Summer of Showmances: BB19 Recap

“You want a boyfriend? Go on the Bachelor”

*Please refer to the above pictures with names if you reading and are confused #yourewelcome!

I was going to wait until the live show tonight to post so I could have a full week recap of Big Brother 19, but I couldn’t wait. The last five minutes of the latest episode (as I write this) which was the Power of Veto Ceremony WAS INSANITY and also made me so so happy. However, we have to back it up before we can get there.

On Sunday’s episode, Cody is still HOH and we learn of three new showmances.

#Jody (Jessica & Cody) #Malena (Elena & Mark) #Maven (Raven & Matt). Ugh, good looking people who are automatically drawn to one another and then team up together to bully the other side of the house …?


As HOH, Cody and his showmance alliance decide to put up Megan & Jillian. Cody’s reasoning? “Megan, I just don’t like you” and Jillian is associated with Megan. I was not a fan of Megan from the beginning, but the girl can’t get a break. After Josh blew up on her last week, to being put up on the block because she’s not skinny and doesn’t have huge, fake boobs, to this whole “Panda” drama.


Apparently, Jessica called Alex Pao Pao, after season 16 player, Paola, because they are both short and Asian. Long story short: Megan overhears and tells Alex that Jessica said this. Only Megan misunderstood thinking J called A “panda” and that could be taken as racist. So then Paul goes and tells Jessica what Megan said, leading J to confront A and them both to confront M. J and A accuse M of basically making up lies. Ensue yelling and Megan being on the block with zero chance (in her mind) of staying. (Hello! POV still up for grabs, remember??).

My biggest issue with Pandagate is NO ONE stood up for Megan. No one looked fake boobs Jessica in the eye, asking her what she REALLY said if it wasn’t panda. I get it’s early and no one wants to get involved with drama or put their necks on the line, but be a decent human being. When someone is getting screamed at for making up lies when she honestly just misunderstood, help her out.


Sadly, Megan couldn’t muster up her fighter spirit, and decided to exit the experience.


This left Cody with the task to nominate another houseguest and he chose my girl Alex, BECAUSE SHE FREAKING TOLD HIM SHE’D GO AFTER THE COUPLES IF SHE WON HOH! (Which yeah, I would to, but you don’t tell him that!)paul

However, we have to keep this train moving….Paul receives a temptation called the “Pendant of Protection,” in which he can’t be nominated for the next three evictions, Ramses receives a curse in which he has to self-nominate in one of the next three evictions, and Kevin dressed up as a mermaid to host the POV competition.

Speaking of POV, Alex & Jillian compete because they’re one the block. As does Cody, Raven, Matt, & Jason. Raven throws in the towel because she takes a temptation of never having to be a “Have Not” for the rest of the summer.  Jason tries super hard to win for Alex, bless Jillian’s heart for trying, Cody throws the comp at the end because he “respects” Alex, and ALEX PULLS HERSELF OFF THE BLOCK BY WINNING THE POV!
Go girl!


Okay more happens blah blah blah, let’s get to the POV Ceremony! Cody has to now put up his 5th (?) nomination. He has his sights set on Paul, however, Paul is in his pretty people alliance, AND Cody tells NO ONE his plan. How do you not even tell one confidant what your plan is? Ugh I hate Cody is much. Anyway, cue dramatic irony because viewers know Paul can’t be put up (remember that Power of Protection I mentioned earlier?!)

Oh my gosh I’m on the edge of my seat even as I write this because remembering what went down was SO GOOD! Cody thinks he’s about to back door the vet when tells Paul to take a seat in the nomination chair (Cody even gives some lame speech about not being able to trust this person gag!), AND PAUL JUST STAYS SEATED ON THE COUCH.

Cody doesn’t know what to do and the look on his face is PRICELESS! So, what does he do? Nominates Christmas, who is also in his pretty people alliance! Thus, Cody flips the house upside down, turning two of his alliance members automatically against him (Christmas & Paul) and hopefully turning the other two couples against him as well. (PLEASE MATT & MARK FLIP ON CODY!)

Seeing Cody’s face when he couldn’t nominate Paul was like my birthday come early; I couldn’t have been happier.  Gah I love Big Brother! As I write this, the live show will air this evening where either Christmas or Jillian will leave us (I’ll be sad to see either go) and a new Head of Household will be named.

I apologize for the longer post, but we could all practice our reading skills, yes? And, if you don’t watch Big Brother, jump on this bandwagon NOW because it’s going to be a crazy crazy ride the next few weeks!



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