Bachelorette: Thoughts on the Final 4

Better late than never…

I didn’t plan on doing a Bachelorette post this week but since I’ve watched Monday’s episode, I can’t stop thinking about it. I have many thoughts on the final four, so let’s get right into it. In the order I hope Rachel chooses….



Honestly Peter is perfect and has been since the beginning. I was VERY skeptical of him on their first one-on-one for some reason. I felt he wasn’t into Rachel as much as she was him, which could have led to her getting hurt; I felt SHE would pull him in for a kiss rather than the other way around. A few weeks later on the group date with the handball game, Peter didn’t want to show off his “skills” for Rachel like the other guys. Instead he just wanted to “get handsy” with her. It was then I felt him shift to really liking her. On Monday’s episode, after Bryan and Dean got their date cards, I really sensed Peter’s jealousy.

I fully respect Peter not being ready to propose; no normal person would in this situation! But I don’t doubt at all that Peter has feelings for Rachel or that he is a genuine, good guy. If she doesn’t pick him, I just pray he becomes the next Bachelor!



I can NOT put my finger on it, but I really really like Eric and have from the beginning. I liked that early on he asked her what her love language was and how he genuinely wants to know how Rachel is doing throughout this process. Usually I’d be pretty skeptical about the fact he hasn’t had a serious relationship before or hasn’t brought a girl home before or was a little unhinged in the beginning (stupid Lee), but to me all of that makes him REAL.

I appreciate that he wasn’t raised in the easiest environment with the most loving family. I appreciate his positivity despite his background. If I had to be fully honest, I want Rachel to pick Eric to kill two bird with one stone: a guy I like wins and (fingers crossed) Peter becomes the next Bach  … and if it’s not Peter, then make it Eric!



I can not say enough good things about Dean! He is constantly smiling, is so cute, and seems like he’d just always make a girl laugh. Spoilers though, it’s rumored he went to Paradise and met Kristina (from Nick’s season) and they are currently traveling the world together. As I was watching Monday’s episode I thought to myself, “Wait, what if Rachel really picked Dean?” but all those Paradise rumors flew back into my head. Also, I really don’t see Rachel and Dean together because of their age difference, which I know shouldn’t matter but it does.

If Dean and Kristina are together, it makes me warm and fuzzy because I want Dean to be happy and to be with a good person. It seems like he has had it super rough (I mean did you see the previews for next week with his dad?). So my thoughts on Dean are, I’d like for him to go far but I’m not sure he will … I can totally see Big Rach take him to the Fantasy Suites though as a final hoorah!



Raise your hand if you like Bryan.


That’s what I thought. I dislike Bryan because I don’t trust him. I don’t trust that he is 37 years old, successful, good looking, and single. I’m sure there are many in this great country of ours that could argue that they’re successful and good looking, but simply haven’t found “the one.” Sorry. I don’t trust him. He was on a reality show titled The Player for goodness sake. 


Also, why did Rachel feel she needed to buy him a watch, yet bought no other guy a gift? Do you have to buy Bryan’s love because you can feel his insincerity? Problem is, next’s weeks promo showed Bryan meeting Rachel’s family which we know doesn’t happen until the final two guys, so we’re going to assume Bryan makes top two (much like Jojo’s season where first impression rose receiver Jordan made top two and eventually won).

If you’re a fan of Bryan, please contact me and give me your reasons why. You can find my Twitter and IG at the bottom of this page. As for the other three, I’m rooting for you hardcore! I can’t wait to watch hometowns next week; we’re honestly getting SO close to the end! Good luck Rachel!


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