Movie of the Week #4: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

“What if someone says, ‘Bridget Jones you’re ridiculous, get out of here’?”

Okay, so I do realize that my image on the previous post is actually from this Bridget movie but whatevs! Another thing I realized as I was watching the sequel, was that I had already seen it (when I thought I was previewing it for the first time). I’m sure my husband would say, “Typical Katy.” I figured it out during the opening with Bridget falling into the pigs and then her calling Darcy to discuss their “shag” only to be on speaker phone in front of all his business contacts ha!


So, since those two scenes helped me remember I’d already seen the movie, I wanted to review some of the other memorable scenes from the second installment of our favorite diary keeper (plus some of my favorite scenes as well!).


The film starts with Bridget still dating Mark Darcy (swooon Firth!) and how happy she is! And gosh darnit, aren’t we all happy for her? I love when she’s next to him in bed and goes to put on clothes, only to keep the sheet wrapped around her. Darcy asks what she’s doing, in which Bridget replies, “I don’t want you to see my wobbly bits.” Darcy comes back with, “I have a high regard for your wobbly bits in all circumstances,” then says he wants to see them again and pulls her into bed. 


Next memorable scene is when Darcy invites Bridget to some fancy lawyer dinner. Bridget goes to get her hair done, only to have it end up a nightmare, which then makes her late for the dinner, so she has to do her makeup in the cab on the way there and walks in like this:


“Okay tiny mistake but I always have wit and conversation to fall back on”

But Darcy loves her anyway. He even comes to her door and says it, while at the same time she’s leaving a message on his answering machine … she tells him to hold on while he’s literally outside her door, so she can finish her message to him bahahahaha! Darcy tells her he loves her over the intercom, and those young kids hear it and whoop and holler at them and it’s so so so cute!


Of course, a movie wouldn’t be a movie if there wasn’t drama and eventually Darcy and Bridget break up. Bridget then goes to work on a travel show with none other than Daniel Cleaver and I’m sure you’re thinking “Here we go again with freaking Cleaver.” What’s even better though, than possible Cleaver drama is the moment when Bridget takes magic mushrooms by accident.


Remember her sand angel? Because of a long plot point I’m too lazy to write out, Bridget lands herself in Thai jail. I knew close to this moment for. sure. I had seen the movie before because I remember how Bridget bonds with all the women in jail (recall the “Like a Virgin scene?”) and I remember it was MARK DARCY who got her out.


In true Bridget Jones film fashion, Darcy & Cleaver have another run-in. Darcy gets mad at Cleaver for leaving Bridget in the airport to get detained by the Thai police. This run-in leads to another very entertaining fight between the two guys.


Bridget and Darcy (obviously) end up together despite the fact that Bridget thinks Darcy is dating a female colleague — only to find out the colleague is secretly in love with Bridget! She even tried to kiss Bridget!


Since this ended up not being the first time I had seen the movie, watching it again made me realize I like the second more than the first; there are just too many funny moments! Edge of Reason ends with Darcy asking Bridge to marry him:

“I have a question to ask you”   

“Okay as long as it’s not will you marry me” 


Alas, I know Mark and Bridget don’t work out however, because a third movie was made, Bridget Jones’s Baby, where her and Darcy aren’t together. I know for sure I haven’t seen that one so expect a post on it soon because I just have to find out what happens to one of film’s most iconic couples. Any thoughts or comments you have as well, please share! You know where to find me on social!




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  1. Cindy · July 24, 2017

    Can’t wait for the next one!!


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