American Music Awards 2018 Recap

I don’t even know why I decided to watch this award show. I don’t know any of the performers or winners besides Taylor, Mariah, and Jennifer. I mean, the AMAs I grew up obsessing over brought me moments like these …

Image result for american music awards justin and britney

Seriously, the only thing I listen to is a rotation of Taylor, Justin, and Sam Smith (with some Shawn Mendes thrown in there; I LOVE HIS NEW ALBUM!). Other than that, I only listen to podcasts. Snobby much? But, I live for an award show or possible pop culture moment, so let’s get into it!

Hour 1:

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The beginning of the whole show was my favorite part for many reasons: a) I was still awake for it b) Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor c) the Shawn Mendas performance (la la la la love him!), d) that Ella Mai song (!!) which is now my new jam! e) seeing Mariah (note that I didn’t type “enjoying” Mariah).

As far as everything else, I’m a little peeved Justin Timberlake wasn’t nominated for favorite pop male artist, but whatever, I get that the awards are for mainly mainstream music. I’m a lot peeved by Tracee Ellis Ross; can she be more annoying and thirsty? I don’t watch Blackish, so maybe that’s why I don’t get her. I mean, she danced well and made a few funny comments … buuuut, well, I guess I’ll just stop there. Give me more Taylor.

Hour 2:

Screenshot 2018-10-09 at 8.23.32 PM

The middle of the show started strong with Cardi B performing, again, don’t particularly love her like everyone else, but I really think it’s just me not being in tune because I’m an old lady. I still listen to music that was popular twenty years ago and I won’t change. Anyway, I was really really happy to see Shawn Mendas win an award (but for adult comtempory waaah??), could have totes skipped the Halsey performance, and while I adore JLo so much, I didn’t necessarily enjoy the song she sang and felt it was a little too plug worthy (she looked a-maze-ing though!)

Hour 3:

Image result for eeek face

I turned it off. It really had nothing to do with the show, but more so with the book I’m currently reading and wanted to finish, The Dark Matter. Oh gosh, am I officially really old? The only thing I wanted to see that I missed was the Aretha tribute (which I caught on Twitter the next day).

I find that these feelings of not enjoying music award shows increases with each one I watch. I skipped the VMAs this year, the Grammys were boring, and here we are with me shutting off with the AMAs before the show was even over. If you know anything about MHH, I live for an award show (any kind), I mean click up in the right hand of this page and see all the posts written about awards shows from the past year and half. But, I think music award shows are slowly fading into the background for me, mostly because I choose the music I listen to; I don’t let award shows or the charts decide for me.

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Plus, Tracee Ross Ellis is so damn annoying!

Emmy Recap

Yesterday and all day today, every time I scroll Instagram, E! shares another photo from Monday’s 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. So I thought, I’ll write a recap, and here we are.

What I learned from watching the Emmys is that I clearly don’t watch as much TV as I thought I did … or I just don’t watch what is important. I was so beyond bored as I sat through all the Comedy and Limited Series awards. I don’t watch a single one of those shows. I get my comedy from Real Housewives and a Parks & Recs Netflix binge … the only limited series I watched this year was Waco, which I saw was nominated like once and lost.

Soooooo, what I’m getting at is … you were looking for my thoughts on the first two hours of awards?

Image result for I have none gif

One thing we can discuss? Fashion!! Some of my favorite looks included Emilia Clarke, Sandra Oh, and Ellie Kemper.Image result for emilia clarke emmys 2018Image result for sandra oh emmysImage result for ellie kemper emmys 2018

My favorite couple looks were ScarJo & Colin … and obviously Jessica & Justin! Which, now that I see them side by side, maybe they were my favs because they were so similar??

Image result for scarlett johansson and colin jost emmys      Image result for justin and jessica emmys

As for bad fashion? I was NOT here for Regina King as a highlighter, Tracee Ellis Ross as a teen girl’s comforter, or Chrissy Ty-ginn’s high neck chain gang look. Not posting pics because they were truly heinous (name that movie!).

Side bar: Why did I spell CT’s name like that? Haven’t you heard?? We’ve been saying it wrong all these years … along with Ariana Grande’s name! Plus, Burt and Ernie are gay together, and Kylie Jenner just tried milk in her cereal for the first time … LIKE, WHAT IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN AND THE BULLS*** THAT MAKES THE NEWS?! That I then must report on …      Image result for side smile gif

Moving on … I don’t know if it was the wine I was drinking, but I thought Colin and Michael were really funny, although some jokes and skits didn’t land (especially Maya Rudolph & Fred Armisen). In fact, much of the show felt like SNL skits … but honestly, I didn’t mind because I love Saturday Night Live. Clearly I have good taste because it won it’s 65th Emmy during the award show (at least, google said it was the show’s 65th award).

Image result for snl gif

It wasn’t until about two & a half hours in that I started getting excited. That was about the time Darren Criss won for American Crime Story and John Mulaney won for his stand-up! And if those two awards didn’t wake you up …… did the unexpected proposal??? You can read the whole story here! As cynical as I usually am, I thought it was super sweet!

Finally, just as I was about to turn the show off, I started to hear Game of Thrones, Westworld, This is Us, and The Crown. My category has arrived!

Image result for drama

Seriously, I was like a proud momma seeing Peter Dinklage, Thandie Newton, and Claire Foy win! Then … Game of Thrones taking Best Drama Series?!

Image result for who saw that coming gif

I mean, I hoped, but you don’t take over a year, almost two, off and still win do you? YOU DO! I’m currently reading the second book in the series in prep for 2019 and just so I still have some GOT in my life (I also play the theme at any jukebox bar I can find!). Bend the knee, it’s still the best on TV!

Image result for there you have it

I live tweeted the show; always go check me out on Twitter (find links when you scroll alllllll the way to the bottom of the blog –> IG is there too!). On deck this week is #RHOC & #RHOD, plus the hubs and I started watching Mayans M.C., the Sons spin off, and I plan to watch Sierra Burgess soon too! If you want to stay updated with MHH, click in the top right and enter your email to get a notification for each post! Happy reading, happy watching, happy discussing all the ridiculousness pop culture offers us!

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Spring Break Updates

Tomorrow the hubs and I set off to beautiful Florida because it’s my …

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I’ve been so behind on shows, plus have had way too many hours of Bachelor to watch and Oscar movies to catch up on (we finally saw Three Billboards!), so I haven’t had time to sit and pour my thoughts out on it all. Now, we’re about to leave for a week’s vacation (much needed mind you, but I will miss my lazy tv days). However, before we leave I have a few highlights from my week in entertainment I just have to share …

Morning Breath Drama

Image result for the morning breathSERIOUS justice for Claudia and Jackie. If you don’t know the story, simply google “Girl With No Job scandal.”  I’m not going to dive deep into it, but I will say this: you can’t help who your parents are or the crazy thoughts they may put into your head while raising you, AND as an adult, you can’t change the very stupid things you said as a teenager. The Oshry sisters are some of the funniest, social media millennial influencers, SO BRING BACK THE BREATH!

RHONY Trailer

Image result for real housewives of new york trailerThe Real Housewives of New York return in April and the show looks AMAZING! While many of us have been speculating what would be shown, we found out Bravo will be including Bobby Zarin’s death and Luann’s arrest. We’ll also see Dorinda drunk slurring like always, Bethenny going off, and the trailer didn’t even get to the dramatic boat ride! Overall, I feel confident to say this season is going to bring. it! (RHOP trailer dropped during the writing of this post; it looks pretty awesome as well!!)


@shalexandej tweeted: “Something you might hear us filmheads saying today is that “The Oscars are like my super bowl!!” and that’s only because we love film so much”

Showing I agree with @shalexandej must be why I sat through 3 and 1/2 hours of the award show Sunday night (plus the Red Carpet) to see which films were awarded this year. For my FULL recap, please go follow me on Twitter: @myhollywoodh (I live tweeted the entire thing!) My favorite moment from the 90th Academy Awards was all the movie montages because beyond the speeches, dresses, & any controversies, it’s about THE MOVIES (just as @shalexandej said)! I was SUPER happy to see Jordan Peele win, and utterly shocked that a movie about a love affair between a deaf girl and sea monster could win Best Picture! But, I have yet to see it. Who knows, it may be the next movie I watch on repeat to help curb my hangovers (the movie that currently holds this spot is Bring It On) !!

Bach Finale

Image result for bachelor finaleI probably should dedicate an entire post (or two) to discuss all my thoughts on what went down this week in Bachelor Nation. Sadly, we don’t have the time. (As always, you can see all my thoughts on Twitter; I live tweeted this event too!)

Here is what I saved into my notes on my phone as I watched the Becca breakup: “This is making me sick to my stomach and I KNEW it was coming the whole time (I read spoilers). I can’t FATHOM FOR THE LIFE of me why ABC would show this! Why is it being filmed in the first place, like did Arie contact production and say ‘Hey I’m feeling this way?’ and they’re like ‘You can only feel this way if we can film it?!'” (I did read somewhere that apparently Arie broke up with her on camera because he thought it would give Becca a better chance at being the Bachelorette?? For f***’s sake!)

Then came Tuesday and I continued saving notes to my phone saying, “Why did Arie propose to Becca in the first place; we could ALL see he was obsessed with Lauren the whole time! I mean, I thought it was going to be Lauren as he was narrowing down the women, so why not just FREAKING PROPOSE TO HER IN THE FIRST PLACE?!” Ugh and then to do it on After the Final Rose?!

Image result for slow clap gif

No one cares you proposed again.

I could go on and on and on about this, but I’m tired of talking/hearing about it. As I said before, go read my Twitter to see ALL my thoughts. As for Becca being the Bachelorette? Couldn’t be happier for her and I’m sure I’ll discuss this more when the show airs in May!


Image result for riverdale

Riverdale returned this week after taking a few weeks off and honestly, I’m not excited about it. Let’s be clear; I LOVE this show, but it has had major suckage in it’s second season. Like, why was the janitor the Black Hood, and what does Betty have to do with it all? Where has Cheryl been this whole season and why is her mom a freaking harlot, who is also dating (??) Betty’s dad? Why the heck was this complete random druggie murdered by Betty’s mom, like where does that fit into the story line? And, Archie is now part of the Lodge’s “mob family?” I mean so what, Veronica and Archie are destined for marriage now even though they’re still in high school? RAN DOM plot lines make for not a good show right now!


Un-Real 2Speaking of an actual good show, if you are part of Bachelor Nation, you NEED to be watching UnReal on Lifetime. Even if you’re not part of Bachelor Nation, you need to be watching this show.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t yet started the new season (four hours of Oscars on Sunday & five hours of Bachelor Monday/Tuesday … I’ve been busy!) but I’m just so so excited it’s back! I’ve been waiting forever!

Before we part ways for a week (or two) I want to say, I appreciate ALL the support and people who click on my posts and read them. MHH is up to almost 50 subscribed followers (you can do this by entering your email in the right hand corner!!) and over 100 followers on Twitter. While they may not seem like much, it’s weird to me that even 5 people would be reading my words. Plus, I’ve met so many unique and fun people who love to share their thoughts and opinions with me on all the crazy shows we watch, and the celeb gossip that happens each day. So again, thank you! I hope if you’re having a Spring Break, you enjoy the hell out of it; you deserve it!

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“And the actor goes to …” 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards Recap (Pocket-Sized)

“We are living in a watershed moment in time and as we march forward with active momentum and open ears, let’s make sure we are leading the charge with empathy and diligence, because fear and anger never win the race.” — Kristen Bell, 2018 SAG Awards Host

Image result for kristen bell gif

Ahh yes, another award show where actors toot their own horns by giving awards out to one another. However, here I am watching, but if I must watch, then I must critique! Don’t worry though, my critiques won’t be too tiresome; this is only a small batch, pocket-sized post! First up is Kristen Bell. She’s quoted above because she hosted the award show and was actually the show’s first ever host.  I just love love love love, love her so much. For all her great moments from the show, click here!

What I Learned

The thing I like most about the SAG Awards is it’s actors recognizing and awarding actors, which has to be a huge compliment right? I can only imagine if I went to an award ceremony for teachers, with the awards being presented by fellow teachers. That would have to be an extremely large pill to swallow because teachers do not like to credit other teachers (not all, some, okay most, hopefully I’m not offending all my teacher readers right now; please don’t leave). But it’s easier, probably in any profession, to celebrate one’s own acheivements, rather than recognize others.

Image result for toot my own horn gif

“My students scored this score on the state test” or “Look at this wonderful email a parent sent me telling me what a great job I do.” I’m sure actors are the same: “My movie made this much money” or “Look at the great review my movie received.” So, I would imagine winning an SAG Award is a big deal because people who usually want to brag on themselves this time want to brag on you!

Image result for sag award winners

Shout out to some of my favs on winning: This Is Us, Sterling K. Brown, Claire Foy, and Nicole Kidman!

What I Loved

Mother, freaking, girl power. I knew that Bell being the first ever host as a woman was a huge deal, and I knew the show was branded as “female-powered.” But, it wasn’t until the next day I realized, “Oh wow, only females presented!” It was really awesome to see; read more here!

What I Remembered

Still disappointed in myself as I have yet to see any of the films nominated this awards season; I’m such a failure.

Image result for movies nominated for best picture 2018


I guess the “let’s all wear black” protest was over because there were many hues to found on the SAG red carpet. My picks for best dressed went to Kristen Bell (her red carpet look; she had quite a few wardrobe changes as host’s normally do, but actually looked amazing in all of them!), Nicole Kidman, Samara Weaving, and Yara Shahidi (pantsuit with a train for the WIN!)

Image-1 (1).png

My favorite looks of the night!



I really hate to have a worst dressed list because I get it, “fashion is art” and shit but low and behold here they are. Millie, you may be thirteen, but you can’t wear your Chucks to an award show; sorry, you can’t. I don’t even have to explain why I hate Kate’s dress, I mean you have eyes right? Same with Kate Nash. Maybe it was an off night for girls named Kate. Ugh, and Lupita almost made my list for best dressed until the camera panned down to the bottom of her dress. #nope (Her body looked sick though!)


Sorry ladies, not my favorite.

Lastly, why was Morgan Freeman wearing a hat?!

Moving Forward.

We have Oscar nominations tomorrow and the Grammys on Sunday! I love awards season!

Image result for winona ryder fist bump




75 Years of the Golden Globes!!

Before reading, please go check out the updated About Me Page — it’s SO 2018!

You. Guys. The Golden Globe Awards were basically the inspiration behind MHH. Okay, the Golden Globe Awards AND housewife reunions, but what I mean in this is I LIVE for the award show! It’s my very favorite time of the year and why wouldn’t it be the best award show? Not only do these awards support BOTH film and television, but the GG aren’t as stuffy as the Oscars but not as eccentric as the Grammys. PLUS, all the celebrities get endless bottles of champagne.

Image result for golden globes drunk gif
Image result for golden globes drunk gif
Image result for golden globes drunk gif

First, the Awards:

Best Actor TV Drama:
Sterling K. Brown! His role as Randall is not only one of my favorites, Sterling is one of my favorites simply as a person. Seriously look up any interview he’s done; he’s a great human!

Best TV Series Drama:
I watch four out of five of these shows. Yet, the award goes to the one show I don’t watch. (roll eye emoji) I knoooow the premise of The Handmaid’s Tale is important in this time in our world and is also entertaining, but why couldn’t one of the other four win?

Best Actor & Best Actress Drama:
Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand winning these awards makes me want to see these two films that. much. more!

At the end of the day, congratulations goes out to ALL the winners!!

Second, the Flims:

I haven’t seen one movie nominated this year (I know, very unlike me); it’s probably because I watch so much television. However, my goal for the next two months is to see all the films nominated. I did want to just quickly comment on them based off the short clips shown on the Golden Globes.

Image result for films nominated for golden globes 2018
The Greatest Showman — I love musicals and I loved Hugh Jackman in Les Mis! Jackie and Claudia Oshry (my Morning Breath girls) say you HAVE to see this film!
The Post: — I love Hanks, Streep, & Spielberg, plus a good historical drama. I really want to see this film.
The Disaster Artist — So this is a true story? Wow this looks like the craziest role I’ve seen of Franco. I’m so intrigued by this; need to see.
The Shape of Water — My first thought, weeks back, on this film was, “Too weird!” But I’m intrigued seeing as it’s set in the past, plus is giving me major Stranger Things vibes.
Dunkirk — I originally wanted to see this for the same reason I’m sure you wanted to: Harry Styles. But, as I mentioned above, I enjoy historical films so yes I’ll be watching this.
Get Out — Oh, I guess I did see one nominated film and this is it! Get Out is so so so so so so complex, intriguing, thrilling, shocking, and good!
Lady Bird — One of my good friends can not say enough good things about this movie, so okay, T … I’ll check it out just for you!
Call Me By Your Name — Literally have never heard of this movie. Have you?
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri — Intriguing. Want to see.

Third, the Fashion:

Unless you were living under a rock watching the Golden Globes, you should have noticed all the black on the Red Carpet. This was part of the Time’s Up Movement and I thought it was really cool that Hollywood came together for it in the way they did.

Image result for golden globes 2018 red carpet

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got my vote for Best Dressed Couple (& no it’s not just because I’m obsessed with the both of them). The interviews they gave on the Red Carpet were so amazingly supportive of one another; they should be an inspiration to all Hollywood couples!

Image result for justin timberlake and jessica biel 2018 golden globes

Viola Davis’s hair and necklace!


Overall, my favorite fashion moments go to Kerry Washington, Margot Robbie, Claire Foy, and Catherine Zeta-Jones

And finally, Final Thoughts:

  • “When my cheek is against yours everything else melts away and that is love” — Nicole to Keith; so sweet!
  • Allison Jennings recognizing Tonya Harding; so awkward (Tonha plotted to break her opponent’s knees!)
  • James Franco pushing Tommy Wiseau out of the way while giving his speech; so funny!
  • Almost every acceptance speech; so typical (ahem ahem preachy)!
  • Halle Berry’s long hair; so not here for it!
  • Oprah; I so miss her show! It was my favorite thing to watch everyday after school!
  • Oprah 2020!!!!
  • “It’s taken 25 years, give me a minute!” Yasss Guillermo del Toro!!
  • Looks like I really need to see Lady Bird!
  • Barbra for VP in 2020!

Once again, it was fun watching and tweeting the Globes. But this year, MHH was here to spread the Golden Globe love further! I’m off to watch some films before The Oscars! Until next time!

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2017 Emmys

Finally all my binging pays off…

Sunday night brought us the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, which celebrates television’s best! What I learned from watching the show is that I a) watch too much tv, and B) am curious to start watching more. With that being said, let’s discuss a few of the small screen winners, Colbert’s sketches, & that annoying announcer.


Outstanding Supporting Actor - Drama:

Image result for john lithgow the crown gif
I was happy to see John Lithgow win for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. If you didn’t know, I fell in love with The Crown over the summer. This role is not an easy role to play, however, I’m fairly certain Lithgow won this award for this character last year ?? That is confusing to me because there has only been one season of the show so how is that possibly? Find and correct me if I’m wrong; I’m too lazy to look it up.

Satisfied with this award?
Sure, but I would have much preferred seeing Jonathan Banks win for Better Call Saul. 


Outstanding Supporting Actor - Comedy:

Image result for alec baldwin as trump gif
Yes, he looks and sounds exactly like Trump so Alec Baldwin was very much deserving to win in this category. But I’m SO OVER the political kick SNL has been on this year. I love love love Saturday Night Live but this past season I deleted many episodes instead of spending my Sunday afternoon laughing and watching from the night before. I’m not going to get into politics or my political beliefs (not this platform) but I def think SNL could lessen it a bit this upcoming season.

However, I think I’m alone in this thought because SNL cleaned house last night winning not only this award, but Best Supporting Actress (go Kate go!), Best Variety Sketch, & Best Variety Sketch Directing.

Satisfied with this award?
I guess, but I’d have preferred to see Tituss Burgess from Kimmy Schmidt win!


Outstanding Variety Talk Series:

Image result for john oliver gif
Ummm, not a John Oliver fan (maybe I would be if I watched him? Naaah). I thought the Colbert/Kimmel roast of him after the two wins was great (fingers crossed they actually meant it). I was also pretty salty The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon wasn’t nominated! In the words of the Oshry sisters, “Justice for Jimmy!” Also, John Oliver you were not funny with mentioning Oprah each time you gave an acceptance speech.

Satisfied with this award?
No! James Corden deserved the win and James Fallon deserved to be nominated!

Outstanding Supporting Actress - Drama:

Image result for ann dowd gif
Ummm, Ann Dowd was the cutest! I didn’t, haven’t, & don’t watch The Handmaid’s Tale so I can’t say much here.

Satisfied with this award?
Not really; I was really wanting Millie Bobby Brown to win. Not just because I love Stranger Things or because I love her, but because that. is. not. an. easy. role for a young teen to play. Seriously, watch the series and count how many actual lines Eleven had; that performance was based on pure emotion!


Outstanding Writing - Drama:

Image result for handmaid's tale gif
Okay Ann Dowd, let’s keep talking Handmaid vs. Stranger because it keeps winning! Honestly, I’ve wanted to read The Handmaid’s Tale for a while because I appreciate classic literature (& let’s be honest 1985 isn’t considered total classic, so thumbs up I’ll understand it some!). Not only that, the show won A TON of awards including this plus Outstanding Lead Actress Drama & Outstanding Drama. I def went and requested the book from the library and am currently on the hunt for someone’s Hulu password.

Satisfied with the award?
No, because I haven’t watched the show. Also, I think the Duffer brothers created something so unique and entertaining with Stranger Things and should have won instead.


Outstanding Lead Actor - Drama:

Image result for sterling k brown gif
Loved him in the O.J. show; love him even more in This Is Us. I need to see more Sterling K. Brown work! (I also love saying his full name fyi)

Satisfied with this award?
Hell yes. Just don’t ever kick Sterling K. Brown off a stage AGAIN!

Every other award:

Image result for big little lies gif

We can pretty much say the rest fell to either The Handmaid’s Tale, Big Little Lies, or Donald Glover, but I’d much rather talk BLL. First off, the ladies looked AMAZING presenting the first award. Nicole Kidman won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series, Alexander Skarsgard won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series, plus it won Outstanding Lead Series. You can read my thoughts on BLL right here –> I Went on a Summer Binge ….    🙂 🙂 !!!

Satisfied with this award?
I would have preferred Reese win over Nicole but whatevs. Also, I need to watch The Handmaid’s Tale; have I mentioned that already?

Stephen Colbert:

Image result for stephen colbert emmys gif
I’m not a huge Colbert fan; I prefer Fallon or Cordon, but I thought he was fine. I liked the opening number, his monologue was funny (Ted Cruz joke made me LOL), & he had some good bits. I really really loved the Westworld spoof where he was a host — a Westworld host, not award host, wait a sec, I get it….! (When does that show come back anyway!?). The RuPaul/Emmy bit was good too. Okuuuuuur!

I’m not one to really love or hate on the host; I’m more into it for the awards and the gowns and the live tweeting. Colbert didn’t make or break anything for me. He was just … there.

Jermaine Fowler:

Okay first of all who are you?! Even Andy Cohen tweeted about him saying, “OY VEY with this announcer!” I don’t understand why there was a hype guy for an award show that wasn’t the VMA’s. Clearly CBS had to tell him to tone things down in the beginning (shoutout to Linda Holmes!) because his yelling was almost at crazy level; plus, those weird random comments he was throwing in there when someone won; like, are you trying to be funny? Give me the typical lady who has the soothing voice and is all, “This is so and so’s third nomination and first win for her role in blah blah blah …” You know who I’m talking about.

Image result for jermaine fowler emmys____________________________________________________________________________________________

Final Thoughts:

All in all, a fine show. Again, you don’t play off Sterling K. Brown; I don’t care where it was written queen Nicole got to talk that whole time. Anyway (& more importantly) I want to end with Alec Baldwin’s quote from his Emmy acceptance speech. It perfectly sums up my obsession with the small screen, the big screen, music, literature, and all things celebrity. Because, art makes you FEEL and brings people together and for that I’ll always follow, appreciate (& hopefully blog).
   ” … when you die you don’t remember a bill that Congress passed or a decision the Supreme Court made, or an address made by the president. You remember a song. You remember a line from a movie. You remember a play. You remember a book. A painting. A poem. What we do is important. And for all of you out there in Motion Pictures and Television, don’t stop doing what you are doing, the audience is counting on you.” 

Image result for i love television gif

Video Music Awards: A Drinking Game

Drink every time you feel too old watching the VMAS …

Am I too old for the VMAs? Sadly, I think the answer is yes, but I LIVE for an award show (even a stupid one like this) so I had to watch. I mean, my childhood is basically a VMA montage …

brit brit8c36881d033f3418-nsyncvma1999


So let’s start counting the draaaaaanks:

I didn’t start out the show drinking because I DO know who Kendrick Lamar is and I love him. My husband recently bought his album and it has become our “dinner prep” go to music. I mean, you really get fired up to cook a meal when Kendrick is playing. I also thought his stage setup was LIT (ahhhh hahahahahaha ha ha ….ha whew). 


Still no drink yet because Ed Sheeran was up next (who I LOVE!). I really liked seeing him with a band because if you’re an Ed fan, you know he usually plays solo. I also know “Shape of You” is super overplayed on the radio currently, but I really enjoyed hearing it played live.

drink.jpg       Drink!

Sooo some pierced up guy came out and all I was thinking was, “Who is this person with Ed??? Is Ed signing his song?” Confused. 

Katy Perry came out next because she was hosting. I know KP and have even seen her in concert, so no drink here although I think I may have needed one because her jokes SUCKED! Anyone see Ellen’s face during Katy’s “jokes?” She wasn’t having it and neither was I!

Image result for annoyed katy perry

Yay Fifth Harmony won an award! They cute; love them!

Hold. The. Phone! Up next was the entire reason I wanted to watch the VMAs in the first place, and I’m SO GLAD they put it toward the beginning of the show … THE NEW T SWIFT VIDEO! If you’re not a Swift fan, then scroll down a bit because I’m probs going to be spending a bit of time dissecting her video.

The good:

First off, she looked AMAZING! I love that she incorporated snakes (after being called one time & time again) and THE SNAKES THEN SERVED HER TEA!!!!???? I loved her choreography and the I Heart TS shirts (which you can purchase here!) the dancers wore! But, my favorite favorite part of the whole video was the end where she totally spoofed past “characters” of herself such as Surprised Taylor and I Want to Remove Myself from This Narrative Taylor.



The Confusing: 

I’ve gone back and forth on her message with the song and video. I really hope she’s not completely saying goodbye to her good girl image, but instead is telling the world these are the things you can make fun of me for, but guess what? I’m already aware of them so joke is on you.


The Bad:

SO many people weren’t here for the video or the song (except maybe, Spencer Pratt??). Many are saying that Taylor loves to make everyone aware of the fact that we should feel sorry for her or that everyone should feel the need to be Team Taylor. Maybe that is the case here. Or maybe  she’s gone fully loco and has killed off her old self and is now just a crazy person. 

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to think of feel!” 

The last thing I will say regarding the video and song is go add Spencer Pratt on Snapchat. Just do it.

Moving on…


Before we get to Lorde, I want to mention that Shawn Mendes is the absolute CUTEST plus HAS REAL TALENT!! I want to go see him in concert.

Now Lorde …

drink          Drink!

I know who Lorde is, but I took a drink anyway at this point because her performance was so! weird! I know she apparently had the flu so maybe she couldn’t sing, buuuuuut what was the strange dance she did along with that outfit? My bestie even text me during it and said, “Okay is it just me or does this show get weirder and weirder every year?!?!?”

It’s not just you girl!

Guess what came next?!

drink            Drink! 

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy came on with some girl I didn’t know but then figured out was the girl from that one Kanye video I can’t remember the name of & I can’t remember what her name was and why was she acting so strange??

drink   drink   drink

Anyway, Fifth Harmony came back on at this point in the show to perform and again, I just freaking love them! Who caught the shaaaade thrown at Camila??


Miley Cyrus was up next and it was a veeeeery different VMA Miley than we’re used to. I thought she sounded amazing; I’m just not a fan of this new song of hers.

drink           Drink!

Who was the werido with Pete Davidson?

drink            Drink! 

Wait, now who just introduced Demi?? Did she almost have a nip slip?? Is she drunk too??

Watched Demi; love her and love that song; I just thought the pool party scene was strange.

drink             Drink!

At this point in the show, I switched over to Game of Thrones (post coming soon; while you wait, recap here!). I heard Pink gave a great performance and speech, which I’ll probably go back and look up online. I think 30 Seconds to Mars performed, which I would have liked to see, if only for Jared Leto because I really only think of him from movies. Katy Perry performed, but seeing how the night had gone with her, I continued to care less. Oh, and they gave out some awards. Cool.


Depending on how you counted, I think that was between seven and nine drinks. Look, the Video Music Awards aren’t a bad show, but they just aren’t what they used to be. Everything seems like it has to be a spectacle or drama or top news story the next day, when maybe all I wanted was a great performance or two and musicians getting recognized for good music, I mean music videos ??

Wait, who even watches music videos anymore?!