Clip! Clip! Clip! RHONY Recap: 9×13

“Is this what you meant by gangster lunch?”

Ya’ll this entire post is dedicated to Dorinda Medley. I was going to end the post promoting her new line of products, but hell, she was so amazing last night I’m starting with it.


You can purchase coffee mugs, tshirts, phone cases, & more with exclusive Dorinda quotes including, but not limited to…

“I cooked, I decorated, I made it nice.”
“I’ll tell you how I’m doing, not well bitch!”

and my all time favorite…

“What are you doing here without Dorinda?”

which I do own a shirt of (except it’s a Society 6 version; shoutout to T. Kyle!)

Okay. Now onto the episode. Bethenny invited the girls to a lunch in the Bronx and by each of their comments, not many of them have traveled to the Bronx. Ahem, except my girl Dorinda, WHO SHOWS UP HUNGOVER, or possibly still drunk.


Dorinda decides to keep drinking and as Carole put it, “When Dorinda is bad, she’s so good.” Bethenny, Dorinda, & Carole are joined by Tinsley, Luann, and Sonja. I’m not even sure how the conversation came up (honestly because we’re “not about going backward asswipe!”) but Sonja mentions that Dorinda was either interested in being part of or contacted about doing Sonja’s Tipsy Girl line. This is what set Dorinda off because she was claiming that was never true (and honestly I don’t ever remember this being brought up – #teamdorinda).

So, the two get into a shouting match where we get amazing Dorinda one-liners such as “Back that shit up!” “Hostess with the moooostest!” and the now famous “Clip! Clip! Clip! you fool!” which is apparently another way to say shut the f*** up! Gah, I am so going to start using it.

After Dorinda tells Sonja to go retrieve her coat from the coat check and then does the hip swirl “hostess with the mostest” line, the lunch seems to end. AND WE’RE ONLY ABOUT, what, SEVEN MINUTES IN!


Let’s see…what else? Tinsley goes to see her therapist to discuss the death of her dad and then the nightmares she’s having from her arrest and last relationship. No disrespect Tinsley girl, but do you only have one story line? GET OVER IT! Over her.

Sonja, Ramona, & Luann have a lunch where they discuss an upcoming girls’ trip to Vermont, where Ramona lamely states, “I only ski Aspen”


Sonja also makes a comment to Lu about having sex with the same man (Tom). Lu gets pissed (same story, different day with those two) & leaves the table. Cut to Vermont …

Image result for vermont mountains

Bethenny, Carole, & Dorinda arrive first. Uhhhh and Queen Dorinda strikes AGAIN when she forgets all her luggage because she went to say goodbye to John, ended up having sex with him, and then drove to Vermont forgetting to pick up her luggage Yet, she managed to bring a miniature disco light!

Soon after, Ramona, Sonja, & Luann arrive. Luann is upset she didn’t get a better room because she just got married and people should be considerate of that? I can’t even begin to understand how that correlates but whatevs. (Honestly, these bitches are so annoying regarding rooms on vacation because I’d kill to stay in a place even half as nice as these girls).  There is also a funny scene with Sonja getting Ramona water and pretending it’s fresh mountain water, when it was really tap. Just watch it.  And, lastly, Tinsley again complains about her arrest and past, failed relationship!

Image result for enough taylor armstrong

Oh man, this episode was so so so great. And, we still have the Mexico trip ahead of us! I can’t wait!





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