Siesta Key: Do we like these people?!

castIn September 2004, I was a sophomore in high school obsessed with MTV. I watched Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge all day long. When Laguna Beach premiered that fall, I remember thinking it was a show about high school and people who were just like me (except prettier and more rich). Instant hit. Instantly obsessed. I mean, I even own the first two seasons on DVD. (I’m also a reg LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohls shopper).

So this summer, MTV jumped on the nostalgia bandwagon and brought back a Laguna-type show set on the opposite coast and starring college-aged kids instead of high schoolers (because we need to see them legally drink this go around). Enter Siesta Key. With only being two episodes in, I have so many thoughts.



Okay this guy sucks. Before I even mention why, please take a moment and read the incident he was involved in regarding a shark or as many are calling it … animal abuse. Here is the evidence stacked against Alex:
1) He’s not attractive — if anyone should be the male “face” of the show, it should be Garrett.
2) He’s a spoiled brat – did you see the house he lives in? He drives his boat up to the shore bar? His dad paid for the pilot of the show which was basically this huge party at his house? Also, does anyone remember how Stephen worked at the surf shop in Laguna and wasn’t just handed everything from his wealthy family?
3) He is a male whore and has zero respect for women …. which brings me to my next point ….

Madison & Juliette:

I’m disgusted at the way Alex treats these two girls. I would be okay with Madison being his high school girlfriend and them being there for each other during that period of their lives. #firstlove But, she still loves him while simply he strings her along.

I’d also be okay with Juliette being the girl Alex dates in his 20’s, takes to parties, and has an overall good time with. But, he won’t commit to her and also strings her along as well.

The problem is he won’t decide who he wants to be with and these two are dumb enough to go along with it. I think both of them are so beautiful (and seem overall put together) so freaking team up, find two different hot guys to date, become best friends, and drop Alex’s gross ass ASAP! #girlpower

Chloe & Amanda:

Here are two more girls acting dumb over a boy, only this time it got physical because Amanda clocked Chloe in the face in the last episode. Everyone is trying to say Chloe deserved it because she runs her mouth and possibly pushed Amanda first, but I see no evidence of that (I know she screamed at Alex but he deserved it). Also, so what if Chloe ran her mouth, you NEVER put your hands on people. More than that, these two need to team up with Juliette and Madison in some sort of female empowerment group. Maybe the four of them could go volunteer a weekend for Girls on the Run or something and learn a thing or two about self-worth and stupid boys.



Finally a female on this show who appears to have it all together. Kelsey seems really sweet, is from the Midwest (holla!), is dating the hottest guy on the show who is also not a douche, and works an actual job; she doesn’t just get handed money from her family. Let’s also not forget the most important reason she’s the best and that’s because she moved to Siesta Key to help take care of her sick mother.

However, MTV won’t let solid people stay solid on a show like this and will probably cause Kelsey to have a downfall. I’ll give you two guesses as to who will probably be involved in this?


However, Kelsey did say something in the last episode about how Alex needs to grow up and is the way he is because his parents just hand over money to him. Please stay this way and stay with Garrett! Speaking of…


If I have to play devil’s advocate, I realize Laguna Beach brought about catfights over boys as well. Let’s see, there was Lauren and Kristin over Stephen, Jessica and Alex over Jason, then Jessica and Lauren over Jason, and probably more than that. But, in the world of social media and low self-esteem, I think it would be smarter for MTV to promote that females can be strong and dudes can be shitty. But where is the entertainment in that?


So the question first asked was if we like these people, the new cast, the east coast Laguna kids? It kind of seems like the answer is no.


But I think I should probably give it a few more episodes. Plus, MTV is trying so hard. And, even if I’m not personally invested in any of them like I was Lauren, Kristin, Talen, and Stephen, I’m sure their misery will lead to my entertainment, which will make me continue to watch.




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