Did He or Didn’t He? Season 6 Vanderpump Rules Premier

@HeatherMcDonald: “How pissed would you be if you hired Faith to be your 95 yr old grandma’s caregiver? #VanderpumpRules @kristendoute @scheana #WWHL”

@pdubsuw: “My birthday is coming up. I may tweet at Scheana and ask her not to come #PumpRules”

@LoveAndyC: “You invest 10% and think you can design this place? #PumpRules”

@MusicKillsKatie: “Now that’s what we call a season opener! #pumprules”

You said it Katie. 


JAX CHEATED ON BRITTANY WITH ANOTHER SERVER NAMED FAITH WHILE AN OLD LADY SLEPT NEARBY?! I mean, can this show get any crazier? Now Faith may be pregnant. If she is pregnant with Jax’s baby this is the biggest thing ever! Bigger than when it was revealed that Kristen and Jax did in fact sleep together … or the slap heard ’round the world.

Image result for stassi slap gif

Faith’s story is suuuuper sketch though. Apparently Jax just “stopped following her on Twitter” but then called her and said he’s always wanted to hook up with her and can he come over to do so while she was babysitting this elderly person? I mean, I could see Jax cheating on Brittany, but I don’t really buy this story.

Guess we’ll find out next week. 


While the Jax/Faith/Brittany love triangle certainly was the main storyline from the premier episode, it wasn’t the whole episode. We learned that the lines have been redrawn between some of the girls. It’s back to Ariana and Scheana on one side, and Katie and Stassi on the other.

I guess Kristen and Tom Schwartz are stuck in the middle between the two groups because both still got invited to Scheana’s birthday party. I was actually really shocked Tom was invited because to me a husband and wife are a packaged deal on an invitation.  I guess Tom didn’t get that memo either because he went to the party anyway without Katie.

Image result for tom schwartz gif

He was totes missing her though because when all the cheating rumors and drama was flying around at the party, Schwartz ran to Lisa to discuss. As far as the rest of the episode, I was a little bored:

  • Lisa is wanting Tom and Tom to each invest $100,000 in this new restaurant and Sandoval is trying to ramrod the whole thing.
  • James has a new male friend (& looks like possible love interest later in the show) and his girlfriend returned for the summer.
  • Ariana got a haircut and Sandoval loves it.
  • Ummm …  Stassi crashed Tom & Katie’s honeymoon?

See, told you. Boring. 

I’m still on the Brittany and Jax ordeal. I can NOT see this being true so early on in the season and us not hearing about it during filming. Although many of us did hear they had broken up a while back. I guess we’ll just have it wait and watch. But, I’m SO here for this season!

Image result for vanderpump rules gif

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