The Bachelorette: We have an engagement!

“Here’s to making hard decisions in the hopes of getting what we want.”

timelie.pngAs I  began to close the chapter on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, I found myself unable to put together coherent paragraphs because my emotions went from zero to sixty while watching. I will say it was probably zero for two hours and then hit it sixty once Rachel hit Peter (you all know what I’m talking about).

To help myself write this epic post, I kept notes and as I was looking back over them, I decided to just leave my thoughts be, which you can review below, compare to your own thoughts, and then find me to discuss! #socialmedia


7:05 — Okay! Here we go! Hmmm, I’m not sure what to think about Rachel doing this play by play with CH; do you think he is losing his flair and they have to bring Rachel out to co-host?
7:15 — Give iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin to Peter; who cares if you don’t get a proposal?
7:17 — Just read Reality Steve and he’s saying she picked Bryan. Ugh.  Also, did Peter just say “super cute?” Aww that’s super cute that he said that! 
7:22 — The cheeeeeese of them looking at each other through the windows the morning after.
7:24 — Lightbulb: This is the first time I don’t mind if Bryan wins; like, isn’t he someone who she’s been drawn to from the very beginning? And honestly, I don’t want to dis Rachel but if that is the person for her, then just pick him & have a failed engagement (and I can’t really believe I just typed that). 

who am i

7:28 — I’m kind of bored hearing Rachel talking to CH.
7:35 — My internet just went out.
7:48 — Officially convinced Peter is leaving —
               Poor little Eric
Oh man Eric is a gem … A GEM!


8:00–It’s getting really hard to watch this show knowing I can’t get on Twitter and see what people are saying … and I still have two more hours to go!

more wine
(I owe that joke to @lucyo21; can’t take credit that I came up with it on my own)

Also, we must note: Eric saying he came into this a boy and left a man …yes you did
8:21 — Internet is back up!
8:24 — Rachel sitting there looks as bored as we all feel. She even went “Yeeeeeah” when asked if she’s enjoying this.
8:27 — Peter and Rachel at a church
8:31 — Wine nights and paintings? That’s cute! Also, multiple proposals is the same as multiple marriages and I think that’s fair. I think everything Peter is saying is fair and Rachel is giving him an ultimatum and it’s beyond annoying. Just pick Bryan already.
8:39 — HOW IS WHAT HE SAID CONFUSING?! Yes, you fantasize together when you’re dating, when you’re cultivating a relationship, you’re the one skipping steps Rachel!


Stand your ground Peter! Don’t let her sway you; stay true to you!

8:48 “I’m going against what I believe to show you that I care about you so much that I will not lose you.” HE’S GIVING YOU WHAT YOU WANT AND NOW YOU ARE SAYING NO?!

so annoyed.jpg

8:50: “Go find someone you’ll have a mediocre life with?!” Oh! Snap!
8:52 — Dang, I’m like actually sad here and not cynical.


8:53 — Is this a breakup?!
8:56 — He just didn’t want it RIGHT THEN! He wants all of that with you Rachel. Why can’t you see?! We all see? Also, where is Jackie and Claudia?!
8:58 — Wait, why are they bringing Peter out? So she for sure didn’t pick him; is that what they are saying?! Okay, I’m def not bored anymore and def need. more. wine!
9:04 — Soooo she didn’t pick Peter …? Rachel everything going on right now is confusing America!
9:07 — Chris Harrison, there is NOTHING wrong with Peter!
9:10 — Oh snap again, she just got fiesty. You deserve Bryan. Or is it Bryan deserves you? IDK….but basically you’re showing now why you picked him.
9:15 — Peter says he feels attacked! He says he’s worked up!

The emotion is real right now! 

9:20 — Rachel saying “This is not for you” is her way of saying “I don’t think you should be The Bachelor” or is it “I don’t want you to be The Bachelor because if I can’t have you no one can” (?????)
9:25 — NOW you think you’re rushing?!
9:26 — Or in other words, “Bryan is for sure going to propose to me.” Bet you’re regretting sending Eric home now!
9:31 — Rachel’s reaction proves all she wanted was an engagement. Bryan you’re literally being chosen because Peter wouldn’t propose. You’re being chosen because she just broke up with Peter. Congratulations, you are not a winner; you’re chosen by default.

forest gump.jpg

Let’s go to Paradise already! 


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