The Bachelor Winter Games: The Couples

I know, I know, I know. Everyone in Bachelor Nation is talking about women telling all and Arie knowing what he did (and if you don’t know, just go check US Weekly …).

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But, I can’t stop thinking about the Winter Games couples; I’m really really sad the show is over. Sighh… I guess we’ll always have Instagram!


Before we completely bid adieu to the wonderful Bachelor break from Arie’s season, I thought I’d give a few quick thoughts on each couple … I promise this will be quick & painless!

Bibiana & Jordan

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I was most devastated to see this couple not work out because I was really rooting for Bibi! AND to have Jordan fall so hard and quick for her, when he said he didn’t feel that way about ANYONE on his entire season of The Bachelor? I wanted it to work between them! However, she gave a good speech at the World Tells All when she used an excellent book metaphor about them not being on the same page or chapter.

Lesley & Dean


Obviously Dean needs to grow up (what with his rocket ship comparisons and proposing with a house key) but Lesley calls him out on it which I LOVE! I don’t think any of the many girls Dean has been involved with in the past (in Bachelor world) have done that! I also appreciate the playful side of their relationship and really really hope it works out.

Stassi & Luke

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Speaking of working out (or not), let’s discuss Stassi and Luke. I wasn’t really rooting for them because I didn’t think she was that great and all his ramblings and “poetic” nonsense were the worst. But dude … to completely ghost her after the show, try to make some sort of reasoning for it on the reunion, and then to be just a straight d*** once you thought the cameras stopped rolling …? Zero excuse for it buddy.  There was even a campaign to stop following him on Twitter. I hope Stassi gets all the joys the world can give her and I hope Luke never releases a hit single in Nashville.

Lily & Courtney

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These two are probably my favorite couple and I think they deserved to win the whole thing over Ashley and Kevin. They had the cutest ice dance routine and they seem to genuinely care for one another (even though Courtney kind of annoys me). The best thing about them came after the show though when they rented an RV and road tripped across the United States.  I thought it was awesome for their relationship and just a cool thing to do, especially both being from foreign countries!

Ashley & Kevin

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Meh, probably my least favorite couple. Yes, I want Ashley I. to finally win at the Bachelor (hence why they probs decided to let her win that stupid golden rose) and yes I want her relationship to actually work out … but I’m not invested in this relationship. I hate looking at all that makeup on Ashley’s face and I hate just looking at Kevin’s busted face. But, everyone deserves happiness, even Ashley I. and here is just one more amazing thing about the Winter Games … even Ashley I. could find love!

Clare & Benoit

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LOVE him, kind of hate her, and may have cried when he proposed. I’m glad Benoit is happy because seriously all the dude deserves is happiness … and I guess we can be happy crazy Clare finally found someone too! Bitch totally lucked out, not only on an amazing guy, but she can now travel to Paris and never have to worry about a language issue because Benoit speaks amazing, beautiful French! I hope they make it down the aisle only because I don’t want to see sweet Benoit cry anymore!

Final Thoughts

Things I loved about the show and what I will miss most: all the contestants being cooped up in the house forcing their relationships. Seeing so many Californians fall in the show. Yuki. Finally, ALL the shade thrown by the producers, from that first “Survivor-style vote” rose ceremony, to basically having some of these people’s ex’s (Jojo, Rachel, Arie) judge a kissing competition to determine if couples got a rose. ABC, you HAVE to keep this show going each year; the international contestants and fun competitions make for such a wild ride!

I guess all we have now is Monday where we find out what Arie did; I’ll have a large glass of rosé and my tweeting fingers ready!

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The Bachelor Winter Games: Week 1

“If there is anyplace to help me fall in love, it’s the Winter Games…”

and I can only agree! I had more smiles watching four hours of the Winter Games, than all of Arie’s season. I’m too lazy to go into the premise of the Bach WG, and I feel like if you’re here reading this post, you probably already know what the show is about. Click here for the who, what, when, where, & why of the show; I only have time for my thoughts.

Initial reactions …

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I guess it wouldn’t be a Paradise spin-off if Ashley I. wasn’t caught crying, but you’d be so shocked to hear her story at the end of the week (spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched … wait, why are you even reading this if you haven’t watched?!).

I’m not sure if it’s Olympic hype or the the boredom I feel for the current season the The Bachelor, but I am SO pleasantly surprised that I was not in pain watching the first two episodes of Bach Winter Games! There are just SO many things I liked about the show.

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While the whole “opening ceremony” was stupid, I loved meeting the cast (cast? contestants? singles? players? WHAT DO YOU CALL THEM?!) from other Bachelor franchises, especially from other countries! I immediately loved the Canadians: Kevin (swoon) and Benoit (more on him in a minute). While I thought it was a little weird bringing someone in who spoke zero English (Japan), I knew Yuki would bring something special, if not entertaining, to the mix!

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Click here to meet the full cast!

Since I only became part of Bachelor Nation during Jojo’s season I got to see a few familiar American faces including Luke, Dean, & Eric. But it was fun to meet people from past seasons I didn’t watch including Lesley and Clare.


I also really enjoyed the different competitions during the show, especially because most of the Americans are from L.A. and have no idea what they are doing in or on the snow. I just feel like sometimes these Bachelor shows do nothing but talk about feelings, talk about feelings, or kiss, kiss, kiss (ahem, Arie’s season right now zzzzzzz…) so it was fun to see the cast (cast? contestants? singles? players?) do something different and compete against each other (and not just for one person’s attention).

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Speaking of something different, I LOVED how at the first rose ceremony, you weren’t guaranteed a rose if you were in a relationship; you got voted off by the opposite sex because “maybe you weren’t here for the right reasons!” It was BEYOND entertaining to then see them all scramble and to hear the conversations being had. While I was happy to see this aspect of the show, I was totes sad to see Eric “WE OUT HERE” Bigger go home.

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Finally you guys, I am SO here for all the couples that formed in the first week of the show. Even Ashley I. seemed to find a true connection after she took Bibiana’s sloppy seconds. Can we talk Bibi for a second? First she lands Kevin, one of the hottest guys there. Then decides to give him to Ashley because Ashley is hysterically crying in the corner, only to have Bibi tame the New Zealand bad boy Jordan.

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If you thought she was crazy or loud or anything negative in Arie’s season, girl redeemed herself (even though she didn’t need to) on the Winter Games and is KILLING IT!

I’m also really liking Dean and Lesley (Deanie Baby, please don’t break her heart!), Josiah and Ally (redemption for Josiah this season!) & surprisingly Clare and Benoit/Christian (spoiler: I can’t hate on Clare because something major is going to go down next week or on the reunion special, even though I REALLY want to hate on her for breaking sweet Benoit’s heart!)

Again, I am SO here for these couples. Like, I am wanting a Raven/Adam love I can follow on social media for Jordiana, Desley, EVEN Ashlin!! (If I didn’t ship their names correctly, someone please let me know asap!)

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I am obsessed with this show and am PUMPED for next week. I had planned to cover all four episodes (sad it’s only four episodes) in one post, but once I got started my love could not be contained, so lucky you, I’ll be back at the end of the week to share my thoughts on the remainder of the show.

Find me on social media and let’s discuss your thoughts … are you too loving this season? If so, what couples do you like? And if you aren’t liking the show, to that I must say …

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(I get that this is a Vanderpump gif, not a Bach gif,
… couldn’t help myself!)

See you next week! Xoxo!

Pocket-Sized Post: The Bachelor 22×3

As Chris Harrison said, “Time is precious” so I won’t waste your time today; this is a pocket-sized post: Bachelor edition.

As the episode started, there were 18 women, but I only have five points to make.

1. Tia over Bekah

Image result for the bachelor season tiaSo in the beginning I thought Tia was just there to be the next Raven and wasn’t genuine, but you know who I did think was so awesome and so genuine? Bekah. But, WHAT was I thinking?! I literally did a 180 on this thought based off the wrestling date (more about the wresting below).

I would have COMPLETELY acted like Tia did on that date: getting upset, not taking those dumb@$$, washed up, 1980’s wrestler ladies seriously, and awkwardly smiling the whole time, only to get scolded for it. In the end, Tia was a good sport about it because that’s really the only thing you can do in the situation. I’m so sorry Tia I misjudged you.



Now, Bekah. Ehck! I get she’s trying to be the “confident because I know who I am” type. Girl, you’re 22! You have no idea who you are, no matter how cool and hipster and trendy and old soul you try to be. OH! And what about her comment that Arie knows she doesn’t need him; WHAT! Oh stop with your pixie cut, I know Arie really likes me, confidence. So over you.


2. Lauren S for Bachelorette

Image result for lauren bachelor season 22I think since we saw her pack her suitcase before the date, we knew she was going home. However, I loved her! She’s so beautiful! Plus she wore tennis shoes with that gorg red dress at the winery; how many girls would have worn skinny heels instead? I feel like Lauren S. knows herself, is mature, and is honest. I think she knows herself so well, she knew it wouldn’t work with Arie. This led to her not being herself on the date, and then led to her leaving. What I think now is we should all rally to get her as the next Bachelorette!

3. Dog Date over Wrestling. Obviously. 

Seriously can you think of something worse to do than that wrestling date? The G.L.O.W. ladies were horrible to the Bach girls! Even Arie wasn’t down for the wrestling date, so WHY make the girls do it?! The only good part was we got to see Kenny for a short period; missed him!

4. UGH Anneliese.


If Anneliese doesn’t have a therapist, she’ll definitely need one after that kiss rejection: “We aren’t just there yet.” (And he didn’t mean yet; he meant never!)

5. Bibiana is a queen!

First, her mom gets dissed by those awful wrestling ladies (I really do not like them!). Then at the cocktail party, her setup got stolen by Arie; I mean let’s be honest, he took quite a few different women to that daybed and presented it almost as if he came up with it himself! THEN WE DIDN’T EVEN GET TO SEE THEM AT THE PARTY TOGETHER!  Finally, she was the only one sent home out OF 17 PEOPLE! When Bibiana left she said, “I deserve real love!” Remember girl, we all love you! At least we’ll be getting more Bibiana in February for the Bachelor  Winter Games!!

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Until next time… download

The Bachelor: First Impressions

On the first day of the new year, the first episode of the new season of The Bachelor premiered. I’m here on my fifty-first post to bring my first impressions of Arie, the girls, & more.

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First Impressions of Arie

So, I’m already a bit salty with Arie because he posted a not very nice video of Mariah Carey during her New Year’s performance. He has since taken it down. I’m not going to divulge more of it, and maybe he didn’t mean to be rude, but I’m watching you now Arie… and also because you are the not silver fox I was hoping for …

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Moving on to the episode. I thought Arie was a bit awkward in his conversations: “What excites you in life?” 

Image result for umm gif

I too, Arie, can’t find just the right words when describing you. Sometimes I thought he seemed judgey towards the girls or had some sort of an entitlement vibe going on. However, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and go with he was nervous, he couldn’t quite find the right things to say, or maybe the girls really weren’t that interesting so Arie was left unsure how to respond to them. For the season Arie, I have just one request: please don’t make me dislike you. Ahem …

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First Impressions of the Girls

So. Many. Thoughts. on the women. And, for a bit I felt bad for judging them because I wanted to be all “girl power” and shit. But then I realized these girls go on this show to be judged by not only Arie but America, so I no longer felt bad about it.  Plus, these girls seem totes shady this season.

Image result for shade gif

I was going to start this with the girls I really liked, but let’s be honest I need to just start with the girls I remembered. First on that list is Tia, mainly because she knows Raven and was tweeting with Kaitlyn Bristowe during the premier. I feel a bit like maybe she’s not that close with Raven, but wants the world to think she is…? I did some research and found Tia has multiple pictures on her IG profile of her and Raven, where as sweet Raven’s IG only has pics with Tia that other girls are in as well. #groupshot. Or maybe not. I like a good conspiracy.  But, the little weiner comment? Come on!

@Bach_ShitCray: “Raven/Tia is like when a soap opera replaces a character with a different actress and expects you not to notice.”

Second most memorable girl was Chelsea, the single mom and queen of shade. Is she going to be marked the villain this season? In one of her interviews she started it with, “At the end of the day I’m not a mean person …” which is the equivalent of “No offense but …”  PLUS! She stole Arie twice during the cocktail party, went in for a kiss night one, AND got the first impression rose. I think she’ll def be around for a while to stir the pot.

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I really liked Bekah (short hair, known as Peter Pan on Twitter, nanny, drove up in the Mustang), mainly for her quirky style, however the not telling us her age bit is getting annoying, **(Twitter Spoiler: she’s 22!)** and she seems like she may bring some drama as well.  I also really liked Krystal (online health and fitness coach, gorg, soft voice) because of her look and intro, but when she made Arie put his hand on his chest and deep breathe/manta chant with her … kind of weird. Last, I really liked the girl who gave Arie the elephant cufflinks (Sienne?) and the girl who drew him the picture (pink dress, although she may have gone home??).

Image result for arie luyendyk promo

Overall First Thoughts


I mean, Dana Schwartz is not wrong. When I think back to the premier, I’m not sure what I’m wanting from this season just yet. Romance? Sure. Drama? Of course. I guess it may be too early to judge Arie, the girls, and this season. But to make it fun along the way, drink every time there is a racing pun!

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My Paradise Picks

I spent FOUR HOURS of my life last night getting caught up on Paradise. (okay, okay, it was on my dvr so I skipped commercials but still!). Also, how annoying is it that we’ve had eight hours worth of BIP (four last week and four this week) and have only seen ONE ROSE CEREMONY?!


Get it together ABC.

However, from those eight hours we’ve learned Taylor and Derek seem pretty great together, plus Amanda and Robby are slowing forming into something (which now we know is real). Diggy and Dominique seemed to have a pleasant date and may be the start of a new couple, along with Sarah and Adam, plus Dean and Danielle. I think those are all of the established couples or couples starting to melt into something. But what if, just what if, I had Paradise go my way?!


Proud of you if you get this reference…

Here are the couples I’d prefer sprout and blossom this season…

Alexis & Jasmine: 

Girl power! Seriously, the hot tub scene with the two of them was probably the only thing I really liked from the past two episodes. I love and appreciate their friendship! They are also truly funny, especially when they had their Australian accents and were narrating Paradise as if it were a nature show (which let’s be honest, it kind of is!)


Get me in this girl gang ASAP!

Danielle M. & Wells:

I think we can all agree while they may not be the most drama filled, Danielle and Wells are two of the best people on the show. I’m talking genuine, good, people. Who knew they were actually friends from years back? And, while it may just have been for production purposes to ship them, I was all for it. Also, on Danielle’s Instastory this week, she was hanging out with Wells, Taylor, & Derek. #doubledate ??


Adopt me

Kristina & Dean: 

I agree with all of you that Dean is an awful person for basically ditching Kristina after they returned from “The Shutdown.” I agree that in the real world Kristina is too good for Dean and I don’t want them together. However, that doesn’t mean I wish it never happened. I thought Dean and Kristina were good together (before Dean got all douchey); they had hard childhoods and could understand one another on that level. I thought they looked super cute together as well. Sigh. RIP #Kean (Destina?)


It was good while it lasted …

Raven & Ben Z:

I don’t really have strong, strong reasonings as to why I like these two together, besides the simple fact they seem down-to-earth, genuine people. I didn’t watch Ben Z’s season but I did see Raven’s and learned she needs good dude. Let’s be honest too, Ben Z got a bad edit regarding his dog. Or maybe I just ship them because I simply think they look good beside one another?


Sarah & Adam:

Originally I wanted Raven with Adam. I don’t think Adam got enough air time on Rachel’s season; he legit seems great. However, he appeared to drop Raven pretty darn fast once Sarah asked him out. I don’t know you that well Sarah and I’m sure you’re nice, but no one can be better than my girl Raven. Bad move Adam. Also, aren’t Sarah and Raven pretty dece friends? If so, kind of lame that Sarah went after a dude that just went on a date with her good friend. HOWEVER, if I must play devil’s advocate (which I hate to do) it seemed like Sarah and Adam already had a history of attraction from “The Shutdown” so it seems fair that Raven understood (and should just date Ben Z).

adam sarah.jpg

Amanda Stanton: 

Go home to your kids. It didn’t work out last time and it won’t work this time. I’m trying really hard not to hate, but just go home. 


It didn’t work then; it won’t work now

Danielle L. & Robby:

First, I’m probs a bit salty that Danielle took Dean away from Kristina (maybe the word took is too strong but I’m using it). However, Danielle and Robby just seem like pretty people. You know the people I’m talking about (Raven even described him this way last week) who have every hair in place, polished outfits head to toe, and seem like the model type. I’m not saying others on the show aren’t GORG but they don’t appear to also be, well, high maintenance, which sadly is exactly how Danielle and Robby appear and why I ship them. 


Lacey & Jack Stone:

These two would be perfect for one another because no one else really wants to date them. I don’t mean this negatively at all but you know how people say things like, “There’s someone for everyone” ?? Welllllllll, I think maybe that applies to these two getting together; they just don’t know it yet, and thank goodness I’m here to let them know! 

          (Look at the way she looks at him!)

So who’s left?

Diggy, Dominiquie, and Matt I think. I guess I’m cool with Dominiquie getting with either dude. She seemed to have a good date with Diggy, but Matt doesn’t seem like a terrible person either. Am I missing someone? If I am, a) I’m sorry to that person but b) you aren’t that great if I’ve easily forgotten you. 

Sadly though, I’m not sure many of these couples (okay, any of these couples) will develop. Ah, a girl can dream right?? Who do YOU ship in Paradise?? Find me on social media and let’s debate/discuss/dive into it! 

Thanks for all the support!! 



Bachelor in Paradise: First Impressions

First impressions are important correct? I mean “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” am I right? So, with that being said, I thought I would share my first impressions of this season’s Bachelor in Paradise. This is solely based on the days prior to the Corinne/DeMario scandal (or for those of you hardcore followers, just the premier episode), so enjoy reading tonight as you watch alongside night two!


The first person to arrive in Paradise was Raven. Before we start with her I have to say, I adored Raven during Nick’s season. I was hoping she would win for her happiness, but I was also hoping she would lose so she’d become the next Bachelorette (and because we really didn’t want her to end up with Nick once we sat and thought about it did we?). However, when I started following her on social media leading up to Paradise, I learned she may be a little too “party hardy” bordering on ratchet. Last night though made me realize I was SO wrong about her (cue her thoughts on dating Robby), plus, SO WHAT if she’s ratchet!? Whatever word you use to describe her, the number one word you should be using is the BEST! 

download (1).jpeg

Already crowning her Queen of (this season of) Paradise!

Next, Dean shows up and you have a brief  hope it will be Dean and Raven riding off into the sunset together, until you see Kristina show up. If you read spoilers (and why are you reading my blog if you didn’t read Paradise spoilers??) you know Dean and Kristina will soon become an item. #firstdatecard


Danielle M. is after Kristina. First impression is that she’s a bit forgettable from Nick’s season buuuuuuut looking more gorg than ever! Let’s see….next up is Ben Z. I didn’t watch his season so I don’t know much about him, but my first impression is that he got a bad edit in which he was made to look OBSESSED with his dog (or dogs in general). Next is Iggy, from Rachel’s season, annnnnd he gave me a total frat move first impression into Paradise. Like, are you there to find love or frat out with your boys?

images (1)

Jasmine enters next and I don’t really have an exaaaact first impression thought on her, except she kisses one forgettable dude and then goes on a date another forgettable dude. If you’re like me, what you’re waiting for from Jasmine is the whole, “You want good TV ABC? Oh I’ll give you good TV!”

Jack Stone enters next and he’s still as creepy as ever. After Jack the Ripper, Queen Alexis shows up … full shark-dolphin costume! First impression? “It’s hot as balls!”

images (2).jpeg

I freaking love her!

Cue DeMario coming down the steps next. All the girls are SO PISSED at him and really not there for him (if they only knew what more was to come…). After DRAMArio, Derek from Jojo’s season shows up. Remember him? “The only who cried.” First impression: were his ears always that big? Oh well, he’s still cute and sweet.

download (2).jpeg

Next up is Shortie McShortFace and this year’s Paradise commentator, Alex. First impression: let’s move on to … CORN! Corinne in the house!!

download (3).jpeg

She literally brings Chris a glass of champagne (which he won’t let her take into to Paradise; ruuuuude!) Who loved her comments like “You have to work hard” to win me this year or the fact that she wasn’t going to “settle” for love?

images (3)

Some more people came like Vinny from last season (first impression: he won’t get a rose night one), Amanda from last season (go back home to your kids) and Robby (WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS FACE?!). Oh our favorite bartender Jorge also left and was replaced with Wells (which again, spoilers, we knew was coming, but I think was a totally weird move by ABC).

Just realized Taylor from Nick’s season showed up as well (and maybe someone else who isn’t that important to remember …?)

download (4).jpeg


Beyond just the people, what were our first impression of the dates?

Kristina and Dean: Friggin’ adorbs (until he breaks her heart down the road…)

Jasmine and Matt: Awkward? Stupid? Cute? I don’t really know or care.

Raven and Robby: Seriously the best date ever (and that’s only because of Raven’s comments upon returning!)

Corinne and DeMario: Okay, I know they technically didn’t go on a date, buuuut they were fine at breakfast the next day; everything seemed chill. We better find out what actually happened!

Overall first impressions for this season??


I’m here for the entertainment!!! (#teamraven!!) 

(and off to waste two more hours of my life watching tonight’s episode!!)


The Bachelorette: We have an engagement!

“Here’s to making hard decisions in the hopes of getting what we want.”

timelie.pngAs I  began to close the chapter on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, I found myself unable to put together coherent paragraphs because my emotions went from zero to sixty while watching. I will say it was probably zero for two hours and then hit it sixty once Rachel hit Peter (you all know what I’m talking about).

To help myself write this epic post, I kept notes and as I was looking back over them, I decided to just leave my thoughts be, which you can review below, compare to your own thoughts, and then find me to discuss! #socialmedia


7:05 — Okay! Here we go! Hmmm, I’m not sure what to think about Rachel doing this play by play with CH; do you think he is losing his flair and they have to bring Rachel out to co-host?
7:15 — Give iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin to Peter; who cares if you don’t get a proposal?
7:17 — Just read Reality Steve and he’s saying she picked Bryan. Ugh.  Also, did Peter just say “super cute?” Aww that’s super cute that he said that! 
7:22 — The cheeeeeese of them looking at each other through the windows the morning after.
7:24 — Lightbulb: This is the first time I don’t mind if Bryan wins; like, isn’t he someone who she’s been drawn to from the very beginning? And honestly, I don’t want to dis Rachel but if that is the person for her, then just pick him & have a failed engagement (and I can’t really believe I just typed that). 

who am i

7:28 — I’m kind of bored hearing Rachel talking to CH.
7:35 — My internet just went out.
7:48 — Officially convinced Peter is leaving —
               Poor little Eric
Oh man Eric is a gem … A GEM!


8:00–It’s getting really hard to watch this show knowing I can’t get on Twitter and see what people are saying … and I still have two more hours to go!

more wine
(I owe that joke to @lucyo21; can’t take credit that I came up with it on my own)

Also, we must note: Eric saying he came into this a boy and left a man …yes you did
8:21 — Internet is back up!
8:24 — Rachel sitting there looks as bored as we all feel. She even went “Yeeeeeah” when asked if she’s enjoying this.
8:27 — Peter and Rachel at a church
8:31 — Wine nights and paintings? That’s cute! Also, multiple proposals is the same as multiple marriages and I think that’s fair. I think everything Peter is saying is fair and Rachel is giving him an ultimatum and it’s beyond annoying. Just pick Bryan already.
8:39 — HOW IS WHAT HE SAID CONFUSING?! Yes, you fantasize together when you’re dating, when you’re cultivating a relationship, you’re the one skipping steps Rachel!


Stand your ground Peter! Don’t let her sway you; stay true to you!

8:48 “I’m going against what I believe to show you that I care about you so much that I will not lose you.” HE’S GIVING YOU WHAT YOU WANT AND NOW YOU ARE SAYING NO?!

so annoyed.jpg

8:50: “Go find someone you’ll have a mediocre life with?!” Oh! Snap!
8:52 — Dang, I’m like actually sad here and not cynical.


8:53 — Is this a breakup?!
8:56 — He just didn’t want it RIGHT THEN! He wants all of that with you Rachel. Why can’t you see?! We all see? Also, where is Jackie and Claudia?!
8:58 — Wait, why are they bringing Peter out? So she for sure didn’t pick him; is that what they are saying?! Okay, I’m def not bored anymore and def need. more. wine!
9:04 — Soooo she didn’t pick Peter …? Rachel everything going on right now is confusing America!
9:07 — Chris Harrison, there is NOTHING wrong with Peter!
9:10 — Oh snap again, she just got fiesty. You deserve Bryan. Or is it Bryan deserves you? IDK….but basically you’re showing now why you picked him.
9:15 — Peter says he feels attacked! He says he’s worked up!

The emotion is real right now! 

9:20 — Rachel saying “This is not for you” is her way of saying “I don’t think you should be The Bachelor” or is it “I don’t want you to be The Bachelor because if I can’t have you no one can” (?????)
9:25 — NOW you think you’re rushing?!
9:26 — Or in other words, “Bryan is for sure going to propose to me.” Bet you’re regretting sending Eric home now!
9:31 — Rachel’s reaction proves all she wanted was an engagement. Bryan you’re literally being chosen because Peter wouldn’t propose. You’re being chosen because she just broke up with Peter. Congratulations, you are not a winner; you’re chosen by default.

forest gump.jpg

Let’s go to Paradise already! 


The Bachelorette: Before the Men Tell All, Three Went Home [to Dallas]

This is my husband.


We’ve been married almost three years. He is all boy: I’m talking sports, beer, Tarantino movies, golf. He hates the premise of The Bachelorette because he feels someone can’t fall in love that quickly and in that environment (and on my Bach cynical days I agree). However, he sat down with me this week to watch Rachel take Peter, Eric, and Bryan home to meet her family. I took a few notes as we watched because I wanted to add his commentary in this week’s post as well as my own.

To start, I did think it was weird that all three were going home instead of just two, but Rachel used the “my sister is pregnant excuse.”

First up was Peter!

imagesThe hubs’s first comment, “THEY BOTH HAVE GAPS IN THEIR TEETH!” Sheesh as if this hasn’t already been discussed, but I get he’s a rookie. He and I both agreed Peter is our number one pick and seems to be the Lindsay’s as well, even if he isn’t ready to propose just yet. Hubs says that Peter appears to be the only genuine one of the three and seems to “get it.” I don’t know if by “it” my husband is saying Peter understands there is a world outside of this show, but I’m going to assume that’s what he means. Peter even made comments to Bryan about how strange the whole experience of (warning: this gets a bit confusing) him being a boyfriend to Rachel but sitting & talking about her to her other boyfriend, while her third boyfriend is meeting the parents.


Peter gets it, Rachel’s family gets it, I get it, even my husband (who never watches this show) gets it, so what’s Rachel’s deal with Peter and her whole “I have to be engaged by the end of this?” #annoying

Next to meet the fam was Eric.

ooooBefore I forget, I want to first say that Eric said “I love you” to Rachel on their date the night after meeting her family and I felt it was genuine. Hubs felt Eric wasn’t as smooth around the family as he was with Big Rach, but I think that’s because Eric is used to being around Rachel. He also couldn’t hide the fact that he was nervous to meet her family, and that shows he’s REAL because someone who is smooth *cough Bryan cough* could equal disingenuous motives.

If you made a cartoon of what someone in love looks or acts like, it’s Eric. It’s too cheesy to me to be fake (I know that doesn’t make sense), but he embodies everything someone experiencing love for the first time would. It’s goofy, he’s goofy, because that’s how love makes you feel and you can’t explain it but I appreciate how he tries. I really like that their relationship to him means he cares about her, will honor her, and that each day is better & stronger than the one before. He may never have been in love before but he sure seems to have a strong grasp on what it means.

Bryan met the family last.

For commentary on Bryan’s date, I’m going to pass this one off to Rachel’s sister who told Bryan, “You have an answer for everything!” and that’s all I’ll say on that!


So Eric ends up in the Fantasy Suite after telling Rachel he loved her and what that means to him (see above).

We don’t even see the Fantasy Suite card with Bryan because the episode is to be continued during Rachel and Peter’s date night. After bringing the wine cork from the bottle they shared earlier (super cute family tradition in Peter’s family), things get rocky for Rachel and Peter because he basically says he can’t promise he’ll propose in two weeks and that was why he didn’t ask for Rachel’s family’s blessing.

My husband brought up the show the next day and said, “I know you really like Rachel as the Bachelorette, but she seems to be acting like a spoiled brat to me. She wants a ring just to want a ring and we all have known girls like that.” Why can’t she just accept that Peter wants to actually try to have a real relationship rather than get so hung up on a proposal?


Ah well, maybe she picks Bryan and all hope in her is lost. Guess we’ll find out in two weeks. Good news is we have Men Tell All to look forward to and then we head to Paradise! If  you can’t get enough Bachelorette talk, find me on social media (links are at the bottom) or leave a comment (bottom as well!)!

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