’t together. I know for sure I haven’t seen that one so expect a post on it soon because I just have to find out what happens to one of film’s most iconic couples. Any thoughts or comments you have as well, please share! You know where to find me on social!




“Me & Mrs. Jones” — Movie of the Week #3: Bridget Jones’s Diary

I didn’t have a movie of the week last week, (much to the irritation of my hundreds of thousands of readers) since I had family in town (which you can read about here!) So, this week I’m bringing you back to back posts on two classics: Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. 

large_YSaQZpTllsSjGM0QKsZW68m9nyBridget Jones’s Diary was released in 2001, and was based off Helen Fielding’s 1996 novel. I think the first time I watched this movie was maybe last summer … ? I then read the book (which I completely recommend, except probably before the movie) and loved it just as much.


So, what are your favorite parts from this classic movie? I love the beginning, in which Bridge first meets Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and his infamous reindeer sweater. Seriously, I freaking LOVE Colin Firth (What a Girl Wants, Love Actually, Kingsmen are some of my favs) and he aces his performance in this movie too.

Speaking of ace performances, did you know Renee Zellweger was nominated for a freaking Oscar for her role as Bridget Jones? Since I was only thirteen when the movie came out, I’m sure I asked myself why she was nominated because it was a character I couldn’t relate to (hopefully my parents didn’t let me see the movie either).  But now as I sit here and rewatch the opening credits and Zellweger is belting out “All by Myself,” I can clearly see (needing only about 7 minutes into the film to do so) why she WAS nominated.


If you know the plot, then you know Bridget is a 30-something, single woman who starts a diary to take control of her life and have goals for the new year (and if ya don’t know … now ya know!). She also is in a bit of a love triangle with Mark Darcy (Firth) and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant).

Beyond Darcy’s reindeer sweater & Bridget singing alone in her apartment, I love the scene when Bridget is deciding what underwear to slip on under her dress one night because she knows there is a hookup possibility with Cleaver. Does she wear the sexy, black, lace thong in case she ends the night with him, or does she wear the big, wide, grannypannies that suck in her stomach?


What do you think she chooses?

Did I mention I absolutely ADORE Colin Firth (especially in this movie!)? Who remembers the scene when he unexpectedly runs into Bridget and tells her, “You let whatever’s in your head come out of your mouth without much consideration; perhaps, despite appearances, I like you, very much; just as you are” Swooon! Gah that’s the moment when you’re watching, you want to stand up and shout, “I’M. PERFECT. JUST. THE. WAY. I. AM. TOO!!” 


I also loved Firth in the fight scene between Darcy & Cleaver in the snow with the song “It’s Raining Men” playing in the background (get. more. iconic!). They are fighting over Bridget (and probably over the animosity Darcy felt when his wife left him for his former BFF Cleaver – spoiler alert!). You can tell these two British “gentlemen” are not trained fighters and it makes for a laugh out loud brawl.


But, my favorite favorite overall scene is the snow scene in which Bridget and her friends are about to head to Paris and who shows up? My main man Firth aka Mr. Darcy. He comes to say he forgot to kiss her goodbye, she ditches her friends, Bridget & Darcy go upstairs, only for him to find her diary and see all the horrible things she wrote about him (BACK IN JUNE!) and he leaves, just takes off. Which of course leads her to run after him, in the snow, wearing only leopard underwear, a cami, sneakers, and a sweater … all while “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” is playing in the background. 

Katy, it seems like they are breaking up, why would this be your all time favorite scene from the film? Because you find out he actually left not because he was mad, but TO BUY HER A FREAKING NEW JOURNAL!


She got her happily ever after afterall!


If you enjoy Bridget Jones as much as I do, please comment below or find me on social media to discuss! Put in your email in the top right corner to directly receive posts — I’ll be posting on the other two Bridget movies asap!


Movie of the Week 2: Moana

“I know everybody on this island, I live on a deserted island, I need to save my island …”

Are those not the words? Oh.

Welcome to another posting from MHH and my second batch of “Movie of this Week!” Up this week is Disney’s MoanaI know what you’re thinking — why would I feature this on my blog? This isn’t a new movie. But it’s new to me, was free on Netflix, and this is my blog so I can feature whatever I want. Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it sooner because I’m a pretty big Disney fan and Frozen is my jam.


Not that this movie is Frozen. 

Moana, in fact, tells the story of a Polynesian tribe (much different setting). I really screwed myself when I watched this because I wasn’t fully paying attention to the beginning which explains the tale of what curses their island. Later I learn some guy Maui stole some stone from some god or goddess and now the island is cursed (or something like that, again, wasn’t really paying attention).


So cut to this tiny child who walks into the ocean and the ocean gives her a shell and is parting like freaking Moses and the Red Sea, allowing the little darling to walk right out into the water. Ohhhh, that’s Moana, and she’s not allowed to go in the water…


Isn’t the famous song all about how “the water calls me” or something, but her parents don’t even let her get into the water?


Come to find out Moana’s dad is the chief of the island and she’s to rule next, but wouldn’t you know, she’d rather be out on the water? Skip ahead to the island being cursed or something and they all run out of coconuts and fish and there’s no Hyvee around to help. (I guess this has something to do with the beginning of the movie I missed …?). Because of this, Moana is finally going to get into the water and sail for help with the assistance of one bad ass grandma (and some cool ancestors too I come to learn).

moana boat.jpg

Can I just pause a second and say how b-e-a-u-tiful this movie is to watch? The ocean is the purest blue color on screen aside from probably seeing it in person, the Polynesian people have the artistically crafted tattoos, and I don’t know who or what inspired the animator who created Moana’s hair but it’s literally perfection!

Anyway, off she goes to find Maui (that cat I mentioned from the beginning; again, something about a curse?), leaving her pig behind. Yes, she has a pet pig and he’s the cutest. She also has a pet chicken (who I think is mentally challenged and I don’t even know if that’s offensive as I type right now, but if you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about) and the chicken gets to go on the trip, but not the pig, even though the pig seems to have it somewhat together better than the chicken …?

Enter Maui, the big guy she’s supposed to find. Oh! It’s Dwayne Johnson’s character. And he’s a demigod? (yes I had to look that up). MauiHe’s the one who stole the green stone from the person from the movie’s opening scene, and he has to give it back to get Moana’s people coconuts again. Instead, he sings that famous “You’re Welcome” song I know many middle schoolers love. Maui kind of sucks though, like why is he so pompous and a jerk? However, he too has really amazing, flowing hair, and awesome tattoos! His tattoos talk to him (they’re like his little Jiminy Cricket!) and I really love them. So, he sails with her to help, and to get his hook, and to win the love of the people because that’s what truly makes him happy (because you find out his parents abandoned him when he was a baby by THROWING HIM INTO THE OCEAN, leading him to have relationship issues; Disney, what are you teaching children??)

Along the way, Moana and Maui fight some really strange clay looking coconut pirates
(I thought this part was weird; like, LSD weird -not that I’ve done LSD, but I’ve seen those Dateline specials and it sounds like those crazies would see coconut pirates). moana2.jpg
Moana & Maui also fight this giant crab, who basically just likes bling and singing jazzyish songs about being “Shiny.” This crab is my favorite character in the entire movie because he’s basically Lisa Vanderpump as an animated sea creature (& if you don’t get that reference, go watch some Bravo TV). This is another scene that is STUNNING to watch with the lights and movement of the characters (I probably could have stopped the movie right here and been done).

As I was watching Moana, I kept wondering if previous Disney movies inspired certain aspects of the plot. Take the crab for example. That entire world he lives in reminded me of Alice’s Wonderland. Then, the fact that Moana disobeys her father to explore the unknown (The Little Mermaid), Moana’s grandmother is an inspiration and part of nature (Pocahontas), and Maui’s famous line in the film, “If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess.” Oh! There is even a cameo from Sven, the reindeer from Frozen!

Also along with almost every other Disney movie, the hero saves the day. In this film, Moana returns that green stone to a island (I guess the stone was the heart of the island) and then this fire demon becomes a large, grassy lady who I think inspired the floral headband trend? Moana’s island is restored (coconuts and fish FOR DAYS!) and everyone starts sailing again — no more fear of the water!


All in all, I thought the movie was cute, but probably not my absolute favorite. I liked that Moana is a strong female character and a great inspiration for young girls. She also teaches the importance of mantras (again, if you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about…). I don’t think it would hurt any of you to go watch Moana if you haven’t yet (or rewatch if you have). Even one of my girlfriend’s husbands mentioned he enjoyed it and I really don’t see this dude catching up on his Disney animation too often.

With that, see you next time and thanks for reading! I’m sure you’re thinking, “What can I say except,maxresdefault

Movie of the Week 1: Baby Driver

“I’m easy like Sunday morning…”

Before I start, I need to get something off my chest. I never claimed to be someone with a credible opinion: I’m not famous or rich, I didn’t study film, I wasn’t in drama club during my high school days, basically I have no reason that my opinion on a film is worth anything. What I will say is, I love everything about movies especially good storytelling & memorable characters. If you enjoy these as well, read below and then find me to discuss!

Debuting on June 29 & running 113, Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort where “after being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.


The film opens with Elgort’s character, Baby, dropping off three sketchy looking people at a bank, where they enter & rob it. Unless you do zero research before seeing a movie (& if you are this person, stop it, always have some basic plot idea before screening!), you know that Baby is a skilled getaway driver for thieves. You would think the movie would begin with some background into why he drives and then lead into all the cool car chases, but instead it starts with a cool car chase. Literally the credits don’t even begin until Baby and the robbers are in the clear. “Screeechhh screeechhhh!!”


What makes the car chase even more amazing is it’s all set to music. Seriously, the entire movie is set to music (basically). I mean the very second scene after the musical car chase is Elgort’s character strolling down the street with his earbuds in, showing off his smooth moves. Even the lyrics of the song playing subtly appear in the background of this scene.


Without giving away spoilers, you learn why Baby feels the need to have his life constantly needing a musical track behind it. You also soon learn he’s a badass, and not just with driving. Working for Kevin Spacey, Baby is his getaway driver on different heistes. The robbers change on each “mission” and the only consistency in these heists is that they always get away and that would be because Baby is driving them. He’s known as Spacey’s “lucky charm.” But, Baby wants out.


After learning he only has to complete one more heist for Spacey & will then be “all squared up,” Baby agrees. Enter Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx you ask? Well yes, if you were paying attention, you’d remember, the robbers change each heist. I don’t love Foxx’s character because he questions and challenges my sweet Baby, but I respect the fact that Foxx plays an evil character. Speaking of evil characters, Jon Hamm is straight up gangster in this film. (HE’S ONE OF THE BANK ROBBING BADASSES!)

jon ham

Seriously, look at those crazy eyes! And his haircut! And his girlfriend! And full on mental breakdown toward the end of the movie after the (spoiler) death of his girlfriend (or wife? IDK, I wasn’t fully invested in this relationship …all I know is Hamm goes H.A.M. at the end & it’s brilliant!).

BUT, the most important and amazing aspect of this movie is the soundtrack.  It literally has everything from Simon & Garfunkel, to The Commodores, to Queen. If you’re a millennial, sitting here reading this thinking, “I don’t know any of those artists,” then A) get a clue and B) go see this movie to learn some taste in music. I had zero idea going into this movie that music would play such a huge role in the film and it 100% is my favorite thing about it, and why I enjoyed it so much.


Of COURSE there is a subplot involving Baby’s parents & how/why he got into being a getaway driver in the first place, as well as a romantic subplot involving Baby, & finally how he’ll attempt end his life of crime.

If you like car chases, Kevin Spacey or Jamie Foxx, “shoot ’em up” films (better known as action films?), Ansel Elgort, or MUSIC –> go see this movie. It does have a a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, if you’re like, a movie snob and this matters to you. If not and you just want some awesome entertainment for 113 minutes, go. see. Baby Driver!