It’s Officially Summer: Big Brother is Back!

Pegged as the ‘Summer of Temptation’, CBS’s Big Brother returned Wednesday night with sixteen new houseguests and more twists than ever. 

Well say goodbye to my social life three nights each week because they will now be devoted to watching Big Brother. Yeah, it’s a time commitment because it airs Sundays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays, but it’s completely worth it!

What is Big Brother? It’s a reality “experience” that somewhat combines Survivor & The Real World. Contestants move into a house together, where they are filmed 24/7.  You can even sign up to watch them on the all access live feeds. They compete in multiple competitions including a Head of Household competition, who then nominates two people to leave & at the end of the week, the house votes someone out. The final two remaining houseguests go against one another for a chance to win $500,000. The show is hosted by the beautiful, godlike Julie Chen.

Seriously she is FLAWLESS. Plus she’s married to like, the CEO of CBS and he gave her not one, but TWO shows to host. #queen

But the show. There is SO MUCH more than just nominating people and voting them out. (and fangirling over Julie).  If you’ve never watched the show, I highly suggest you research it a bit to get a small premise. For those of you who are here and understand it all, let’s dive into the house guests! 

Paul Abrahamian:       52f2f8c7d080b3d8_bigb19_paul_abrahamian_800x1000

One of the major shocks from the premiere episode was that Paul from last season returned back into the house. He’s loud and believes in “friendship.” I’m glad Paul is back because I know he’ll rile the house up, plus he has funny commentary, but I would have picked a different past houseguest to return.

 Christmas Abbott: 6af0aa5a3d1e377b_bigb19_christmas_abbott_800x1000

First of all, yes I know her name is Christmas. And, yeah, that is kind of awful. Christmas was on the chopping block and in jeopardy of going home night one but got the majority vote in the house. I’m guessing it’s because she seems super nice and has an amazing body (as one Cross Fitter would)! I can see her making some big moves this season. (Cross Fitter? Is that right; ah well…).

Alex Ow:9f4fb7d452690b3e_bigb19_alex_ow_800x1000

Alex could have been one of those house guests I would have easily forgotten, except during the first competition, which including hanging onto a rope while standing on a swinging balance beam,  she was the final two left with a big meathead male. When he tried to make a deal with her and persuade her to fall, she told him to “Eat shit!” HA! Out of the gate she’s one of my favorites!

Matthew Clines:ea53735cfa75476b_bigb19_matthew_clines_800x1000

I don’t really have much to comment on about Matt Clines, except that he is wonderful to look at, and probably the best looking guy there. He seems really nice too, which means he’ll probably be an awful player.

Others I liked right away include Elena Davies, Jason Dent, Jillian Parker, & Mark Jansen.

Others I hated right away include Megan Lowder, Josh Martinez, & Cody Nickson.

And then there are those I feel indifferent about or are easily forgotten including, well anyone I haven’t yet mentioned (see, told you they were easy to forget).

But, this is Big Brother and my feelings on the house guests change from episode to episode. I’m doubting my first impressions will last all season. Here’s to another fun summer watching random strangers backstab one another for cash & fame.


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