Bachelor in Paradise: First Impressions

First impressions are important correct? I mean “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” am I right? So, with that being said, I thought I would share my first impressions of this season’s Bachelor in Paradise. This is solely based on the days prior to the Corinne/DeMario scandal (or for those of you hardcore followers, just the premier episode), so enjoy reading tonight as you watch alongside night two!


The first person to arrive in Paradise was Raven. Before we start with her I have to say, I adored Raven during Nick’s season. I was hoping she would win for her happiness, but I was also hoping she would lose so she’d become the next Bachelorette (and because we really didn’t want her to end up with Nick once we sat and thought about it did we?). However, when I started following her on social media leading up to Paradise, I learned she may be a little too “party hardy” bordering on ratchet. Last night though made me realize I was SO wrong about her (cue her thoughts on dating Robby), plus, SO WHAT if she’s ratchet!? Whatever word you use to describe her, the number one word you should be using is the BEST! 

download (1).jpeg

Already crowning her Queen of (this season of) Paradise!

Next, Dean shows up and you have a brief  hope it will be Dean and Raven riding off into the sunset together, until you see Kristina show up. If you read spoilers (and why are you reading my blog if you didn’t read Paradise spoilers??) you know Dean and Kristina will soon become an item. #firstdatecard


Danielle M. is after Kristina. First impression is that she’s a bit forgettable from Nick’s season buuuuuuut looking more gorg than ever! Let’s see….next up is Ben Z. I didn’t watch his season so I don’t know much about him, but my first impression is that he got a bad edit in which he was made to look OBSESSED with his dog (or dogs in general). Next is Iggy, from Rachel’s season, annnnnd he gave me a total frat move first impression into Paradise. Like, are you there to find love or frat out with your boys?

images (1)

Jasmine enters next and I don’t really have an exaaaact first impression thought on her, except she kisses one forgettable dude and then goes on a date another forgettable dude. If you’re like me, what you’re waiting for from Jasmine is the whole, “You want good TV ABC? Oh I’ll give you good TV!”

Jack Stone enters next and he’s still as creepy as ever. After Jack the Ripper, Queen Alexis shows up … full shark-dolphin costume! First impression? “It’s hot as balls!”

images (2).jpeg

I freaking love her!

Cue DeMario coming down the steps next. All the girls are SO PISSED at him and really not there for him (if they only knew what more was to come…). After DRAMArio, Derek from Jojo’s season shows up. Remember him? “The only who cried.” First impression: were his ears always that big? Oh well, he’s still cute and sweet.

download (2).jpeg

Next up is Shortie McShortFace and this year’s Paradise commentator, Alex. First impression: let’s move on to … CORN! Corinne in the house!!

download (3).jpeg

She literally brings Chris a glass of champagne (which he won’t let her take into to Paradise; ruuuuude!) Who loved her comments like “You have to work hard” to win me this year or the fact that she wasn’t going to “settle” for love?

images (3)

Some more people came like Vinny from last season (first impression: he won’t get a rose night one), Amanda from last season (go back home to your kids) and Robby (WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS FACE?!). Oh our favorite bartender Jorge also left and was replaced with Wells (which again, spoilers, we knew was coming, but I think was a totally weird move by ABC).

Just realized Taylor from Nick’s season showed up as well (and maybe someone else who isn’t that important to remember …?)

download (4).jpeg


Beyond just the people, what were our first impression of the dates?

Kristina and Dean: Friggin’ adorbs (until he breaks her heart down the road…)

Jasmine and Matt: Awkward? Stupid? Cute? I don’t really know or care.

Raven and Robby: Seriously the best date ever (and that’s only because of Raven’s comments upon returning!)

Corinne and DeMario: Okay, I know they technically didn’t go on a date, buuuut they were fine at breakfast the next day; everything seemed chill. We better find out what actually happened!

Overall first impressions for this season??


I’m here for the entertainment!!! (#teamraven!!) 

(and off to waste two more hours of my life watching tonight’s episode!!)


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