Movie of the Week 1: Baby Driver

“I’m easy like Sunday morning…”

Before I start, I need to get something off my chest. I never claimed to be someone with a credible opinion: I’m not famous or rich, I didn’t study film, I wasn’t in drama club during my high school days, basically I have no reason that my opinion on a film is worth anything. What I will say is, I love everything about movies especially good storytelling & memorable characters. If you enjoy these as well, read below and then find me to discuss!

Debuting on June 29 & running 113, Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort where “after being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.


The film opens with Elgort’s character, Baby, dropping off three sketchy looking people at a bank, where they enter & rob it. Unless you do zero research before seeing a movie (& if you are this person, stop it, always have some basic plot idea before screening!), you know that Baby is a skilled getaway driver for thieves. You would think the movie would begin with some background into why he drives and then lead into all the cool car chases, but instead it starts with a cool car chase. Literally the credits don’t even begin until Baby and the robbers are in the clear. “Screeechhh screeechhhh!!”


What makes the car chase even more amazing is it’s all set to music. Seriously, the entire movie is set to music (basically). I mean the very second scene after the musical car chase is Elgort’s character strolling down the street with his earbuds in, showing off his smooth moves. Even the lyrics of the song playing subtly appear in the background of this scene.


Without giving away spoilers, you learn why Baby feels the need to have his life constantly needing a musical track behind it. You also soon learn he’s a badass, and not just with driving. Working for Kevin Spacey, Baby is his getaway driver on different heistes. The robbers change on each “mission” and the only consistency in these heists is that they always get away and that would be because Baby is driving them. He’s known as Spacey’s “lucky charm.” But, Baby wants out.


After learning he only has to complete one more heist for Spacey & will then be “all squared up,” Baby agrees. Enter Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx you ask? Well yes, if you were paying attention, you’d remember, the robbers change each heist. I don’t love Foxx’s character because he questions and challenges my sweet Baby, but I respect the fact that Foxx plays an evil character. Speaking of evil characters, Jon Hamm is straight up gangster in this film. (HE’S ONE OF THE BANK ROBBING BADASSES!)

jon ham

Seriously, look at those crazy eyes! And his haircut! And his girlfriend! And full on mental breakdown toward the end of the movie after the (spoiler) death of his girlfriend (or wife? IDK, I wasn’t fully invested in this relationship …all I know is Hamm goes H.A.M. at the end & it’s brilliant!).

BUT, the most important and amazing aspect of this movie is the soundtrack.  It literally has everything from Simon & Garfunkel, to The Commodores, to Queen. If you’re a millennial, sitting here reading this thinking, “I don’t know any of those artists,” then A) get a clue and B) go see this movie to learn some taste in music. I had zero idea going into this movie that music would play such a huge role in the film and it 100% is my favorite thing about it, and why I enjoyed it so much.


Of COURSE there is a subplot involving Baby’s parents & how/why he got into being a getaway driver in the first place, as well as a romantic subplot involving Baby, & finally how he’ll attempt end his life of crime.

If you like car chases, Kevin Spacey or Jamie Foxx, “shoot ’em up” films (better known as action films?), Ansel Elgort, or MUSIC –> go see this movie. It does have a a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, if you’re like, a movie snob and this matters to you. If not and you just want some awesome entertainment for 113 minutes, go. see. Baby Driver!


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