The Bachelorette: Before the Men Tell All, Three Went Home [to Dallas]

This is my husband.


We’ve been married almost three years. He is all boy: I’m talking sports, beer, Tarantino movies, golf. He hates the premise of The Bachelorette because he feels someone can’t fall in love that quickly and in that environment (and on my Bach cynical days I agree). However, he sat down with me this week to watch Rachel take Peter, Eric, and Bryan home to meet her family. I took a few notes as we watched because I wanted to add his commentary in this week’s post as well as my own.

To start, I did think it was weird that all three were going home instead of just two, but Rachel used the “my sister is pregnant excuse.”

First up was Peter!

imagesThe hubs’s first comment, “THEY BOTH HAVE GAPS IN THEIR TEETH!” Sheesh as if this hasn’t already been discussed, but I get he’s a rookie. He and I both agreed Peter is our number one pick and seems to be the Lindsay’s as well, even if he isn’t ready to propose just yet. Hubs says that Peter appears to be the only genuine one of the three and seems to “get it.” I don’t know if by “it” my husband is saying Peter understands there is a world outside of this show, but I’m going to assume that’s what he means. Peter even made comments to Bryan about how strange the whole experience of (warning: this gets a bit confusing) him being a boyfriend to Rachel but sitting & talking about her to her other boyfriend, while her third boyfriend is meeting the parents.


Peter gets it, Rachel’s family gets it, I get it, even my husband (who never watches this show) gets it, so what’s Rachel’s deal with Peter and her whole “I have to be engaged by the end of this?” #annoying

Next to meet the fam was Eric.

ooooBefore I forget, I want to first say that Eric said “I love you” to Rachel on their date the night after meeting her family and I felt it was genuine. Hubs felt Eric wasn’t as smooth around the family as he was with Big Rach, but I think that’s because Eric is used to being around Rachel. He also couldn’t hide the fact that he was nervous to meet her family, and that shows he’s REAL because someone who is smooth *cough Bryan cough* could equal disingenuous motives.

If you made a cartoon of what someone in love looks or acts like, it’s Eric. It’s too cheesy to me to be fake (I know that doesn’t make sense), but he embodies everything someone experiencing love for the first time would. It’s goofy, he’s goofy, because that’s how love makes you feel and you can’t explain it but I appreciate how he tries. I really like that their relationship to him means he cares about her, will honor her, and that each day is better & stronger than the one before. He may never have been in love before but he sure seems to have a strong grasp on what it means.

Bryan met the family last.

For commentary on Bryan’s date, I’m going to pass this one off to Rachel’s sister who told Bryan, “You have an answer for everything!” and that’s all I’ll say on that!


So Eric ends up in the Fantasy Suite after telling Rachel he loved her and what that means to him (see above).

We don’t even see the Fantasy Suite card with Bryan because the episode is to be continued during Rachel and Peter’s date night. After bringing the wine cork from the bottle they shared earlier (super cute family tradition in Peter’s family), things get rocky for Rachel and Peter because he basically says he can’t promise he’ll propose in two weeks and that was why he didn’t ask for Rachel’s family’s blessing.

My husband brought up the show the next day and said, “I know you really like Rachel as the Bachelorette, but she seems to be acting like a spoiled brat to me. She wants a ring just to want a ring and we all have known girls like that.” Why can’t she just accept that Peter wants to actually try to have a real relationship rather than get so hung up on a proposal?


Ah well, maybe she picks Bryan and all hope in her is lost. Guess we’ll find out in two weeks. Good news is we have Men Tell All to look forward to and then we head to Paradise! If  you can’t get enough Bachelorette talk, find me on social media (links are at the bottom) or leave a comment (bottom as well!)!

If you’re wanting even MORE after reading, I  FULLY support the Broses Before Roses podcast for some HILARIOUS Bachelorette discussions! Go give them a listen!

download See you next time! 


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